Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Review

Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Review
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Digital freelancing is the new normal. Why? The rate of unemployment globally is high, plus many people are more inclined to the idea of having their businesses. And what better place to start like, an online business. Starting an online business probably feels intimidating due to the many digital freelancers available.  As a result, it is essential to have the necessary skills to stand out among all the other competitors.

Generally, a freelancer is an individual who works under short-term contracts to perform a specific job. In other words, they receive payment according to the services they provide. How about a digital freelancer? This profession involves working at home and provide services to customers online. Note that there are various niches in the field; hence you must find the right choice that works for you.

From the definition, you can tell that becoming a digital freelancer is a hassle. It may be among the easiest and most convenient ways of making money, but the process of becoming a professional is complex. So, are you thinking of joining millions of digital freelancers globally? If yes, you must ensure that you have the right skills to give you the necessary exposure. Joining a college to pursue a degree in digital freelancing may not seem like a convenient option. Why? Because it requires you to invest a lot of time to complete a course that you can complete in at least a month.

Join the Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree program and get all the necessary skills to become a professional. It is an open program that accommodates students globally regardless of their age and skills. The program hosts multiple experienced experts to guide students. Enroll in the Udacity digital freelancer Nanodegree and learn the fundamentals of digital freelancing. This article will summarize some of the facts about this program and what students should expect after enlisting.

What makes this Digital Freelancer course popular?

Udacity is an accredited program that is popular for delivering students the skills to tackle various tasks. It is an open program that accommodates all students globally regardless of their age or educational background. The program not only offers quality education but also at a low price. Usually, the program often offers fantastic offers for new students. Besides, Udacity has a reputation for offering students what the market wants. The flexible learning plan gives learners freedom making it an excellent option for all.

This Nanodegree is quite popular, with thousands of students learning under it. And these learners only have positive feedback about the program. The course kicks off by exploring the importance of digital freelancing. It attempts to give every student the mentality of a professional digital freelancer. This task includes highlighting the importance of this career and what makes it better than the traditional method. Also, learners work with mock clients to attain skills on ways to deal with various clients.

Udacity includes real projects in conjunction with many high-class companies. Therefore, you quickly build your portfolio during the learning period. The program features many experienced experts that mentor you in the right direction. In an attempt to make your job hunt more straightforward, the course offers accredited resume support services. All these pros of taking this course make this Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree popular.

Why choose this course?

This program offers a flexible learning plan for students. As a result, every student can fit the lessons into their busy schedules. Also, it is self-paced, meaning that you work at your pace. This feature makes this program an excellent option for all globally. When you take up a good course, it is a good choice. But, choosing a course that educates you on what the market needs is the real deal. And that is what the Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree offers.

After completing the one-month course, learners are sure to have the necessary skills to handle the current market. Another advantage of this option is during the job search process. It gives learners access to resume support. Also, the LinkedIn profile creation and the GitHub portfolio option helps you advance your career. How? It attests to clients that you have the necessary skills.

Since the program offers real-world projects, learners get an idea of what society expects from them. The course takes one month for a student who studies at least ten hours every week. It may take longer for individuals who can’t afford ten hours weekly. Get the right skills to explore the digital freelancing market.

What’s the Curriculum like?

Of course, before you enroll in a program, learners need to know what they will be doing throughout the course. The curriculum includes the:


This Digital freelancer course focuses more on educating people on the right mindset of an expert. Also, it gives learners real-world projects to tackle. Since the course has everything to do with the internet, many learners are often scared of competition. Who wouldn’t when the internet is a place for everyone? However, as a newbie undertaking this course, you don’t have to worry. Why? The course only requires learners to have basic computer knowledge. By basic, it means that the student is comfortable doing simple computer jobs such as:

  • File management
  • Use online programs
  • Navigate the internet using different browsers

If you want to study this course, then explore the three areas above for an easy job.

Freelancing 101: Introduction

Before undertaking a course, it is vital to understand it. This course kicks off by offering a basic understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing. You will learn the good and bad sides of becoming a digital freelancer. Later, learners try to evaluate this profession compared to the traditional methods. Another critical thing learned in this section is achieving the mindset of a professional freelancer. It gives you a foundation of the easiest ways to create a personal brand. What you need to sell yourself to the world and how you need to sell yourself. Finally, there is access to information on where and how to acquire clients.

