How to Create a Blog Content Strategy

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Before you should start writing on your blog. You should have a definite plan which will help you create new content every time with ease. Remember content is king. More unique content you have more traffic you will get on your blog.

You can use excel or Google Spreadsheet for planning your content. There are many apps also available both on Android & iOS which will help you create your content.

In the above example Image. Write Your post title on the content title. And the assigned date after that writes how you will promote it & when you are planning to write it.

Make sure to make create an outline for your content if you like. It will help you focus on each Heading of your article.

Make sure to make all planning at once go, Don’t procrastinate on planning. After you have done this Then Start writing your article.

How to write your first blogpost with ease.

Now the real fun started. Which is writing your own 1st blog.

I will share a few tips for you to get started your 1st blog.

  • While writing an article no matter which topic remember as if you are sitting with your friend. & You are talking to him. Always write in the first tone. Because there is a single person reading your blog like you are reading this blog alone. This is why you might notice my tone is like I & You.
  • Your content should cover all points of that particular article. Don’t be shy if your article exceeds 1000+ words too.
  • Don’t copy images from google. Because images can be copyrighted always use free/paid stock images sites.
  • You can also add a video to your article. It will make your article more interesting. You can also embed a YouTube video.

If you want to stand apart from the crowd then start reading about SEO Copywriting. This will help you drive more traffic to your blog for your particular keyword.

Don’t forget to add pages to your blog.

Below are important pages that every blog must-have. & add these pages now.

  • About Page: This page contains details about you. What you do what you like etc like your Facebook Profile. Which will help readers to know more about you 
  • Media Kit: You don’t need this page right away. But in the future, you need this. This page will help you make money. Because you will write about your traffic & how others can sponsor or advertise on your blog.



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