Commission Hero Training Review, Are Students Earning 1k/day

Commission Hero Training Review, Are Students Earning 1k/day
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Lately, commission hero has been making headlines. A lot of people are always wondering whether the video-based affiliate marketing is legit or just a scam. The world’s economy is going through substantial changes. There has been a sharp increase in the prices of goods and services. However, the same pattern is not seen in people’s payrolls.

People’s bank accounts have remained constant for years in a row. These changes have forced people, particularly the middle-class, to embrace two jobs to satisfy their needs. Affiliate marketing has become the biggest alternative for those seeking to increase their income. Thus, commission hero’s affiliate marketing guide comes in a time when it is in demand.

The biggest concern is whether the platform is worth attention. Or, are they another scam eyeing to get away with your hard-earned money? These are the issues you should evaluate before deciding to join the platform. If you’re reading this review, I can bet you are familiar with commission hero and $1000 guarantee per day.

What is commission hero?

The founder of commission hero is Robby Blanchard. It is an online course that commits giving you skills on how to earn money online through affiliate marketing. It has tutorials from ClickBank’s top affiliate marketer Robby Blanchard. The tutorials are meant to guide you through on how to make money. The marketing guide has every detail necessary for you to earn money via Facebook and ClickBank.

ClickBank claims that commission hero can help you get a six-figure as a member within the first month. The most controversial part is that they insist that you can earn all this money with no regard for your affiliate marketing experience. With such adverts, a large ClickBank’s audience frequent the platform seeking training on how to earn the figures quoted.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

If you’re a close follower of the marketing field, the chances are that you have heard Robby Blanchard occasionally mentioned. If you have an interest in the marketing field, it is a name worth your attention.

Robby, the top affiliate on ClickBank, is an honorable person and successful in affiliate marketing. The affiliate has confessed to earning within a range of $30k to $50k a day. He is renowned for his unique tutorials. Different from other tutors, he addresses more the mistakes he has made. In his videos, you will hear him expounding on different mistakes and why you should avoid them. You have the tactics to evade loopholes in affiliate marketing with such crucial information.

Affiliate marketing is sensitive; simple mistakes can cost you all your savings. Thus, acquiring directions and hints from a guru like Robby is the last thing you can ask for.

Who should enroll for the commission hero program?

In the online marketing field, information is the key. The field is prone to adjustments. You will notice new products being launched from every part of the world, which translates to high competition. It is the stiff competition that calls for new marketing policies. Thanks to the likes of Robby, you can access the information necessary.

Commission hero is, therefore, a platform for everyone. It does not discriminate whether you have experience in affiliate marketing or a newbie. Provided you are willing to learn the tricks, commission hero is always at your service.  Their video-based tutorials are simple to understand. You just need to command basic English understanding.

The online affiliate course attaches a price tag of $997. This is a huge amount of money to give out, and it scares most of the interested affiliates. It advisable you evaluate the cost when making considerations about the program. If you can comfortably afford the money, you’re set to place your bid.

The program’s guide requires you to get ClickFunnels, which can cost you a minimum of $97. To add to that, you are required to finance Facebook advertising, which is not cheap at all. Therefore, you must be aware that the commission hero is an expensive affiliate platform. You need to be prepared for investment.

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must be willing and able to remit all these expenses. Another crucial thing to internalize is that affiliate marketing is not for the faint-hearted. Generally, affiliate marketing is bound with risks. A simple trick may earn positive results for someone and bring considerable losses on your side. Thus, if you can’t stand losing all your investment, you should look for a different alternative to affiliate marketing.

One interesting feature about commission hero is that it is not restricted to any country. Individuals from different geographical locations can sign up for the program. Once you sign in, you can access beneficial information in there for you by Robby.

Why shouldn’t you waver to join commission hero?

Particularly after getting to know the program’s cost, you must be wondering whether it is worth the chase. The ball is on your side. The following are some of the key reasons why you should consider the commission hero program.

  1. Robby is the guy behind the tutorials

usually, most individuals consider the $1000 guarantee per day impossible to achieve. It is completely right to doubt, noting that the figure is huge. But, are you aware of how much Robby gets via affiliate marketing in a day? The chances are, you have no idea. Robby is an affiliate marketer who is on a level of his own. He is ranked best in ClickBank’s list of affiliates.

Such an impressive profile should communicate to you that it is possible to hit the $1000 guarantee per day. Therefore, you should not consider the six-figure earnings per month a fairy tale. His way of teaching also makes commission hero a must-have program. In this tutorial, the resourceful affiliate marketer tends to shed light on his audience on the different mistakes he has made throughout his marketing journey.

These confessions are vital as they can help you identify and even evade simple errors before they happen. This means of teaching can help you save a large amount of money that could be lost because of mistakes and errors.

