10 Best Nutrition Courses

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Nutrition is an integral part of any kind of health delivery attempt. In public health, unraveling challenges of diabetes, as well as, nutrition, play a vital role in the majority of public health programs. Nutrition and health are intricately connected.  Nutrition courses cover concepts such as the crossing between health and food, child nutrition, nutrition for fitness and health, as well as, the impacts and nature of the cultural dietary traditions. Regardless of whether you are a personal trainer, medical professional, parent, or a registered dietitian, progressed nutrition education will strengthen not only your life but also, profession.

Nutrition courses and classes aim to encircle topics ranging from weight loss techniques, and sports metabolism. A nutrition course comprises two or their classes that steers to a type of certification. Often, people embark on nutrition courses to improve their nutrition knowledge rather than earning a certificate. Nutrition and diabetes is an area in medical science that enables individuals to live a healthy lifestyle. Through this course, persons can formulate a diet plan to assist them in adhering to a proper diet to stay fit.


10 best nutrition courses to improve your health.

Depending on whether you are interested in embarking on a new diet, seeking a nutrition accreditation, or rather complement your healthy living lifestyle, below are the 10 best nutrition courses.

  1. The Internationally Accredited diploma certificate in Nutrition by Akash Sehrawat, Udemy.

This course enables you to learn more on how to understand the significance of nutrition science, and eating healthy. Currently, the world is facing an obesity epidemic. There are nearly 2 billion people globally that are overweight and 650 million with obesity. This diploma should be of much essence to healthcare professionals, and learners who intend to find more regarding nutrition science. It should be noted that most of these chronic ailments are highly preventable through having an active lifestyle, combined with a healthy diet.

Key features include:

  • Learners will understand what is meant by Macronutrients, and their function in our bodies.
  • Find out about the role of fiber, water, micronutrients, and probiotics play in our bodies.
  • What is the aim of having proper energy balance, and learn how to determine BMR, TDEE?
  • Explore the top carbohydrates, fat sources, proteins, and figure out the measured daily necessities.


Course details.  
Course duration: 4-5 Hours.
Number of Students Enrolled: 158,624 Students
Rating of the Course: 4.5 Instructor Rating.

(Bestseller Course)

Price of the Course: $13.99
Levels of Course: Beginner Level.
Website: https://www.udemy.com/course/internationally-accredited-diploma-certificate-in-nutrition/


  1. Eat Real Food. How to Eat Plant-based diet By Evita Ochel, Udemy.

Learn how to have a healthy lifestyle for the best weight and well-being. Note that whatever you put on your plate to eat plays a tremendous role in creating your weight, health, well-being, and energy. The course enables you to check on your nutrition. How to eat the right foods and how to refrain from being attracted to carbohydrates.  The course has been designed for those who feel the need to improve their weight, or health in a plant-based approach.

Key features include:

  • Identifying which foods make up the plant-based lifestyle diet.
  • What is the discrepancy in plant foods and what are some of the benefits to your health.
  • Learning convenient strategies for dealing with oils, sweeteners, and wheat.
  • How to make your plant-based lifestyle enjoyable.
Course details.  
Course Duration: 4 Hours.
Number Of Students Enrolled: 15,237
Rating of the Course: 4.7 Instructor Rating.
Price of the Course: $13.99
Level of Course: Beginner
Website: https://www.udemy.com/course/whole-food-plant-based-diet/


  1. The Science of Well Being Offered by Laurie Santos, Yale University, Coursera.

This course engages a sequence of challenges meant to formulate more productive habits, as well as, enrich your happiness. Professor Santos reveals amazing features regarding some of the misconceptions we have regarding happiness in life. Along with the things that infuriate the mind leading to them being involved in unhealthy eating habits. The course prepared learners to successfully integrate certain wellness activities into their lives.

Key features include:

  • Learning more about the misconceptions of happiness.
  • Why sometimes we have bad expectations.
  • How to deal with our preconceptions regarding Human health.
  • Things that make us happy.
  • How to put proper diet strategies into practice.


