Udacity School of Cybersecurity Review

Udacity School of Cybersecurity Review
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More and more companies are taking their business from physical locations, online. The web is filled with unlimited space, leaving organizations with many options to become more efficient in their daily tasks. In addition, they’ve been able to enhance the user experience, giving clients more of what they want. While all of this sounds like a dream, there is one thing that could ruin the entire experience, and that is safety.


The web is lurking with cybercriminals just waiting for the chance to attack. They search for vulnerabilities in systems, attempting to gain access and steal data or cause havoc. That’s why help from experts is increasingly in demand, with many companies needing help on how to secure their systems. If cybersecurity sounds interesting and you’re looking to grow your knowledge, Udacity’s School of Cybersecurity may have something for you.


About Udacity

Udacity is an online academy that specializes in IT courses. They’ve been in the game for more than a decade, helping students from across the globe learn what it takes to land a career in the field. While their start was humble, their reputation helped them grow into a highly sought-after online academy, catching the attention of top companies in the industry.


Now, they collaborate with IT giants to create free and certification courses. Part of their collaboration focuses on the development of an in-depth curriculum while the other dives into hands-on projects. They’ve helped thousands of students gain knowledge and experience, landing them the job of their dreams. Apart from the curriculum, Udacity offers a number of perks when you sign up for a certification course, most of which set them apart from all the other online academies out there.


School of Cybersecurity Extras

When you sign up for a nanodegree with Udacity, you gain access to a number of perks. Apart from the in-depth curriculum, you get to enjoy:


Flexible Learning

The ability to learn online is awesome, especially when you set your own schedule. With Udacity, you can do just that, logging on and learning when you want to. Plus, take as long as you need to complete a course, enjoying a pressure-free learning experience based on your schedule.


Real-World Projects

Throughout courses, several projects allow learners to gain experience. Most of the projects were developed in collaboration with top names in IT, mirroring real issues that they face. Projects are sprinkled throughout courses, testing knowledge and showing learners how all of the pieces come together.


Technical Mentor

Just in case anything goes wrong, students will have someone to call. Mentors are available day and night and help to keep learners focused and on track. Plus, they often hold weekly meetings with students to check up and make sure that everything is running smoothly.


Career Prep

Perhaps one of the best perks is the ability to score a meeting with career services. They are there to help learners get their resumes in order, organize their portfolios, and make sure their social media pages send the right message to potential employers. Students can even schedule a mock interview, knowing what they can expect on their big day.


A-List Instructors

Apart from the curriculum, Udacity takes care when it comes to choosing instructors. They look for those with both academic and professional experience, as well as those working with top-notch IT companies. Most instructors have great advice to give and will offer some as their lead you through an in-depth curriculum.


School of Cybersecurity Nanodegrees – (Beginner to Expert)

Cybersecurity is an in-demand career path that’s full of exciting opportunities. Udacity offers nanodegrees that help learners grow their knowledge, no matter what stage their skills are at. From beginner to expert, each of the nanodegrees within the School of Cybersecurity has something to offer for every learner.


Introduction to Cybersecurity Nanodegree – Beginner Level

This course was created in collaboration with Security Scorecard, a company focused on helping organizations protect their data. When you sign up, you’ll get a first-hand look at the career, learning why it’s important. Plus, start working with top techniques. Learning how to monitor and evaluate systems for possible threats. Toward the end, you’ll see how the processes of identifying risk and protecting systems work, solidifying your understanding with help from hands-on projects.



Udacity allows you to take all the time you need, as long as you keep up with the project due dates. If you follow Udacity’s recommended timeline, at just 5 to 10 hours per week, you can have the course and projects finished in four months.


Depending on how you choose to pay, the cost of the course fluctuates. To take advantage of full flexibility, there is a monthly fee of $359. This grants you access to the course and extras for each month you pay. If four months sounds doable to you, Udacity offers a 15% discount, bringing the total to $1236.

Featured Review

“Good and I learned a lot and new things despite my years of work before joining this scholarship It is good to join UdacityTo gain more experience and listen to expert advice in this field Which qualifies you to work in the market in a more knowledgeable and experienced way.” Mahmoud M.


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Security Analyst Nanodegree – Intermediate Level

In this certification course, you’ll learn what it takes to closely analyze security. Learn how the pros find and tackle weaknesses in systems, taking care of them with automated technologies and tasks. Plus, learn about reporting and logging, using the appearance of threats to help create a more secure system.



All students can choose to learn at their own pace, taking as long as they need to complete the course. Udacity’s estimate falls at four months, claiming that this is the average time it takes when students dedicate only 5-10 hours a week.


