Udacity Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree Review

Udacity Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree Review
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The rapid growth in technologies has inspired the corporates to upgrade themselves. The research says that there is a lack of skills which is the reason that corporates have stopped hiring candidates. In this fast-paced world, where technology is essential to learn, it is high time for individuals to occupy space in technicality. We have carried a short survey from some corporate companies about the most necessary skills that a particular candidate must have. These skills are Big Data, IoT, Cybersecurity, DevOps, AWS, Full-Stack development, and many more. These are the latest technologies that a corporate is wondering in a candidature so that they can deliver some productivity. Observing the present situation, the IT industries are booming faster. The IT expertise is being paid more because of their skills and real-time knowledge about a particular domain. What is required to become a skilled professional? It is learning newly emerged technology and developing practical solutions. 


Full-Stack Development is one of the highest paying jobs in IT corporates. The role of a Full-Stack Developer is to work on both the front end as well as back end. A Full-Stack Developer must know multiple programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, PHP, etc. One can select a particular programming language to become a Full-Stack Developer. A Full-Stack JavaScript Developer is a full-fledged person who develops client as well as server software applications. 


Key Roles of a Full Stack JavaScript Developer:


  • Designing robust and scalable software applications
  • Coding simple, clean, and functional code at the back-end.
  • Performing testing after development.
  • Resolving bugs or fixing errors. 

Udacity Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree Review


A Nanodegree course is best suited for IT professionals who want to scale their skills to a higher level. These courses are specially designed for intermediate developers who want to gain awesome real-time experience and knowledge about trending technologies. Web developers, front-end developers, or machine learning developers can switch for Full Stack JavaScript Developer to pace more skills and technicality. 


Udacity is a well-known reputed learning platform specially meant for upgrading technical skills and management skills. If you have set your mind to learn Full Stack JavaScript courses and searching for a nanodegree course, then Udacity’s nanodegree program is best recommended. There are a bunch of benefits linked to learning the Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree course. 


Why Full-Stack JavaScript Developer course? 


Udacity’s Full Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree course provides the participants an opportunity to work along with skilled and experienced professionals who are already in the field. This course is designed and curated by top-notch IT expertise who had worked on several real-time projects. The course is taught by expert instructors who have enormous experience in the domain. These instructors have gained finite corporate experience and aim to implement it over the learners and the beginners. Udacity has partnered with multiple corporates and MNCs that contribute to building these courses. This course allows the learners to explore practical knowledge and work on live projects. The participants will be assigned assignments and live projects by the instructors. The Full-Stack JavaScript Developer expertise validates these projects and provides true feedback which helps the participants to improve. 


Why Should you Choose this Course?

Enrolling in Full-Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree course grants the developers to learn structured server site developments, build aesthetic UX, create APIs. This course helps you grow a development cycle to retrieve data and designed a layered procedure. The course can be done by any software professional, business person, even a beginner too. On completing this course, you will be capable enough to write effective APIs, work on product development, manage software applications, assists in the development of client-side architecture and server-side architecture. A Full Stack JavaScript Developer can design appealing visuals over the front end, can develop databases and applications, and even can perform testing. If you go with this course, then you will be able to handle various roles and responsibilities related to testing and development. 


The entire curriculum is structured into four sections. Each section is loaded with hands-on lectures. You can add productivity to your schedule by enrolling in this course, and complete various activities. Explore real-time experience and scale your knowledge with the Full Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree course. In further sections, will have a look at pre-requisites, and the curriculum of the course. Before starting, let’s have a look at Udacity’s perks.


Udacity’s Perks


Udacity grants several reasons for enrolling in this nanodegree course. Just as cake loaded with cream, the Full Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree course is loaded with additional perks and benefits. These perks can be the best prove of knowledge that you have achieved. 



  • Flexible Schedule

The biggest advantage that one avail of after enrolling for the course is flexibility. You can plan your learning routine as per your schedule. This nanodegree allows you to study, learn, and practice as per your schedule and convenience. Isn’t this amazing? Without disturbing your schedule, you can manage learning conveniently. 