Manage Freelancing Projects

This sector covers the entire journey of a freelancer. It kicks off from finding clients, starting a project up to completion. It gives tips on the best methods to deal with every stage of the project. Under this sector, you learn from practical work where the instructors offer a mock client to lead you. This sector is after consideration from multiple real-life experiences from experts and the strategies they used to deal with these scenarios.


Udacity is a popular program thanks to its high education quality. Kicking off from the instructors, everything they offer is high-quality. Under this Nanodegree, learners learn from professionals with years of experience in the field. One of the critical instructors is Melissa Hong, the founder of OMG CODE. The expert is a well-rated Upwork freelancer who is an entrepreneur under the Velo Certified Wix Partner. Also, this freelancer is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and has worked with multiple digital freelancing beginners.

Udacity Freelancer course’s other instructor is SAATHI RE’s founder, Anupam Jain. He is a computer scientist and technology expert with years of experience. These instructors are ready to share with learners all they know about digital freelancing.

Get Hired

Job Assistance

A recent report shows that most graduates under the Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree program have found jobs. They are currently working with some of the best clients in the industry. So, how does this work? Unlike other programs, Udacity aims to prepare the learners thoroughly on the actual market. How? They offer real-world projects that help students create a portfolio after studying. The instructors and mentors educate learners on what the current market needs. Also, they prepare the students mentally and effective ways of standing out among many competitors. The platform includes a student community where learners can easily interact with each other.


When it comes to online classes, Udacity is famous for delivering the most legit courses. Their certificate is well-approved by companies. For this program, learners receive a certificate on completion of the course. A legit certificate includes the student’s name, the course name, and an official logo from Udacity. Since it is available in PDF, you can download and print it. Note that a certificate from the program is acceptable and highly valued by employers. Additionally, many famous companies are joining the Udacity community.

Udacity Extras

Deciding to join the Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree has many advantages. And these pros are probably the real deal in Udacity.

Real-World Projects

Practice makes perfect. Experts in different fields argue that the best way to gather the right skills is to work in a field. Luckily, this course offers you this option. The program introduces high-class companies that offer various projects to students. Working on actual projects from big companies is intimidating. But it is the best way to experience what the actual market includes.

Project Reviews

Of course, not everyone will complete a project successfully for the first time. And this fact is the reason why Udacity offers real-world projects available in the market. It offers learners a chance to make mistakes and get the proper guidelines from experts. The instructors use these projects to guide learners on the right approach to deal with crucial issues. Project reviews ensure that you won’t make a mistake after starting your dream job.

Project feedback from experienced digital freelancers

Evaluation is the best way to determine what you know. In other words, it is the most effective way of capturing what you have right or wrong. The project feedback option includes experienced freelancers who know what the market wants. They review your work and give you feedback. Also, there are pointers on the dos and don’ts of the project. Using these reviews, learners can get an idea of what they know and where to correct themselves.


A mentor is an added advantage of choosing to enroll in this program. Why? Because they are professionals who have all the survival tips of this field. This option offers students support career-wise and physiologically. They help the students to stick to their goals and follow the curriculum until they get a certificate. In other words, mentors walk with learners throughout the journey.

Customizable Learning

What makes Udacity a perfect choice for digital freelancing students is the freedom. It is a flexible course that aims to accommodate every student. Under this program, learners can tailor their lessons to match their busy schedules. The standard time for completion of this course is one month with a weekly input of ten hours. Note that you can use more time when necessary. Make your study timetable with Udacity digital freelancing degree and become a professional freelancer


Udacity offers this program at a monthly rate of $399. However, there are often offers now and then to promote students dealing with financial issues. This course can take one month with a weekly input of ten hours. As a result, you will only end up using the monthly price. However, slow learners may go for a few more months before they gather all the necessary skills. The Udacity monthly price may seem high. But, it offers you the essential resources to become a high-class digital freelancer.


The Udacity digital freelancer course offers learners a chance to learn all the fundamentals of becoming a professional digital freelancer. Contrary to other programs available, this course is open, allowing millions of learners worldwide to assess it easily. They offer quality education to all learners with the help of experienced instructors. It is a perfect course for beginners since it only requires learners to have basic computer skills. Note that the content under this program is up-to-date. How?  The instructors pay attention to important changes in the industry.

It is a good course that welcomes everyone to join and become a professional digital freelancer. There are multiple advantages of joining this course explained in the Udacity Extras above. Upon completion of the course, the program gives learners an accredited certificate that many companies approve. Last but not least, there are details about the pricing of the course monthly and the resources that come from this investment. Individuals thinking of joining a digital freelancing class should try Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree.


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