Robby’s personality is also another thing that you will fall in love with. Despite being a distinguished affiliate marketer, he is a cool guy that you will enjoy listening to his tutorials. He is not the type of trainer to start yelling on your screen immediately; you touch the play button. No, Robby is a calm guy who will slowly guide you through the whole process.

  1. You plan on the budget.

For those successful individuals in affiliate marketing, the secret is spending a coin to get another coin. The same applies even to Robby, who is ranked the best.  After spending your money on the commission hero program, you will still need to spend on traffic. His role is to teach you tricks on how to gain traffic while you invest in the rest.

The good thing with the commission hero program is that you can decide to chase after the organic traffic. This means you can direct visitors to your site for free. The technique is recommended for newbies in affiliate marketing focused on getting to know much about the field. The open plan allows learning about affiliate marketing without having to worry about losing any money.

In case you choose to use the free trick, you are required to learn about SEO before becoming a member of the program. SEO is a crucial complement feature in matters of brand promotion and social media posts. It is a wide area that calls for much attention. If you are attentive and smart, you can use SEO to maximize your benefits. One challenge is that it is wide and keeps on changing. Therefore, if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing, it might be difficult for you to utilize this essential tool, SEO.

Similarly, you must be aware that free tools don’t bring immediate results, particularly online marketing. If you aim to earn the six-figure quoted in the adverts, you must be willing to invest extra money in paid advertisements. You can decide to use the marketing options advocated for by Robby in the tutorials. The $1000 guarantee per day should motivate you to invest in paid adverts.

Just like most of the successful affiliates would put it, don’t focus on how much you might lose. Always keep your focus on how much you may gain when the deal goes well.

  1. You learn at your pace.

The commission hero program is an enticing deal that is difficult to resist. Any focused person is willing to give out the $997 fee to become a member. But then again, you are reminded of your tight schedule. As mentioned earlier, most people are forced to work for more than one shift to satisfy their needs. In such a situation, you find yourself wondering if you can make to go through the video-based tutorials with such a tight schedule.

The interesting thing is that you don’t have to worry about your tight schedule with Robby’s tutorials. Provided you can spare some few minutes within your busy day, you are ready to learn everything that the pro-market affiliate has to offer. You don’t have to stress about missing a certain video during the training because his tutorial videos are live. They are organized stepwise. This gives you the freedom to go through them as your schedule allows you to.

When you become a member, you will be asked to join the affiliate program members-only Facebook group. The benefit of joining the group is that Robby is also available. With the help of the group, you can easily interact with the founder of this great program. This allows you the opportunity to get assistance directly from Robby when you experience issues through the process.

The group commands membership from all corners of the world. The benefit of such a broad audience is that you can get one-on-one assistance regarding product selection. Keep in mind, products and markets vary with regions. Therefore, if you find members from your region, they can help you select a product that yields results based on the locality. You can also exchange tips with a broad audience, which acts as a source of motivation for you.

Getting someone out there telling you that you can win in affiliate marketing is satisfying. The words become a propeller to this beautiful journey.

  1. The $1000 a day deal

Most individuals believe that the $1000 guarantee per day is impossible. A substantial number of these individuals argue that the commission hero is a scam. This is controversial because most of them never spare a minute to research and study the program. Yes, the figure may seem unrealistic, but it is possible are making more than the $1000 guarantee a day.

With the assistance of Robby, you can, within a short period, increase your wallet. His profile serves as evidence that you should not ignore every piece of information he offers in tutorial videos. If you’re tactical and smart enough, you can earn even more from affiliate marketing. The most interesting part is that you are likely to make the same figures even as a newbie in online marketing. All that is required of you is to adhere to the advice and directives offered in Robby’s tutorial videos.

  1. You will find the most important affiliate marketing tricks.

As mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is a pitiless field. Mostly, many inexperienced marketers join the popular program purposing to make wealth out of it. You may have a golden opportunity and make at least a share of the market. Unfortunately, a substantial number of individuals end up disappointed.

Affiliate marketing is a field that needs a lot of learning and tactics to handle every problem. As mentioned earlier, it is a field prone to adjustments. Therefore, before venturing into affiliate marketing, you need a platform from which you can learn every skill and technique necessary to succeed in this ruthless sector.

Luckily, the commission hero’s training will offer you every piece of information you may need as a newbie in affiliate marketing. Robby’s program enlightens you on customer’s phycology and the winning number. It entirely your responsibility to access the information and stay updated like the rest of the successful affiliates. The organization of Robby tutorial videos is done strategically. This allows you to choose and get exposure to areas where you have a weakness.

  1. One-year success policy

Every individual wish to realize results, days after an investment, or something of the kind. This is one thing that gets many individuals asking, what if the champion hero program does not yield results? Well, it is right to question your senses. The experience assists you to stay alert for what next if the unexpected occurs.  For the champion hero program, there is a money-back guarantee policy.

