How to Get Backlinks to Your Blog : 5 Tricks

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As discussed above on off-page that you need to make backlinks for your blog. In order to rank your site higher on google. Making backlinks is the backbone of SEO. Without it, you won’t get a higher ranking in Google. No matter what you do. As quality content is important to do quality backlinks matter.

Backlinks will decide your reputation in front of Google. It increases your site trustworthiness. Google or any search engine’s main concern is to provide. The best possible result for their user’s search query. 

Let’s understand this by taking a live example.

if you put “best times to post on social media” on Google then See the result 

So if you think why on earth from all site this site is ranking high on google? Yep, the content is great but it’s not the only reason. It’s also because of their backlinks.

If you go to Monitor Backlinks and put this site in the competitor’s section. You will see all the backlinks the site has. 

So remember You need strong backlinks to rank high on Google.

Simple tips and tricks to get backlinks

  • Broken Link Building Trick

It is the best method to create backlink and it works perfectly to create one-way backlinks. The method is to contact the website if they have any broken links on their site. And they can replace their link with your site or your content containing your link.

So how do you find websites which have broken links?

You can simply find them by using Google and entering below terms

  • Your keyword + links
  • your keyword + resources
  • keyword inurl:links

After you getting tons of site you can find broken links on their site using chrome extension “check my link”. Using this extension you can easily find all 404 links on the site.

Now, an important task is to contact the webmaster. Be friendly and introduce yourself in profession manner. Tell him that some content on site is no longer available. Give him the exact URL of the 404 error link.  Give him alternatively your site link or an article with your site link. Try to be friendly and helpful and not greedy for only backlinks. Sometimes the webmaster won’t reply or refuse in this case just move on.


  • Backlink via infographics

As we already discuss about infographic in the previous chapter. But in this chapter, we will focus on making backlinks via infographics. It is a popular method to earn valuable backlinks for your blog. 

There are a number of infographic directories where you can submit your infographic.

I will share the top 10 directories where you can submit and earn backlinks.

  1. Reddit infographic 
  3. Infographic Journal
  4. Flowing Data
  5. Mashable Infographics
  6. Infographic Bee
  7. Good Infographics
  8. Cool Infographics
  9. Daily Infographic
  10. I Love Charts

And you can also reach people via email. Who have previously linked to similar infographics or share them on social channels. Ask their feedback for your infographics. Never ask for a link directly. If they like your work they definitely share on social media and put them on their site with credit to your site.

3. Benefits of Guest Blogging

It’s one of the best ways to reach a new audience. When you publish new articles on other popular websites. You will get a chance to come in front of new readers. And can win more exposure. It’s not always about backlink. But also increase your reputation in the online world.

By Guest blogging, You will reach on new heights and can easily expand new readers for your own blog. But you will ask how to find sites in your niche which can accept guest posting. I will show you methods that will help you reach potential sites which accept a guest article. No matter in which niche you will have.

  • your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • your keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • your keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + bloggers wanted
  • your keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + want to write for
  • your keyword + contribute
  • your keyword + become an author
  • your keyword + guest post by
  • your keyword + now accepting guest posts

You can also find an influencer in your niche and always guest posts on a regular basis.

Research via social media to discover more options

On Twitter, you can search for a guest article , guest blog, guest post or guest author. 

Whenever you publish a guest article, always remember to put a link on social media profiles. If people enjoy your social media post. Then they can become your regular readers and wait for your future articles.

4. By Spying on your competitors 

The next method is spying on your competitors. You don’t have to be James bond to spy. there are various tools available online which will help you with this. By spying your competitors You will get to know their link building strategy. By following their strategy You can also make a backlink for your blog. 

1st spy your competitors on social media and look for link building and how they are earning it. Also, look at how they are publishing their content. Their article how they write. Which they tone they are using etc.

Always be alert when your competitors published new content on their site.

Subscribe to their email newsletter and also follow them on social media. Use your 2nd email and 2nd social media account and don’t use your blog one for obvious reason. You can also create a google alert for the particular keyword. “” For example, If my competitor is Techcrunch. Then I can easily create an alert by using Google.

Always know-how your competitors building their backlinks. And what methods they are using to promote their site. If they are using the guest blogging method then you should also become guest authors on the same website. Which they have an article on. If they are getting a backlink from blog reviews. Then you should also get in touch with them and convince them to write a review for your blog too.

You can use many tools to gather data from your competitors like Ahref, SEMRush or Monitor Backlinks. These tools will you keep a tight eye on your competitor strategy and few tools give you weekly report too. 

Using SEO Tools you can easily find new link building opportunities. And easily make backlinks on a regular basis. Ahref even shows you how many backlinks do you need. To beat your competition for a particular keyword. You can also monitor your own backlinks and how many backlinks you earn in the last 30 days. How much you gain how much you lost. You can even get content ideas for your blog. Its a perfect tool for link building. If you are serious about link building. You should have it.

5. Building Internal Links 

Its important factor for running a successful blog. They always pass juice and you can use your desired anchor text. It will help your user navigate through the website. And increase your traffic for other posts 10x fold. 

There are tools that will help you create automatically internal link. There are plugins available for WordPress. But I will suggest you do it manually. And try not to overdo it. Keep it simple and readable while you creating it in your article.



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