Udacity C++ Nanodegree Program Review

Udacity C++ Nanodegree Program Review
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C++ developers are not just another type of developer, they are special; using the most diverse programming language in order to work across all sorts of operating systems. The language has a large set of practical uses all across with concepts including software solutions and maintenance. As a C++ developer, professionals must have a solid foundation in the programming language and also be familiar with several complex concepts and other programming languages across the board. Developers participate in a range of tasks including writing, editing, and analyzing code along with maintenance, organization, and automation development documentation; even dabbling a bit in the realm of cyber security. For this reason,developers only need to have a strong foundation and some experience in a wide range of skills including writing algorithms and web development. C++ developers are a huge asset to companies as they are able to provide solutions to almost every problem dealing with, including online functions and operations.


On top of a wide range of knowledge, developers will also need to have teamwork skills as majority of developers work in large teams working with others to create solutions to complex problems. As demand for this type of programmer increases, so does the salary with numbers on the rise for the past few years. According to the average,a C++ developer makes around $70,200 with bonuses in the upwards of $5,000.

This salary increases higher and higher reaching upwards of $150,000 as skills and experience evolve. Starting a career as a C++ developer may sound intimidating, but thanks to programs like the C++ Developer Nanodegree Program from Udacity,a career change could be possible in just a matter of months.Here we will introduce you to the curriculum along with some extras that the academy offers giving you the information you need to decide if it is right for you.


Udacity’s Rise to Fame

There are a few reasons why this course is famous, majority of them being a very big deal. Udacity has a reputation for bringing affordable education to everyone which was the idea behind its creation by 2 Stanford professors. The reputation began to grow as careers in web development began to skyrocket, becoming one of the fastest growing fields in the market. After several years of operation,the academy proudly boasts that 84% of their graduates got a job only 6 months after graduation and saw a salary increase on average of $24,000. Apart from this, the detailed instruction allows students to work with everything from robots to automobiles to medical technology using one of the most high-performance languages ever in the world of IT. The course also gets its name for collaborations with several industry leaders guaranteeing only the best curriculum preparing their learners to become part of an Innovative team right after graduation.


Is this the Right Course for You?

This course is perfect for those with some C++ training and that are familiar with intermediate level programming concepts. Future learners will want to have some base skills in web development and operating systems. Because of the more advanced C++ training, graduates will be able to apply for jobs in a variety of Industries including some of the most quickly advancing like robotic software, mobile communications and AI systems. If any of these sounds interesting to you, then this is definitely the place to be.


Curriculum in a Nutshell


In order to be successful at the course Udacity recommends intermediate knowledge of one or more programming languages. This course is more on the intermediate to advanced side so, rookies might want to take at least one course to prepare before starting the C++ Nanodegree Program.


Curriculum is broken down into four different sections each with several different lessons in between. Udacity recommends completing the course in 4 months spending 10 to 15 hours a week. After each section, learners will complete a project to test their newly learned skills.



The course wouldn’t receive its top ranking without knowledgeable and experienced instructors. They have years of experience in the field with most of them working at top-tier companies. Instructors for this course include:


David silver – head of curriculum and former research engineer at Ford

Stephen Welch – Content developer at Udacity as well as the self-driving car engineering degree program

Andreas Haja – C++ developer and engineer



C++ Foundation

The course will begin with and introduction to the language. Here is where the learners will begin to understand how to develop C++ syntaxes. There is also advanced C++training,promting students to link several files together. This is only the foundation and yet, enough knowledge is learned in this part to plan and execute the first of 5 projects where learners will create a route planner with the C++ language, thus beginning their journey.


Object Oriented Programming (OOP) 

Here learners will work with building classes and generic templates in order to create C++ programs and learn object orientation. Many of the tools used will help students arrange and create reusable strips of coding making future programming simpler. There is practice building classes and interfaces as well,where learners will apply all the knowledge from the previous section and this one in order to complete the second portfolio ready project.


Memory Management

Using resource acquisition, learners will work to create patterns, pointers, and references along with other controls in order to work with and understand the power of memory management.  This part of the course dives in deeper into concepts where studentswill createchatbots with newly learned advanced C++ training.



For the next part, learner will run multiple execution paths in parallels while learning how to work with threads. This is only the beginning,as those threads will be taken and manipulated attempting to create logic by using the process that they have just launched. This will show learner’s the power of C++ and its ability to create concurrent programming.