  • Work over Real-Time

It’s high time to get off from the college curriculum and enter corporates. With Udacity’s Full Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree course, you get an opportunity to work upon real-time projects guided by industry experts. You can master your technical skills and get influence towards learning.



  • Supportive Mentor

The best part of this nanodegree course is every trainee will have mentors who will be helping throughout the course curriculum. The most knowledgeable tech mentor supports you in answering your queries or help in resolving some errors if any. Whatever challenges are faced during the course, the mentors take it positively and explains every concept in detail. They keep on motivating and enhancing more knowledge. 



  • Career Support

Having knowledge and expressing it are two different things. Knowledge about a particular domain is excellent but if you lack in expressing it then must think about it. Udacity allows the candidates to build their Linkedin profile, their Github profile, various portfolios, and resumes. This creation of profiles will serve the candidates one of the best high-paying jobs.



  • Project Reviews From Experienced mentors

Your projects or assignments once completed will be reviewed by experienced corporate mentors. You will be given feedback in loops. You can make numerous rectified submissions. Udacity has more than 1400 project reviewers and a proper review rating. The mentors interact personally providing valuable feedback and industry tips. 



  • Experienced Instructors

Learn the Full Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree course with expert instructors who have a lot of experience as a Full Stack JavaScript Developer. 


Rachel Manning- Full Stack Freelance Developer and educator who has a keen interest in mentoring about technology. She has developed uncountable projects and worked in developing the Bootcamp curriculum. 


Alyssa Hope-  Full Stack Developer and an instructor lead at Bootcamp coding.  


Andrew Wong – Full Stack Engineer. Previously, worked as an instructor at App Academy and empowers his students to learn advanced education.


Guillaume Bibeau Laviolette- Software Engineer. He is a passionate software developer and has experience in software development and cloud deployments.



The course curriculum is designed in a flexible way and with depth knowledge about each concept. As mentioned above, this course is recommended for intermediate developers who want to scale up their developer skills into advanced. The curriculum is structured with recorded video lectures, hands-on assignments, quizzes, and resources for better improvement and learning. This course has some pre-requisites to follow before enrollment. To enroll in this advanced Full Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree course, one must have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Basic JavaScript, and JSON. The course is more interactive and packed with deep knowledge by expert instructors. These instructors have gained corporate experience and worked on a real-time basis. To complete the Full Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree program Udacity recommends spending 10 hours a week. The expected time for completion of the course is 4 months. These are the following concepts that have been covered in this course:


  • Backend Development with Node.js


This section follows a few technical strategies that participate in building backend applications that turn the enterprise-ready. The section focus on building APIs using fundamental tools that is cost-effective and is consistent. This section is linked with Node js, its development, and its package. It covers the Node js core modules. The section covers some important points to learn for Backend Development with Node.js. These important points are Typescript writing for developer error reduction, an introduction to unit testing with a testing-driven environment titled Jasmine. Working with an excellent framework called Express which is meant for building APIs.



  • Creating an API with PostgreSQL and Express


For a Full Stack Javascript Developer, it is essential to manage databases and building APIs. This section teaches the primary topics that are needed for building APIs. The candidates participating in this course will get an opportunity to build RESTful JSON APIs with Node.js and Postgress. The section covers briefly the topics like querying databases and database migrations. It even teaches CRUD, REST, API architecture, testing, route authorization through jWTs, and password hashing. On completing learning for this section, participants will be capable enough to create a secured API environment and build API from scratch. One can learn and apply the skills that JavaScript Developers use.


  • Angular Fundamentals


A Full Stack JavaScript Developer needs to develop front-end as well as backend applications. The section Angular Fundamentals enables the students to learn foundational skills that are essential for developing Single Page Applications (SPAs). In this section, a student can discover new things like the applications of the architecture, the flow of data, and how to retrieve data via applications. It also teaches the methods to maintain the scalability and performance of these applications. After completing this course, the learners can explore their knowledge to a great extend by expanding or building new Angular applications and adding new features to them. The learners can independently architect the angular applications and get clarity about maintenance. The learners must keep on practicing the contents practically to create real-time applications and integrate it adding third-party libraries. 



