100 Possible ways to make money online in 2019

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Do you want to make money online? It’s not that hard, you have to keen on which area and which type of work you need to focus. You can select one of the best ways from the list. These methods not restricted with any age or gender or location. You can make money from your home.

Here is the list of 100 Possible ways to make money online.

1. Freelancing: Are you fed up with a 9 to 5 job. Start doing freelancing, It will give independence to you, you are the boss. No need to worry about timings. Just you need to work with deadlines. You can do freelancing in two ways. You can connect the companies directly with contract agreements or you can do with the help of freelancer.com, upwork.com, fiverr.com, truelancer.com, peopleperhour.com etc.

2. Content writing:  Content writing is an art, anyone can do from student to old person. Just you need to have good knowledge of the domain and strong command in English. You can write an article for b2c and b2b business. You can write content for webpages, blogs, e-books, email, social media posts etc.

You will get paid $10 to $100 per article depends on the complexity and research. B2B articles pay more than b2c article.

Create a portfolio of your writings before approaching the client. It will give the confidence to give work for you.

3. Blogging: Do you love cooking, travelling or coding or writing, It’s time to become boss with blogging. It will give freedom and recurring money you. But you need to set up the blog properly and write unique content according to SEO guidelines. It takes some time to fruitful. You need to learn how to do blogging from experts like Harsh Agrawal, Ryrob those who are making thousands of dollars from online through blogging.

4. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. You will get a good commission on promoting web hosting, website builders, email marketing etc. You can make from $50 to $250 per sales depends on the product you promote. Some affiliates like semrush providing recurring income on your sales.

5. E-book selling:  E-book selling: If you are an expert in marketing or sales, blogging, story writing or novel writing. you can write e-books and sell on Amazon or your own website. You will get the amount by selling e-books.

6. Teaching Online: Online teaching is an easy method to make money online. You can teach on programming, affiliate, marketing sales and many more subjects. You need to have good teaching skill for this. You can teach from anyone through meeting tools zoom, GoToMeeting etc. You can make a good amount from it.

7. Youtube: Youtube became a trendsetter for making money online. you can create videos on cooking, travel, funny, short films, courses, tutorials, etc. Some youtube creators making millions of dollars on making videos on youtube. It’s up to your creating. Start exploring yourself. Create the best videos for your website. On average you will get $1 per thousand views. It depends on the category and location wise. You will get famous and you will earn good amount of money. There is no limit for it. Start creating…!

8. Influence marketing: Its Became buzz word in marketing, if you become an influencer, companies will approach to you to promote the products. You can get money by reviewing the products. You have to a which area to become influencer like fashion, small business, marketing, sales, technology etc. Depends on the area and fan following and expertise you will get a good amount of money. It will start from $100 to $10000 depends on the industry and the product.

9. Remote working: Don’t you like 9 to 5pm jobs. Then, It’s time for Remote jobs. You will get flexible timings. You can work from your home. You can take care of your family and puppies. etc. You will get savings of tranport charges. and many more benefits. Start looking out remote working jobs from remote.co, flexjobs.com etc.

10. Podcasting: A podcast or generically netcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen to. Many people are interested to listen podcast, you can open channel for podcast. you can tell stories, share experiences, and increase your fan base. You can make good amount of money using podcast. you can monetize podcast for earnings. Here is the list of highest podcast earners.

11. SEO: SEO means search engine optimization. It is a process of optimizing a website or webpage according google rules. You can on-page, off page seo also. A perfect optimized seo page can get more traffic and earnings. You can earn more money by optimizing web pages. You can charge for hourly or website. You can get good long-term relationships through seo. here is the list of top 10 seo freelancers.

11. PPC Consultant : PPC analyst/ Paid search analyst. You will be responsible for administering and helping to manage Pay Per Click media strategies for clients. You can manage clients adwords accounts and facebook, youtube accounts without leaving your home. You can do this job as part time or freelancing also. Client just want to results. You can from $50 to $100 per hour managing adwords accounts.  It’s depends on client budget. Some consultant will 10 to 15% of client budgets.

12. Social media marketing Consultant: The demand is increased when the social media rises. Many companies and celebrities, politicians wants somebody to maintain their social media profile. Why can’t you ? Start your career as a social media marketing consultant. You will get good revenue. You have to think out of box in social media to make post rival and to get more brand awareness. You can charge $10 to $100 depends on the client. You have to know how the use the social media tools like hootsuite, buffer, etc to manage more clients at a time. Those tools will help you to schedule posts.

13. Medium.com: Medium is a content sharing platform. Any one can share their content. But medium.com is providing the best opportunity for writers. You can paid for the best article on medium.com. Medium.com charge $5/month from users, They will share that amount to writers. You can get upto $100 per article on medium. Start writing now.

14. Facebook : Facebook, It’s well known website for all people. It has 2.32 billion monthly active users from the world. You can make money from facebook by creating facebook page. You have to update daily content for that particular page and increase the followers. Then brands will follow up you to share their products on facebook page you can charge for each post. So many celebrities already earning good amount of money from their facebook pages. You can also earn money from facebook from another ways like referral amount like sharing referrals on facebook and buying/selling on facebook groups etc. You can also earn money from facebook by selling your service or creating ads and generating leads for business. You can make $100 to $1000 per day. It depends on your niche and type of product of you are selling. Try it once.

15. Google plus: Previously google plus is also there for earning money online. But Not it’s closed on April 2019.

16. Linkedin: Linkedin is professional network. If you want make money from linkedin, You have to maintain good professional profile on linkedin. You can make money from doing blogging on linkedin. You can also get freelancing projects or jobs from linkedin to make more money. By using linkedin groups also you can make money by referring good products and solving the users problems.

  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Selling photos online
  • Selling videos online
  • Designing websites
  • Converting psd to html
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Press releases
  • Customer support agent
  • Sales Manager
  • Social media marketing manager
  • Quora
  • Online Forum Manager
  • Domain Buying and selling
  • Website buying and selling
  • Mobile app buying and selling
  • Create an website with services
  • Digital Marketing Company
  • Create an mobile application
  • Traffic Generation
  • Conversion optimisation specialist
  • Digital Marketing training classes online
  • Playing Online games
  • Stock market trading
  • Forex trading
  • Website development service
  • Website Design service
  • Website Reviewer
  • Mobile app Reviewer
  • Data entry jobs
  • Medical trascription
  • Language traslator
  • Form filling
  • Selling Old books online
  • Selling Old stuff online
  • Testing
  • Bug bounty program
  • Online security
  • Crowdfund
  • Google adsense
  • CJ
  • clickbank
  • Share a sale
  • jvzoo
  • HR Recurting
  • Plugin Development and Sell
  • Theme Development and Sell
  • Quikr, Olx – Buy cheap products at sell at high price
  • Selling Coupons
  • Referral
  • Legal Assistant
  • Tax consulatant
  • Cashback Websties
  • Tech Support
  • Virtual Assitant
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Drop Shipping
  • Write for us
  • Guest blogging
  • Paid article writing
  • Book Writing and Selling online
  • Selling Course Online
  • Selling Art & paints
  • Selling T-shirts and Personalised gifts
  • Selling T-shirts designs
  • Travel Stories
  • Cooking blogs
  • Selling Insurance online
  • Real estate agent
  • Reseller Email hosting
  • Reseller web hosting
  • Resume Writing
  • Car Review
  • Bike Review
  • Reward Sites
  • Finance Advisory
  • Server Installations
  • WordPress setups
  •  Q&A Advice
  • Install Apps
  • Playing Online Rummy or Poker
  • Raising Money for Charity


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