Capstone project 

The course will end with a Capstone project where learners will work with the advanced language to create their own personal application. All of the skills learned throughout the entire course will come in handy here, testing for comprehension. This project will be reviewed by instructors that will give feedback and make sure that it meets real company standards. Successful completion of this project along with the approval from expert reviewers means it’s time for completion and graduation of course.


Get Hired

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will want to start the search for a job. Along with other benefits of completing the course when going through Udacity, they also offer several different methods of job assistance to help graduates get hired. The academy has teamed up with several industry giants, most of them scooping up recent graduates and incorporating them into their team. Some of the job assistance perks that learners can take advantage of are:


Resume Services

Learners and recent graduates will be able to submit their resumes for reviewers to take a glance. They will receive feedback and critiques in order to make it better and more attractive to recruiters in the field. The professionals that will read resumes have experience in proofreading and bettering resumes with an understanding of what recruiters in certain fields are looking for.


Interview Prep

During this time, graduates will participate in a mock interview where s professional career services member will conduct an interview asking all of the most commonly asked interview questions just like in a real interview. After the mock interview,learners will receive feedback and further instruction on how to better answer questions and conduct better and more confidence interviews. This will allow graduates to go into interviews with confidence taking any doubts out of questions that may be asked.


Social Media Profile Review

LinkedIn has become a big deal these days across several fields giving employers alook at not only experience but the type of employee they are hiring. This gives professionals a little more freedom however they do need to use caution when posting.  an experienced Career Services professional will review the profile, helping the graduate to appear more professional and more fit for the job. Professionals will provide any feedback and also help the graduate become more attractive.


Udacity Talent Program

Graduates can also benefit from Udacity’s Talent Program that is filled with recruiters from several companies in the field.  These recruiters are searching for new and fresh talent, some among the recent Udacity graduates.  Learners can upload their resume and complete a profile where recruiters can browse and find them.  Udacity will also match employers with employees when skill and needs create a match. The talent program is super beneficial and one of the many ways that Udacity graduates have been successfully hired at a very high rate.


Certificates from Udacity  

Full completion of the course scores graduates at Udacity a certificate. This comes with the learner’s name, a signature from the president, the name of the course, and the Udacity seal. This is presented to graduates in a downloadable PDF version where it can be printed and also sent to future recruiters and employers. This is not just any other certificate, especially with the reputation of Udacity constantly on the rise. Throughout their years of providing education to learners around the world, many industry leaders have joined in on the cause, offering learners opportunities to work with hands on projects and also hiring several of them right after graduation. Many potential employers, several recruiters and professionals at the top of the IT industry recognize the Udacity certificate knowing the reputation that comes with it. As mentioned earlier, they have reported a success rate of 84% for new graduated only 6 months after graduation.


What is the Cost?

The course is priced based on monthly access. Udacity recommends that the C++ web developer nanodegree program be finished in 4 months when spending only 10 to 15 hours per week.  4 months of access, if paid in full, comes out to $1279. If one large lump sum is too much in one go, there isan option to pay monthly however, theslight discount is not included. If after the recommended 4 months learners need more time,the monthly payment plan will kick in allowing learners to take as long as they like while paying $399 for full access each additional month.  This is a great thing for flexibility and gives the learners all the time they need in order to complete the degree program however, it is better to stick with the recommended date of completion or come as close to it as possible as the course total could end up being very large. It is a much better deal to take the Udacity recommended time frame and try your hardest to complete within the recommended time.



Why you should choose Udacity C++ Nanodegree Program?

Udacity offers a valuable learning experience with the Nanodegree program which is designed for students who are willing to gain some to learn development in the C++ domain. This Nanodegree program is a kind of post-graduation curriculum. If you want a stable work profile incorporate then, having an up-to-date profile is necessary. One of the trending programming languages that have occupied space these days is C++. Udacity C++ Nanodegree Program offers a wide range of services, quality content, real-time working on projects, career services, community support, feedback, mentorship, freedom, and additional perks. The instructors with broader experience conduct recorded lectures. Overall, these are some reasons why you must enroll in Udacity C++ Nanodegree Program.


What kind of perks does Udacity include in every Nanodegree Program?

Udacity Nanodegree Program holds several perks like student services, career services, and mentor assistance. 