  • Deployment Process



It’s a unique and rare thing for a developer to deploy its applications. The final section of the course is Deployment Process. The section covers the key facts that are required for creating applications and deploy them. The learners will be able to create productive environments and deploy them automatically. The sections teach the techniques for building automated pipelines and scripts. The course gives the students an insight into automated deployments. It is because of these automated deployments, the companies can serve faster and featured products to the customers.


Job Assistance On Course Completion


On successful completion of the nanodegree program, the students can avail of Udacity’s career services and student services. Udacity’s Full Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree program offers the incredible support of professional experts. These professional experts will not only guide for job preparation but will also help the students approaching businesses. 



  • Resume Support



The professionals will guide the students in building their resumes. As these professionals have a wide experience working with corporate companies, they are aware of the resumes the corporates are searching for. The professionals go through the existing resumes of the learners and mark out the changes if any. They even teach a newly written resume that serves the best experience in the world of corporates.

  • Github Review

Students can upload multiple projects over Github that will be beneficial in the future for any corporate selection. The professional experts teach the students the way Github works as a portfolio for their job selection. They even suggest markable reviews that work as a great help.

  • LinkedIn profile optimization

For any professionals, or beginners having a LinkedIn profile is must. Building an optimized LinkedIn profile is a difficult task too. But with the help of Udacity’s experts, one can build an optimal LinkedIn profile. 



On accomplishing the Full Stack JavaScript nanodegree program, the graduates receive a completion certificate via Udacity having a seal of signified University and the signature of the president. Having a certificate from Udacity means achieving a lot of knowledge. The certificates define the qualification, reputation, and knowledge in front of the interviewer. The students can print the certificates and keep them for further references.



Udacity’s Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree program is estimated for 4 months of learning. Udacity offers the pricing plan on a monthly basis. This unboxes flexibility for the learners to learn according to their time. Udacity offers two ways for paying the course’s fees. The first is one-time pay having a slight discount offer for 4 months of access and the cost is $270 where monthly pay is $68. The second is pay as you go that offers a price of $80 per month. Udacity offers multiple options in pricing but perhaps pricing is not the major concern. Udacity’s benefits and perks along with the course are worth investment for learning. 



Udacity is one of the best-recommended platforms for learners and educators. The courses published on Udacity have received a 5-star rating. Most of the learners had experienced the course as informative packed with hands-on knowledge. Apart from hands-on knowledge, the learners had experienced the best guidance for resume building and LinkedIn profiles. A few learners say:


“The Full Stack JavaScript Nanodegree course is worth investment for hiking the knowledge. The course has detailed chapters with brief explanations, hands-on sessions, assignments, and quizzes. This has proved to be helpful. I loved the way the instructor covered the entire curriculum and would recommend the beginner developers for enrolling in the course to get their knowledge advanced.”


“Udacity provides an opportunity to working professionals and learners to accomplish graduation via distance learning. It is the perfect platform for learning techniques as well as management skills. “


“This course has not only supported in terms of effective learning but also has offered a support to create portfolios, resumes and an optimal LinkedIn.”


“I enjoyed learning in this course. The instructors have explained every concept in detail. The experts were reviewing the projects and marking suggestions for more improvement.”


Final Thoughts


The course curriculum covers the mandatory sections that are important for a Full Stack JavaScript Developer to learn. The curriculum is purely designed with corporate industries guidance so that the students can gain corporate experience. The course covers all the complex topics like backend application development using Node.js, database querying and architecture, API building from scratch, Angular fundamentals, and many more. The course enables the students to create their edge-cutting applications and deploy them. Udacity is a reputed platform that offers a Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree program for the developer who is intending to scale their skills from a career perspective or business perspective. 


As per the research, the graduates enrolling in Udacity’s nanodegree program had been recruited in MNCs within a few months of course completion. Whoever feels to explore the development and testing of software applications can enroll in Udacity’s Full Stack JavaScript Developer nanodegree program. The most preferred platform by learners is Udacity. Udacity bridges the gap between a developer and the tech world.

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