Course Details.  
Course Duration. 19 Hours.
Number of students enrolled: 3,544,995
Rating of the Course: 4.9 Instructor Rating.
Price of the Course: $49
Level of the Course: Intermediate level.
Website: ***


  1. Meal planning masterclass: Build the Perfect meal plan for your Health, Training, and Wellness By Felix Harder, Skillshare.

This is a nutrition online course constructed to inform you of the foods that you need to eat and which foods to abstain from. Regardless of whether you are a bodybuilder and athlete, or just want to live a healthy life. This course is organized to enable you to understand the steps involved in adhering to your meal schedule.

Key features include:

  • Meal planning for training and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Taking appropriate meals.
  • What you need to boost your immunity and health.
Course details.  
Course Duration. 3 Hours 2 minutes.
Number of students involved: 4,565
Rating of the course: 4.6 Instructor Rating.
Price of the Course: $29.88
Level of the Course: Beginner level.
Website: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Meal-Planning-Masterclass-Build-The-Perfect-Meal-Plan-For-Health-Wellness-Training/566797841?via=browse-rating-nutrition-layout-grid



  1. Stanford Introduction to Food and Health By Maya Adam, Coursera.

It’s common in many places around the world to find people struggling with obesity, and other diet-related disorders, such as type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, all these diet-related conditions can be prevented through healthy eating. Introduction to food and health by Maya Adam is a course structured to help learners in exploring some of the innovative strategies in improving their diet. The course teaches on how to optimize what you ear. Through knowledge and practical skills provided in the course.

Key features include:

  • Enables you to differentiate between foods that threaten your health and those that enhance better health.
  • Shifts your emphasis from the discussions by reductionists regarding nutrients and rather center on the practical arguments about real food, along with the convenient way to consume it.
  • Be informed of a compelling explanation for changing direction towards simple home cooking.
  • Eating healthy is a vital component in our endeavors to live longer and healthier lives.


Course Details.  
Course Duration: 7 Hours.
Number of students enrolled: 992,052
Rating of the course: 4.7 Instructor Rating.
Price of the Course: $39
Level of the Course: Beginner Level.
Website. https://www.coursera.org/learn/food-and-health


  1. Become Superhuman. Naturally and safely Boost your testosterone, By Jonathan Levi, Superhuman Academy, Udemy.

Everyone feels the need to lose weight, boost brain performance, speed up recovery and healing, as well as, deal with anxiety and combat depression. Taking this course allows you to gain more energy and become more vigor with the opposite sex. Everything you need to know relating to stimulating your testosterone naturally and safely. This saves thousands of hours spent on research on some of the best folds for your body. Things you need to know to maintain good health. Feel and look delighted full of energy to transform your body to its full potential.

Key features include:

  • Learn simple strategies to help you in your weight loss journey
  • Improve the functioning of your brain.
  • Boost your testosterone naturally and safely.
Course details.  
Course Duration: 2.5 Hours.
Number of students enrolled: 22,727 Students
Rating of the Course: 4.5 Instructor Rating.
Price of the course: $21.99
Level of the Course: Beginner Level.
Website: https://www.udemy.com/course/become-a-superhuman-naturally-safely-boost-testosterone/


  1. Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories, Sharon Horesh Bergquist, Emory University, Coursera.

Presently more people are dealing with obesity than at any other time in the history of mankind. Obesity has re-entry become an enormous challenge to most lemons around the globe. This course helps you examine how various food environments have evolved over the years. Realize how sedentary lifestyles, stress, and insufficient sleep can affect your general health. The course empowers learners to have a clear proficiency in the physiology behind obesity.

Key features include:

  • Developing a clear understanding of how your body functions.
  • Practical strategies and tools essential for maintaining a sustainable effect on weight control plan to influence your patterns as well as the surrounding.
  • Identify primary dietary aspects that influence weight.
  • Beware of underestimated impediments to weight loss such as insufficient sleep and stress.
Course details.  
Course Duration. 18 Hours.
Number of Students Enrolled: 96,453 Students.
Rating of the Course: 4.7 Instructor Rating.
Price of the Course: $49
Level of the Course: Beginner Level.
Website: https://www.coursera.org/learn/weight-management-beyond-balancing-calories#about


  1. Improving Global Health. Focusing on Safety and Quality Offered By Ashish Jha(Director, Harvard global health institute) Harvard, University, edX.