Unfortunately, many individuals don’t find it impressive as it is a one-year success policy. This means that you have to be active for twelve months before whether the program is a waste. From an expert perspective, the one-year success policy is meant for impatient individuals. The affiliate marketing sector is unpredictable, and therefore patience is key. If you surrender too early, you may end up parting ways with considerable prosperity if you had waited a little longer.

What to expect from commission hero?

Normally, you will encounter many platforms asking you to join the commission hero. A large number of these main blogs focus is on the name. But they omit the most crucial feature, which is the many things you should expect to find on the commission hero program. The fact remains that the program contains more information that you may need to upgrade your affiliate marketing performance to a higher level.

Here is a list of resourceful and top secrets you should expect from commission hero:

  1. Getting started

Starting the journey of affiliate marketing may appear like a walk in the park for everyone. Unfortunately, the case is different. Newbies in affiliate marketing go through the most wanting struggles. Robby is aware of the challenges that one has to face, and that is why his tutorials have you covered from the point start.

Robby will introduce you to affiliate marketing, affiliate networks, and accounts in his first tutorial videos. With his vast knowledge and experience, he will take through the introduction part and make sure that you gasp even the fine details about the affiliate marketing industry.

  1. Tips on how to choose the perfect offers

In affiliate marketing, you, as the affiliate, sell products on behalf of a company. In return, you get a commission from the goods sold. In the present world, companies are always seeking for affiliates to help maximize their sales. That is where you join the game, and with commission hero by your side.

Commission hero training does not only assist you to know what affiliate marketing is but also helps you in regards to choosing the selling products or offers.  With access to such information, you can quickly succeed in the industry because affiliate marketing is all about making sales and earning commissions.

  1. Image selection

Online marketing is complicated as compared to physical stores. As a newbie in affiliate marketing, it essential to understand that the image you use matters. The commission hero training program provides tips on how to choose the right image for your marketing.

Under the program’s image section, you will access different images that Robby believes can yield results as a successful affiliate marketer. In his tutorial videos, he gives professional designers recommendations who can assist you create quality images that guarantee positive results.

  1. Working landing pages

In the affiliate marketing industry, landing pages are vital. Landing pages can be described as what your potential customers land before they initiate a transaction. Commission hero training program provides you with tips on how to create effective landing pages. Robby’s guide has ClickFunnels ideas and templates on how you utilize these tools to your benefit.

  1. Creating a Facebook page

In today’s world, social media is a big deal for online marketers. Champion hero training program guide has every piece of information you need to familiarize yourself with when creating a social media page to run your affiliate job. Following Robby’s instructions on his tutorial videos, it will be easy for you to come up with a fan and a business manager page.

The affiliate marketing guru extends his training on how you can make use of your fan page every day. Creating and launching ads on your fan page is usually a challenge for most people. Failure to follow the right strategy may lead you to create meaningless campaigns. But with Robby’s guide, you will access tricks on when and how to publish a campaign.

  1. Guide on how to install Facebook pixel

Having Facebook ads, you will require to assess your progress. You need to get familiar with each ad’s performance. Performance is crucial as it assists you in planning on the next move. That is where Facebook pixels join in to assist track the conversions from Facebook.

It is usually in the form of a code that you enter in your ClickBank account. Robby tutorial videos will guide you on how to install the codes and analyzing the outcomes.

  1. Scaling up outcomes

Analytics are vital when it comes to preparations for the next move. Commission hero training program has tricks for you on how to analyze outcomes and increase them. Robby enlightens you on how you can tackle any situation that arises along your affiliate marketing journey.

  1. The secret package

With the commission hero affiliate program, you are assured access to “Ninjas Tactics.” This package has Robby’s hidden secrets that only members have access to. He is an outstanding affiliate marketer. Therefore, having access to his ‘Ninja Tactics’ is of great importance to any affiliate purposing to hit the $1000 guarantee per day.

  1. Snapchat

Away from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Snapchat is also a great social media platform to promote your affiliate marketing career. The platform is famous for the sharing of live news and stories from across the world. Commission, hero training program, has a guide explaining how you can utilize Snapchat for business rather than fun. Snapchat can be very complicated for beginners. However, Robby’s guide explains the whole process easier so that you can keenly follow. The guide can help you in creating, launching as well as monitoring ads on Snapchat.

  1. Email campaigns

Mostly, a lot of people perceive email marketing as a thing of the past. Well, Robby holds a different view. The pro marketing affiliate stresses that there is a lot you can with emails regarding your affiliate marketing journey. From Robby’s tutorial videos, you will learn how to use Aweber from the start to the end.

He explains how you can integrate email with ClickFunnels. The tutorials don’t only involve launching the tool but also advise you on creating your first email campaign. The focus is not only to create an email campaign but also to catch the recipient’s attention.