  • Student Services: The student services include community support, which if any students get stuck in between solving any assignment or completing the project then can post that particular query in the community so that the other active participant can comment suggestions or help in resolving the issues. 
  • Career Services: The career services include support from the expertise in shaping your career. These include reviewing your existing resume or guiding in creating your resume again, optimizing your Linkedin profile, setting up a Github profile, and many more. 
  • Mentor assistance: The best part of this nanodegree program is a helping hand to encourage more if the project or real-time assignment doesn’t work. You can submit the project for review by expert mentors. If your project needs improvement or some rectification, then you can improve it and submit it again for rectification. Well, the feedback support is in the loop, every time the mentors are ready to check for your work and give feedback. 


Is this nanodegree program feasible for beginners?

The beginners who have a basic knowledge of programming language can enroll in Udacity C++ Nanodegree Program. But the one who doesn’t have any knowledge of programming language, should study their point of interest then join the program.


How this C++ Udacity Nanodegree Program is beneficial?

C++ programming is the basic programming language used in the development of various industrial software. In today’s era, still, some companies prefer using the C++ programming language for software development and web development. The advanced C++ programming makes you eligible to apply for jobs at the fastest pace. You can build software featured with robotics, code compiling with IoT hardware, etc. C++ programming has strengthened the evolution of mobile communication to a wider extent. 


What is the time duration allocated for the course completion?

As per Udacity’s recommendation, the course should be completed in four months. You should dedicate 10 to 15 hours per week to learning. The contents are structured in the form of recorded lectures, proper explanations with animations or diagrams, and explaining scenarios with practicality. The course is designed chapter-wise, each chapter having a section with 3 to 5 min video content. 


What are Learners and Graduates Saying?

The C++ nanodegree program is one of the newer nanodegree programs released by the academy.  So far during its time online, it has received a lot of feedback both positive and negative. The course has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 with most learners and graduates satisfied overall. When asked about the parts that learners and graduates enjoyed the most, majority commented on the hands-on projects that they are exposed to making them feel prepared for the actual jobs available inIT. They also commented on the academy’s extras like job assistance and partnerships with top corporations. On the other side of the fence, among the complaints were the price with several learners commenting that it is way too high compared to other courses of its kind. There was also some concern about the depths of the program with some lenders stating that it only introduced the very surface of many concepts.  A few learners and graduates that gave positive feedback and higher ratings have said:


“Note that I have an Bs Degree Mechanical engineering (automatic control). I have been taught and studied a lot of theoretical stuff about engineering and control theory. I got my degree at an european university which focused too much in theory. So this nano degree, I think is valuable in providing me practical skills which are useful and demanded in the job market. In addition, I can be wrong but from what I have heard C++ is the language most used in industrial applications such as Aerospace.” Reddit


It sticks in between the higher-level software and the hardware and that’s a much bigger part of the world that most people think. It’sbasicallyeverywhere.” – Bjame Stroustrup i-programmer


While on the other hand, less satisfied and lower rating reviewers had this to say:


“They are not worth the price. If you see their c++ and few other nanodegrees, they are worse than many youtube videos. Project based learning is good,Few mentors are good. But, its not worth the price.” Quora


That’s a Wrap

This is definitely a course for those that are wanting to start learning the C++ programming language. It is not suitable for beginners and we think that there needs to be a little more than just a base of a programming language as some of the concepts are a little bit more in-depth and complex than we’ve seen rumored online. This,however, should not discourage the new learners they will just need to understand that the course is not easy without some experience. Learning C ++is a sure way to improve and evolve the current skills of potential learners as it is a very complex and is the language that is used for many systems and fields within programming and IT.


Choosing to take this course with Udacity is a good deal in our opinion especially with all of the perks that come along with it. Among our favorites are the job assistance programs and the partnerships that the academy has made with top-tier companies. The price is a little high but, it is definitely an investment worth making if a career as a C++ developer is what you see for yourself in the future. Especially when it comes to hands-on projects. These projects are developed side by side with real companies in the industry allowing learners to get a feel for the things that they will be doing after graduation. This along with Udacity’s guarantee and partnerships are sure to bring graduates success and not very far after graduation. As a C++ developer, you’re constantly having to be in the know, keeping up to date with new advances in technology and newer methods in order to manipulate data and create systems.By enrolling in this program, you get a large head start with several of the concepts introduced early on and the opportunity to apply them to real-world projects. The only advice is to be sure and stick to the original graduation date, assuring that you won’t be paying so much extra for the course. Start an exciting career as a well-rounded and knowledgeable C++ developer, starting with a course at Udacity.

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