Ensuring that people around the world have access to quality healthcare is equally useful to the care provided. This course is purposed for those intending to undertake measures to enrich their health through nutrition. Each session has been planned to allow interactive and effective tools for the learner. Enables learners to understand the significance of quality health. How can use information and technology to improve our health care systems?

Key features include:

  • Comprehend the relationship between population and quality health.
  • Various approaches of measuring the quality of health delivered.
  • The role of information and communication technology in improving and assessing Quality.
  • Knowledge of his strengthens the standard of health rendered in our health care systems.
Course Details.  
Course Duration: 10 Weeks.
Number of Students Enrolled: 44,414 Students.
Rating of the Course: 4.6 Instructor Rating.
Price of the Course: $99
Level of the Course. Intermediate Level.
Website: https://www.edx.org/course/improving-global-health-focusing-on-quality-and-sa


  1. Health and Nutrition: Malnutrition and Micronutrients, Sander K., Alida M., Inge B., and Guido H., Wageningen University and Research, edX.

This course provides a tin of information with regards to health and nutrition. Find out the facts about nutrition and how your diet impacts your future health. The connection between human health and nutrition. Explore some of the health problems associated with malnutrition. The course tried to explain bout micronutrients these are the minerals, and vitamins in food content. The role in which each food component plays in the body’s health. Paying attention to the strategies to improve your health so that the body can deal with problems related to malnutrition.

Key Features include:

  • Introduction to food and nutrition.
  • Components of foods.
  • The fundamental role of minerals and vitamins in our bodies.
  • How malnutrition has impacted the world.
  • Nutritional ways to improve your nutrition status and curve malnutrition.


Course Details.  
Course Duration: 7 weeks
Number of Students Enrolled: 61,910 Students.
Rating of the course 4.7 Instructor Rating
Price of the Course: $199
Level of the Course. Intermediate level.
Website. https://www.edx.org/course/nutrition-and-health-micronutrients-and-malnutriti


  1. Health and Nutrition: Overnutrition and Macronutrients, By Sander Kersten, Wageningen University and Research, edX.

We all know that food plays a prime role in our society however, few people understand its functions to the body. This course was established to assist people in learning more about nutrition and how diet impacts our current and future health. This nutrition course is meant to express the association between human health and nutrition. It tends to major the health disorders correlated with overnutrition. Sander Kersten explains further the chemistry of macronutrients fats, proteins, as well as, carbohydrates. How macronutrients are absorbed into the body, metabolized, and stored as energy. Find out the various types of carbohydrates fats, and proteins, along with how they affect human health.

Key features include:

  • Understanding the conventional chemistry of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • How macronutrients are absorbed into the body.
  • The impact of macronutrients on human health.
  • How to improve weight, as well as, clarify more pertaining about nutrition.


Course Details.  
Course Duration: 9 Weeks.
Number of Students Enrolled: 184,378 Students.
Rating of the Course: 4.5 Instructor Rating.
Price of the Course: $199
Level of the Course: Beginner Level
Website: https://www.edx.org/course/nutrition-and-health-macronutrients-and-overnutrit?index=product&queryID=f698454475279de9c25a56b5adea56a6&position=1


Bottom Line:

The nutrition course covers concepts at the confluence of health and food. Including nutrition for health and fitness, child nutrition, and the impact, as well as, nature of cultural dietary traditions. If you might be passionate about assisting others with improving their health and nutrition, online nutrition courses will prepare you to work with clients bets programs often provide comprehensive curriculum entailing the basics of nutrition science and, coaching techniques that are simple to understand. Try any of the above-mentioned nutrition courses to improve your health and natural weight control strategies.


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