Cloud Architect Interview Questions and Answers for aws/azure/gcp

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Cloud Architect Interview Questions and Answers for aws/azure/gcp

A cloud architect is a technological professional who oversees the cloud computing strategy in a company. The professional takes care of the cloud adoption plans, application designs, cloud monitoring and management. A good cloud architect has skills in various programming languages, networking, data storage, securing foundations, AWS service, Cloud-specific technologies and communication. Also, the cloud architect field is quite marketable, with many companies looking for these experts. However, to nail an interview, it is important to take the necessary precautions. This article gives you an idea of some of the questions to expect and effective answers to them. Ensure you check out these questions.

Name some of the cloud service providers you would recommend

Several fast-growing cloud service providers work perfectly with AI, Data analysis, and many more core jobs include:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Goggle Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • Databricks
  • Sisense
  • DataRobot
  • Snowflake

Which is the oldest Cloud service provider?

The AWS, Amazon Web Services is the oldest player in the cloud architecture industry, and it is popular for delivering high-quality services to the people. Also, a recent record shows that this service provider accumulates at least $40 billion annually thanks to the many users.

Explain the best way to speed up large data transfer in a cloud ecosystem

Cloud data transfer is quite common, with many companies adopting it. However, the issue of large data transfer often comes in with many questions arising. One of the best and convenient ways of transferring large data to the cloud is using the hybrid transfer protocol. Many people refer to it as the Accelerated File Transfer Protocol, AFTP. The protocol is the TCP/UDP hybrid method that speeds up big data transfer 100%.

Another issue that often arises during data transfer is poor network limiting what you can do. As a result, it is important to avoid internet transfer. They seem convenient, but there are risky and unreliable.

Explain application migration to cloud computing

Migrating existing apps are a bit complex and depend on various features. For instance, it depends on the licensing details and the application’s architecture. Here are some of the significant cloud migration methods you can use.

  • Outline the business’ purpose from the cloud
  • Get the right people
  • Conduct a conclusive technical, environmental, infrastructural and business analysis
  • Get the best cloud vendors
  • Creation of the cloud roadmap
  • Get the application ready using various migration methods such as refactor and rehost methods
  • Develop a great file migration plan
  • Test the plan

How is the API gateway important?

An API gateway refers to a management tool that is between backend services collection and the clients. In cloud computing, it operates as a reverse proxy. As a result, allowing the cloud to accept the application’s calls, accommodate various services to fulfil the applications’ needs and deliver the right results. In other words, they can easily decouple the client interface and the implementation face.

How does the API gateway work?

For example, whenever a client makes any request, it passes through the API gateway, which acts like its controller. It breaks the request into various options or, in other words, into other requests. Later, it directs them to the right path to generate the right result and keep a record of all the things happening.

What is a subnet, and why do you use it?

Subnet or the subnetwork is a part of a large network. In technical terms, a subnet is a logically partitioned part of a network. Generally, a large network is divided logically into smaller and many network partitions.

Many companies use subnets to divide big networks into more efficient and smaller networks. And these partitions is what we call the subnets. The biggest goal of the subnets is splitting big networks into interconnected and smaller networks to minimize the network’s traffic. As a result, network traffic doesn’t have to follow unnecessary routes resulting in increased network speeds.

Highlight some of the best qualities of a cloud security expert

Cloud services are quite necessary in the technological world since experts use them for storing data, accessing key productivity tools and other purposes. However, some practices make cloud security better, including:

  • Analysis of the current state and some of the potential risks
  • Apply for protection strategically to the cloud services depending on the potential risks
  • Adjust the cloud services’ access rules as new options rise
  • Eliminate viruses or other problems from cloud services

What is the cloud migration strategy? And how do you coordinate one?

A cloud migration strategy refers to a plan that a company or organization uses to move applications or data to the cloud. There are various strategies that experts can use for the migration process, including Rehosting, repurchasing, refactoring, re-platforming and many more. When you want to migrate the data files or applications, there are basic steps that one must follow, including:

  • Good planning of the migration process
  • Choose a reliable cloud environment
  • Migrate your data files and application
  • Validate if the move is successful

Despite the cloud service provider you use, the list above highlights must-follow steps for all.

How to connect on-premise apps to the cloud?

Generally, many experts often adopt the hybrid cloud ecosystem since it is convenient. As a result, the best way to use cloud services is by connecting on-premise apps to the cloud. For example, if you settle for the VPN cloud environment and the AWS, you create a private channel that is well encrypted, allowing you to transfer data from the premise network to the cloud.

Also, AWS direct is another option you can use during the connection process. It works by linking the AWS direct connect to the internal network.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

This question is subjective since it has everything to do with your goals in life, especially career-wise. However, it is important to answer this question strategically since the interviewer aims at knowing what you wish to achieve.

