Udacity Golang Nanodegree Review

Udacity Golang Nanodegree Review
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Everything, especially business operations, is shifting to the internet. This shift has made various skills highly sort by employers. They include web development, mobile application design, and cloud computing. Luckily, one can easily get these skills thanks to the Udacity Golang Nanodegree. The program covers various sectors at a go, thus making it easy for you to get such lucrative jobs.

The course combines various skills, one of which is working with DevOps tools. It is no secret that these tools have changed several aspects of the development life cycle by introducing automation, reducing context-switching, improving collaboration, and leveraging monitoring and observability. It also teaches learners to develop the backend necessary for user and database interaction. The world is also shifting to the cloud, and cloud services skills are ideal under such circumstances. Equally important, learners more about web applications to make them user-friendly and functional. Wouldn’t it be to enroll in such a program? An Udacity Golang Nanodegree review will help you learn more about this program. So, check it out!

The Udacity Program

A decade has already passed since Udacity emerged. The platform offers marketable courses and teaches learners all the necessary skills. It explains the high employability of its graduates within the first year following graduation with an excellent score of more than 80%. Therefore, for anyone looking for such a program, Udacity fits the description perfectly. It not only lands you a job but offers you the skills you need to keep it for as long as you want. Don’t be surprised to get promoted shortly after being hired because you will be excellent at your work.

Quantity and quality go hand in hand as far as the Udacity program is concerned. Besides high-quality education, the platform has various courses catering to different needs. Its founders, two Stanford professors, have done a good job in making its reputation and maintaining it for all these years. It provides great skills and programs to all willing learners globally. The best thing about it is no one has to break the bank to achieve these skills. If you plan to advance your career or gain skills that will land you a job, the Udacity program should be one of your considerations.

The Extras of the Udacity Golang Nanodegree Nanodegree Program

Besides excellent skills in different computer fields, there are other reasons people use this Udacity program. It has extras that are an added advantage once you get out there. They include;

Real-world projects and industry experts

Udacity Golang Nanodegree is a technical program, and acquiring these skills requires practice. The program ensures that you work on real-world projects to gain these skills. You also gain hands-on skills by partnering with big companies in the industry.

Technical mentor support

If you have any questions, you have a technical mentor ready to support you accordingly. They have ample knowledge to answer all the questions. It also guides you on how to learn the program best, thus ensuring that you succeed. If you need a pep talk to keep going, the mentors will also motivate you. They will ensure that you remain on track to learn as you should and conclude the course.


How well do you understand the concepts after learning this course? It is hard to tell unless you take tests. These quizzes help you test how well you understand the skills you intend to acquire by the end of the program. They are simple but enough to test the understanding of relevant concepts. Since they are auto-graded, you can take them whenever you want to. If you get it right, you can confidently proceed, knowing that you have grasped everything. On the other hand, if you get it wrong means that you need to revisit it. You can retake it if necessary and as often as possible until you get it right.

Flexible learning

If a busy schedule stops you from getting new skills or advancing your career, it may be hard to do various courses. Fortunately, this Udacity Golang Nanodegree program can accommodate you despite such schedules. You will have the liberty to choose your learning plans based on your schedule. It is also important to note that people don’t understand things at the same pace. No wonder you need a program flexible enough to accommodate your pace.


Udacity Golang Nanodegree learners also have another thing to brag about. Their talented instructor, Andrew Wong, is a skilled and experienced software engineer. His dedication to changing the world is evident in the undertakings of this full-stack engineer. His tutoring skills have been proven before when he was an instructor at App Academy. He has a great reputation for imparting technical knowledge to people, which hasn’t changed as far as Udacity Golang Nanodegree is concerned. Therefore, if you enroll in this program, you can rest assured that you will learn from the best. No one can take that for granted, given the impact the teacher who teaches you has on what you understand at the end of the course. Teaching technical stuff can be tough, but he has mastered excellently delivering the content to his student.

Why should learners choose this course?

The course gives a learner diverse skills to learners, and that’s a good thing for obvious reasons. Most organizations are willing to hire one person capable of doing various tasks instead of several people doing different jobs. Under such circumstances, Udacity Golang Nanodegree graduates are usually advantaged when seeking a job.

Additionally, the job is more employable than most skills. That’s because its skills solve problems that almost every company and organization is looking for solutions to. That fact increases the jobs available, increasing one’s chances of landing one.

For instance, all the skills you learn are about developing online solutions for various companies’ clientele. As far as new clients are concerned, the internet’s potential has seen many organizations shift to online platforms. Since companies are looking for experts to facilitate the change, you might land a high-paying job as soon as you graduate.

