Udacity Experimental Design Recommendations Nanodegree Review

Udacity Experimental Design Recommendations Nanodegree Review
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Data science is the new normal that many big companies are using to design plans and make recommendations. However, unlike what many people believe, the course involves more than analyzing data. It involves developing plans and giving suggestions after the data analysis process. Also, it has everything to do with taking complex statistical tests, interpreting the data, and finally making recommendations. One of the most sort out sector in data science is experimental design and recommendations. It is a course that focuses on the generation of high-quality personalized recommendations using the data available.

Naturally, joining college and taking up a degree in computer science specializing in data science isn’t a convenient choice. After all, you will have to have the grades to get into college and spend four years learning a lot of information. This fact doesn’t suggest it isn’t okay to make this choice. In fact, you can choose to go to college and study. However, what about the people interested in becoming experimental designers and don’t qualify for college or have the time? And this is where the Udacity nanodegree program comes to the rescue. It is a course that accommodates everyone, and the program is ready to deliver the learners the knowledge they require to succeed in this field. So, are you interested in undertaking a course in experimental design? If yes, register for the Udacity experimental design & recommendations course. Suppose you want to learn more about the nanodegree program, ensure you read through this piece as we unveil more

Why is Experimental Design & Recommendation a popular course?

The Udacity education program is a home for thousands of learners and graduates specializing in many courses. Its popularity has increased due to its competence and ability to deliver what the learners need to know. The platform was born a couple of years ago as two Stanford graduates targeted to provide affordable and high-quality education to everyone. Udacity is a globally recognized platform with a reputation for delivering skillful graduates. As the education platform grows, they collaborate with big companies, giving learners the exposure they need to survive in the harsh job market. Also, students have access to complex up-to-date technologies that are evolving daily. All the factors are primarily the reason for this course’s popularity.

Why choose this course?

Naturally, before taking up any course, every student wants to know how they will benefit from the program. The skills they will have and the impact they have on society. Last but not least, the course choice is a primary determiner of the shape of your career path. Data science is a powerful field under computer science courses. It is a sector that continues to bring the world to new evolutions and better decisions. However, it is no secret that a decision can mess with everything you have built for decades when running any business. As a result, every decision is important, and experts must confirm that it won’t cause more harm than good. This feature explains the need for an experimental designer and analyst. They use the data available and analyze the situation. Later, they give recommendations on the matter. Choose the Udacity experimental design & recommendation course and join millions of data analysts as they help big companies make good decisions. Furthermore, the course is quite marketable.

What’s the Curriculum Like?

Are you thinking of enrolling in the experimental design & recommendations course? If yes, this section is the right place to get an idea of what you are expected to know and learn. Check it out!


As the name data science suggests, most of the things under this program have everything to do with statistical data analyses. This fact is probably intimidating and a bit scary, especially for newbies. But, since this course is a part of data science, there are essentials learners must-have. First, the learners need to have the basics of machine learning, python and probability, and statistics. In machine learning, the learners must know the unsupervised and supervised methods learned in the introductory lesson of machine learning. For python, a student with experience in python programming, SQL programming, and Terminal and Github use is highly advantaged compared to newbies. Finally, you need to know the basics of probability and statistics. All these facts are must know before enrolling in the program to understand what this course involves. Since Udacity offers most of these programs, you can check out the courses before registering for the experimental design & recommendations nanodegree.

Experimental Design

Generally, data science involves studying and analyzing the data available to understand the real situation of a company or project. As a result, experimental design is the first lesson under this course. Why? It is the first fundamental on your road to becoming an experimental designer. It educates you on the experiment setup process and the ideas that come with every experiment. The instructors include data of various experiments where the learners try to understand the logic or idea. Also, there is a comparison of experiment and observational studies.

Statistical Concerns of Experimentation

When dealing with data, you require statistical mathematics to analyze it and develop different theories about it. From the prerequisites, you can tell that it is best if the learners have a basic idea of statistical mathematics. This lesson explains the application of statistics to solve real-world problems. In other words, it involves analyzing data using different formulas. Other than that, learners are introduced to key metrics establishment processes and smart experiments. The smart experiments cover different areas such as specific, measurable, actionable, timely, or realistic experiments.

A/B Testing

As an experimental designer, there are so many things that have to deal with data. As a result, learning comparing techniques becomes necessary. After all, you have to understand different results before many any recommendations. And this lesson comes in handy for this phase. It explains sources of bias: Recency effects and Novelty. Last but not least, there are details about many comparison techniques.