The first thing is brainstorming your career goals as a cloud architect and where you want to be in five years. Then find the connection of these goals to the job you are interviewing for and how the company can prepare you for the future self.

What is the principle you work under as a cloud architect?

The answer to this question depends on you and who are you. As a result, your answers define you, and interviewers use them to understand you better and whether you are qualified for the job. Cloud architects need to learn every day. In other words, arrogance must never prevail since technology changes daily, and it requires you to keep learning. As a result, a good cloud architect needs to be knowledgeable and discover that learning is forever since new developments occur daily.

Why should we hire you?

The organization or company should hire me because I am knowledgeable, smart, easily adapt to a new environment, and easily work perfectly with other developers. Also, I am ready to put the company’s interest to the top as we work on achieving various goals. Last but not least, I have the characteristics to work properly with a team to achieve various goals.

Describe the protocol that ensures security in a cloud environment

Security is a top issue that many technological companies pay attention to since it determines how safe the applications and data files are and their impact. As a result, many companies or organizations are looking to hire cloud architect experts with security knowledge on architect solutions. Naturally, cloud architect mainly deals with managing top details; hence knowledge of cybersecurity is quite important. In a cloud setting, the architect needs daily backup data, monitoring the data and virus-protection systems.

What key things can a cloud architect do to support the functional support experts?

Cloud architect experts closely work with functional analysts as they look to solve some major problems in the company. When you face this question, you must understand that the interviewer wants to understand how you can work effectively with other analysts. As a cloud architect, you need to take up the leadership role to ensure that you communicate and collaborate effectively. Also, ensure that you are approachable and the analysts can seek your help anytime.

Explain in simple terms what you can do for this company

I will work towards the company’s goals alongside my colleagues to impact it positively. Also, I plan on prioritizing what the senior management team aims at achieving.

What is AWS?

Many cloud architects work with many cloud service providers. And one of the most popular is the AWS, Amazon Web Service technology. As a result, many cloud architect specializes in this technology since it is powerful, reliable and convenient to use. Besides, it is a leading cloud service provider with an open-source setting allowing experts to contribute to its innovation.

What do you mean by Service Less?

In the AWS cloud service provider, we have service-less features that assist in running codes that don’t include the servers’ requirements. This code’s execution only happens when necessary, which is why experts term it as service-less.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the process of delivering computing services such as storage, networking, software, intelligence and databases through the internet or on the cloud. Many people have adopted this technological feature due to its ability to fasten innovation, improve services, and maximize available resources.

Benefits of Cloud computing

Cloud computing has easily assisted people to transit from the traditional ways hence improving the technological features. There are many reasons why many companies are adopting cloud computing, including:

  • Cost: Cloud computing ensures that you don’t have to invest much in software, hardware, setting up the software, and running it. Also, you save money on the management experts, electric power and many more needs.
  • Speed: Cloud computing is faster than the traditional ways without investing a lot of time in them
  • Global Scale: Under cloud computing, you can cover a large area compared to the traditional ways
  • Reliability: It is more reliable compared to other traditional systems
  • Good Performance

How does cloud computing ensure that its platform is safe?

The cloud service providers include technologies, rules and controls that ensure that all the data are safe and no organization can complain about it. Currently, some popular cloud computing service providers don’t have a record of security issues. Also, some settings protect the applications and data from potential risks.

Name the three important types of cloud computing

There are many cloud service providers available due to the popularity of cloud computing. However, all the platforms don’t operate in the same way, and different organizations determine the right option for the company depending on the needs. Here are three key cloud computing architectures: Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

Explain the public cloud computing architecture

Public Cloud: Public clouds run under the management of third-party organizations whose job is to deliver the resources such as services and storage through the internet. One of the most common public clouds is Microsoft Azure. Under this cloud, the software and other infrastructure are under the cloud provider’s management.

Define the Private Cloud computing architecture

The private cloud is where the cloud computing services are under one organization. In other words, they are run by a single business. This type of cloud’s location can be on the company’s data centre. Also, the company can pay for hosting services from other third-party organizations. But, it is important to understand that the infrastructures and services under the private code run under a private network.

Explain the Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests, the hybrid cloud blends private, and public cloud features using a technology that allows easy sharing of applications and data. This setting allows the applications and data files to move between the public and private cloud settings easily. As a result, the hybrid cloud offers flexibility to various businesses and allows maximum utilization of the available resources.

What is the function of cloud computing?

Cloud computing is part of our daily activities since we use it in many important functions. Some of the basic uses include:

  • Testing and creation of applications
  • Store data
  • Deliver software on demand
  • Analysis of data
  • Creation of cloud-native apps


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