If you choose to pay as you go, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $359. This price includes access to course material and extras for as long as you need it. You can also take Udacity’s deal, which comes out to $1236. With the option, you can pay up from and enjoy a discount, scoring four months to get in and get done.


Featured Review

“I really enjoy learning on the Udacity platform. The courses are self-paced and the curriculum contains videos that explain each subject thoroughly as well as short quizzes along the way to make sure you are understanding each subject. It is by far the best online learning experience I have experienced.” – Jesus R.


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Security Engineer Nanodegree – Advanced Level

This course is all about growing your skills, learning the top techniques of security engineers. See how the pros search for weaknesses in systems and help companies keep their data and infrastructures safe. From video lectures to hands-on projects, you’ll do a bit of it all in this course, finishing off with experience you can use from your very first day.


Udacity estimates that, at 5 to 10 hours a week, learners can have this course finished in 4 months. While you can take this option and learn on pace with Udacity, you still have the option to choose flexibly and take as long as you need. You may have due dates for some projects, but everything else is yours to work with at your own pace.


Udacity’s estimate is also used as a way to calculate the cost, giving learners a chance to enjoy a discount off the final price tag. Taking this route, the total for 4 months of access to curriculum and extras comes out to $1236. If you choose to pay as you go, you’ll have a monthly fee to cover $359, which could come out more or less expensive depending on the total time you take.

Featured Review

“The structure of the program starts with experienced industry interviews, that smoothly take you for first profession awareness. The weekly meeting with the mentors that keep support and help with any inquiry and extra live examples of our projects. the way of project reviewer ask for enhancement and the encouragement words keep you up and have extra excited.” – Hamza B.


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Ethical Hacker Nanodegree – Expert Level

Ethical hacking is a necessity for companies as they go digital. They need to know where their weaknesses are, managing their risk for a cyberattack. In this nanodegree course, you’ll learn how to sniff out vulnerabilities in all different kinds of systems based on tests. Plan attacks, analyze results and help companies patch them to keep their system and client’s data safe.


Udacity estimates that the course will take learners about 2 months when they dedicate 5 to 10 hours a week. This estimate is just a way to gauge and give learners an idea, as they can still go for maximum flexibility and learn when they like.


Choosing flexibility, learners will pay $359 per month for access, having curriculum and extras as long as they need them. If Udacity’s 2-month estimate sounds more like it, students can opt for an option to pay up from and save a bit, bringing the total to $618.

Featured Review

“It is a very good program and I had to say that it is not easy and this is the best about it as you had to fail and success till you achieve the best website you can make with your newly acquired experience.” – Mohamed W.


Can I Land A Job?

Posting for cybersecurity jobs has skyrocketed to 94% over the last six years. What that means is, there’s a ton of opportunity to land a job. Companies need someone to help them manage their risks, and are constantly on the hunt for someone that can help protect them and all of their client’s information. Though it depends on expertise and skills, cybersecurity professionals can pull in anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000 per year.


Cybersecurity is an umbrella term with a ton of options when it comes to finding a career. From the identification to the planning of a safety plan and prevention, there is a need for a bit of everything. Plus, this is a career that is not limited by industry, spanning across every single one. From IT to beauty to gaming, all companies with an online presence need help to secure their systems and their data.  So, in short, can you land a job? Absolutely! Plus, once you get your foot in the door, you’ll learn each and every day, evolving your knowledge as techniques and technological advances.


Is It Worth It?

If the possibility of a huge salary didn’t catch your attention, the fact that you’ll enjoy job security might have. A career as a cybersecurity analyst or engineer comes with a large number of opportunities, all of which are sure to grow in need as more enterprises make their way online. Every company in every single industry is looking to application and technology to make things run smoother, needing someone to help them secure their infrastructures.


Learning with Udacity, you’ll not only gain knowledge but, be able to put it to the test. The industry moves fast and needs experts that are ready to jump in and work from day one. Not only will you score training but, you’ll also get to enjoy all of the extra perks that come with nanodegrees, including career prep. If access to professional instructors, help to land a job, and hands-on projects sound like something you’re interested in, Udacity is the way to go.


Final Word

Udacity is an online academy that’s become one of the top names in MCOOs. Through their collaborations, they’ve soared, creating a reputation that has caught the attention of many top IT companies. Plus, their career services know exactly what the modern-day company is after, helping you meet expectations and get your foot in the door. If you’re ready to get your foot in the door, try out a nanodegree from Udacity, knowing your ready and prepared for a career as a cybersecurity professional.


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