Introduction to Recommendation Engines

This course, experimental design, and recommendations have two parts. In the first three lessons, everything has to do with the experimental design. But what about the recommendations phase? This lesson covers the first area in the field. The first lesson kicks off with details about recommendation engines and some popular techniques for creating them. Under this program, you learn the common techniques content-based, knowledge-based and collaborative filtering method. Also, learners gain access to implementation tips of these methods using python.

Matrix factorization for recommendations

With time, everything in the world has undergone drastic changes. And as much as these changes have their side effects, we can’t forget their positive impact. Like all the other areas, the business world and how we do things have changed. We no longer rely on instincts or other traditional methods to make key decisions. Under this lesson, you will study the evolution of experimental design & recommendations. It kicks off with details about the traditional methods and some of the dangers of adopting these methods. Also, the effects the traditional methods have on traditional techniques and the classification methods.

Course Project: Via IBM, design a recommendation engine

The last phase of the course is the practical area. It is where you practice the skills you have gathered from the other lessons. Currently, IBM features a data science community where individuals can easily post notebooks, tutorials, datasets, and articles. This section requires individuals to design and create a recommendation engine using data from the IBM data platform and the users’ behavior to recommend content relevant to the user. The last bit of the course aims to ensure that all learners have learned everything they need to know.


The main reason why the Udacity education platform is very popular is because of the reliable instructors with the experience and skills necessary to guide you towards the right path. One of the instructors is Josh Bernhard, a data scientist who currently works at Nerd Wallet. This expert has over ten years of experience in the field and has guided thousands of learners at all levels. Other than that, Josh is an example of data scientists making great revolutions in different industries. How? He has worked in process automation and cancer research projects. The other tutor is Mike Yi, a data analyst instructor who has statistics, mathematics, psychology, and physics skills. Furthermore, this expert previously worked as a support lead in the Udacity Data Analyst nanodegree program.

Get Hired

Job Assistance

A recent report from a researcher showed that most of the nanodegree graduates from the Udacity Program had landed good jobs. Furthermore, they successfully got into their various field of study within the first few months after graduation. This fact attests to the strength of a degree from the platform. Also, this feature shows that Udacity knows the right knowledge and skills to offer learners to penetrate the harsh job market successfully. So, join the Udacity nanodegree program and join the many successful professionals in various fields.


Of course, everyone wants to study in a place that gives them the necessary certificates to compete with other professionals fairly. Luckily, Udacity offers learners this privilege. Upon completing the experimental design & recommendation course, you will receive an Udacity certificate with all the necessary details. It includes your name, course, and the logo of the platform.

Udacity Extras

Registering in the Udacity nanodegree program has its advantages which is probably the best thing about choosing the platform.

Real-world projects from big companies

Every learner dreams of one thing, to successfully gather the right skills to survive in their industries. Luckily, Udacity ensures that you test your skills even before taking your official job. Currently, the education program is collaborating with big companies to give the learners the exposure they need. Also, upon completion of the project, you get reviews from industry experts, allowing you to make critical adjustments before leaving school. Not to mention, it gives you the exposure you need before graduation.

Mentorship Program

Joining Udacity nanodegree program has its perks, and one of them is the technical mentor support system. It is an area that focuses on the students’ welfare. When dealing with studies, things may become challenging, especially for working students: the busy schedules, assignments, projects, and other matters. And the mentorship program ensures that you take it easy and stay encouraged to achieve your dreams. It includes Udacity graduates who are working at their dream jobs or who have successfully joined the industries. They encourage learners and answer questions. This mentorship program offers learners light whenever things become hard.

Customizable Learning

What makes learning hard is the tight schedules that you need to follow as you try to meet your tutor’s expectations. However, Udacity has eliminated this problem. How? The platform allows learners to tailor their study plan as per their schedules. Also, you can learn at your pace, ensuring that you gain all the necessary skills.

What is the average time to complete the course?

Udacity is an open program that allows students to study at their pace. However, there is a standard time an average student can complete this experimental design & recommendation course. The course is short, and since you know statistics, python, and machine learning, learners may take 21 hours to complete. However, you can take longer depending on how you feel about the lessons.


As much as Udacity delivers high-quality education, the main issue that many students have is the course’s price. However, the tuition fee is quite friendly, with a monthly fee of $399. Furthermore, the course is worth your money since you learn everything you need to penetrate the industry successfully.


Data science is an area that is making revolutionary changes in different sectors. In other words, these drastic changes are impacting various industries positively. As a result, the course is marketable, with many big companies looking out to hire qualified professionals. However, there is the issue of the best place to study. Why?  People are looking for an academy that knows what the market needs. Fortunately, the Udacity experimental design & recommendations program is changing the lives of different learners. It is an academy that focuses on high-quality education and excellence to get yourself your dream job. The platform features overqualified instructors who have incredible things and skills to share with their students. Check out the review above and under this program before enrolling.

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