  1. Extra training

You may perceive Robby’s guide unsatisfactory. Perhaps, you may find it hard to grasp and understand what he has to share. Well, that should not break your ambitions. Robby provides private training to his clients. When you choose this option, you incur an extra fee and one-on-one access training with the market affiliate guru. You can consider the option of extra training if you are looking to improve your skills in affiliate marketing.

Comparison between commission hero and different affiliate programs

Four Percent Group

The founder of the affiliate marketer is Vick Strizheus. The program is widely known for its low subscription fee of $49 per month. With access to Four Percent Group, you have the opportunity to understand how to make sales funnels through a specific method. This differs from the information available on Robby’s guide.

However, Vick’s program requires you to join different marketing services. With the manual program, you are required to finance extra services like autoresponders and ClickFunnels. The $49 monthly subscription may be difficult to resist. But you must understand that you will have to invest more than that for you to realize positive results. One downside associated with the four percent group compared to commission hero is that you will have to depend on a solo ad service. This trick can be meaningful only if it attracts quality traffic.

Super Affiliate System

When talking about affiliate marketing, you can’t fail to mention super affiliate system. The founder of the affiliate marketer is John Crestani. The program will have you spend six weeks of your precious time learning. The affiliate market program has a price tag of $997, similar to that of commission hero.

John’s program has a similarity with commission hero as it also provides video-based tutorials. The tutorials start with introducing newbies into the affiliate marketing industry. In the first three weeks, John’s guide teaches you about the basics of affiliate marketing. The basics involve how to research, setting up goals, and choosing a profitable working field. With such information, your mind is prepared for that of an entrepreneur.

When the third week is over, John will take you through marketing tricks. This includes how to manage traffic and Facebook and YouTube ads. Compared to commission hero, the super affiliate system contains a lot of information you may need to up your game. Unfortunately, to acquire these skills, you will need to spend more time. For this reason, most affiliates turn to the commission hero program because it is direct to the point.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is also at the top list of the best affiliate marketing platforms. The program has a price tag of $49 fee per month, which is small compared to the commission hero.  As a member, the wealthy affiliate assures you of a keyword research tool and a WordPress Web hosting. The program is ideal for affiliates who focuses on blogging and related stuff. It mainly concentrates on content marketing.

The wealthy affiliate helps you learn all details associated with organic traffic that does not rely on paid ads or traffic services. The program is legit, but it is not the right choice for you if you are unwilling to post content many times. In comparison with the commission hero, the program takes time before yielding results.

Keep in mind that with the wealthy affiliate program, you have to rely on organic traffic. This is tedious compared to the one initiated by paid services.

Commission Hero Costs

Commission hero program has different payment plans. You can decide to start with the $997 plan. The plan will give you access to Robby’s landing pages that he has personally created and utilized to make millions of money via Facebook. Robby’s plan is quick and easy. You are only required to plug and push forward.

Contrary, you can consider getting a complete commission hero plan with a price tag of $3997. With this complete package, you can access everything that Robby provides in one place. Apart from the complete package, you can get Robby’s million-dollar images at $1977. Robby shares his favorite photos that have yielded great results.

Commission hero also allows you to pay $497 on top of $997, which gives you access to Facebook’s super profit system. In this package, Robby teaches you the scaling hacks and techniques for achieving Facebook marketing. Whatever package you opt for, you can be sure that you will gain results. Therefore, you have to choose a package that fits your budget.

Advantages of using Commission Hero

  • Easy training- you can follow up on Robby’s tutorial videos during your free time because they are not live.
  • One-on-one assistance from the commission hero members-only Facebook group.
  • It allows you access to ads and images.
  • One-year success guarantee – when purchasing Robby’s tutorial, you are assured of fulfilling results in twelve months.
  • Newbie friendly-Robby’s guide contains an introduction bit to the world of affiliate marketing.
  • Gives you a chance to make $1000 a day- with Robby’s guide, you are equipped with the necessary techniques and skills to realize the guaranteed promise.


Disadvantages of using Commission Hero

  • Commission hero is very costly – for you to access everything about Robby, you have to remit a huge amount of money.
  • Longevity is questionable- different methods involve creating a variety of ad accounts. This may render it an unstainable method. There is a huge amount of money to be made, which greatly outweighs the cost of commission hero training.

Final opinion

This review about commission hero and responses from experienced users does not seem to be a scam as it critically explains how money is earned through legit means. It makes a witting attempt to cover the costs and a quite amount of effort needed by revealing only the positive side. It is impossible to make money without putting in the effort and a small amount of initial investment. It is entirely up to you to decide; if you are ready to put extra money and time to up your presence in the affiliate marketing industry and earn profits, then this course is yours.

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