Besides getting a job, a graduate of Udacity Golang Nanodegree also gets a great salary. One of the reasons people work is to make ends meet. With a great salary, you can improve your living standards which is a great thing everyone wants to achieve.

Prerequisites and Curriculum

Before enrolling in the Udacity Golang Nanodegree, you must be familiar with computer programming. In this context, familiarity would mean having experience with its basics and not necessarily being an expert. Basic experience in certain programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and other statically-typed programming languages is even better. That doesn’t mean that all is lost if you lack such skills. Udacity also offers skills to teach these skills, and you can enroll in them and then apply for this nanodegree once through.

An excellent example is the Udacity Intro to Programming Nanodegree. By completing this program, you will be ready to start with Udacity Golang Nanodegree. As for the curriculum, here’s a discussion of what to expect;

Introduction to Go

As the name suggests, its focus is the basics, including defining the Go language. This segment also explains the two sides of the language: Go’s strengths and weaknesses. There is also the development of a business case discussing the importance of businesses shifting to Go.

Go Fundamentals I

This module helps you get started with the Go Language. You learn about its setup and installation on your local machine. You also learn how to declare variables to store values, write codes to execute conditional statements and use comparison operators to evaluate values. You can facilitate the performance of common yet specific tasks by writing related statements groups. Learners also create arrays that store several values that share the same data type. The arrays usually have dynamic sizes, and their flexibility is indisputable. There’s also dealing with values in different data structures.

Go Fundamentals II

This relatively advanced module helps learners create an unordered key-value pairs collection. One can build a typed collection comprising fields that reflect conventional classes, thus grouping data. Other focus areas are leveraging Goroutines, thus building for concurrency and creating method sets blueprints.

Building for the Web

You also learn to make asynchronous requests to a REST API using HTTP methods. Learners also learn to use a backend server to serve static HTML and HTTP request router implementation. One learns to use the net/HTTP package to facilitate a server implementation. Last but not least, the learner can also use the Handler interface when handling requests sent via defined paths.

Course Project: CRM Backend

This area requires you to build a backend of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool suitable for customer management. The development should use all Golang programming commands and constructs to implement the various functions necessary for managing customers. For instance, the code should fetch a list of all customers, get data for a particular customer, add a new one, update any new information and even remove a certain customer. To ensure that the tool is accessible through the web, the learners will use the Go HTTP package to implement it.

Helping Graduates get Hired

When all is said and done, other things increase your chances of getting a job. Udacity offers several of them, including the following. Udacity Certificate that proves you are a graduate of Udacity Golang Nanodegree. Resume review for the first impression that persuades the employer to shortlist you, to begin with. Interview preparation, thus ensuring that you nail the interview once you get the opportunity. Social media platforms review also makes you noticeable to people looking for employees online. These are some ways the Udacity program is helping graduates get hired.


Since the program is estimated to last a month, monthly access is enough to last until you complete it. Typically, this subscription goes for $399. However, you could pay less than that if you take advantage of the ongoing discount. Take the deal and enroll for Udacity Golang Nanodegree while the offer still lasts.


How long does it take to conclude the Udacity Golang Nanodegree?

The estimated time needed to complete this course is about a month. Weekly, one may need to dedicate about 5 hours to complete it within that time. However, the program is also flexible to accommodate other schedules and paces.

Do I need any prerequisites to study Udacity Golang Nanodegree?

Yes, this technical program requires you to have basic computer programming skills.

Why is Udacity Golang Nanodegree a great program?

One of the reasons you need to consider Udacity Golang Nanodegree is its wide coverage. The program is all-around ready to offer you various skills most employers seek.

What are graduates saying?

One thing for sure is that graduates are happy with the Udacity Golang Nanodegree. First, they usually acquire the skills they intended to learn during the program. They also find out that the skills they have are quite marketable. No wonder they have secured jobs so easily after completing the program. The huge salaries are the icing on the cake.

Final Verdict

It is no secret that Udacity is the place to be if you want to pursue an online program. One such program is the Udacity Golang Nanodegree. It offers marketable skills and produces employable graduates. Who doesn’t want that nowadays? With so many graduates tarmacking for years, such an opportunity is rare. So, grab it and stand a chance to get a high-paying job. It could be the breakthrough you have been looking for, and enrolling in the program is a good place to start. Its skills are in high demand, thus ensuring that getting a job won’t be a task. You can also fit in various organizations since the skills are important to many of them. Diversity also increases your chances of finding a job that you qualify for. So, enroll as soon as possible and also take advantage of the available discount.



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