Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree Review

Udacity Machine Learning Nanodegree Review
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Machine Learning Nanodegree from Udacity 

Become part of one of the most exciting new areas of Technology, artificial intelligence. One of the most popular branches of this area of tech is machine learning, where complex systems and mathematical algorithms synchronize to create systems which can potentially learn on their own. This may sound like something straight out of a futuristic film but, these are the types of projects that engineers at some of the top AI companies are working on today. Some of the concepts involved are complex and come with new problems to solve every day. Most of the learning involved focuses on the development of programs that can learn from themselves but constantly need tweaking in order to allow machines to learn further and become more effective and efficient. As a machine-learning engineer you will constantly have to stay up-to-date with the most recent technology, learning new methods in which other engineers use to create more advanced more efficient technology. If these concepts are something that sounds interesting to you, there are several courses online that can help you learn the basics, allowing you to change careers or advance your current knowledge. Not all courses are created equal, some of them offering more in-depth learning than others and some offering hands-on experience. With Udacity’s Intro to Machine Learning Nanodegree program, you get the best of both worlds. Here, learners will work with unsupervised and supervised algorithms, manipulating data in order to create complex self-running systems.


Those that are thinking about switching their career or starting a new career in machine learning will want to take a course that gives a well-rounded foundation to ensure that they can solve some of the largest problem’s companies are facing today. As technology advances, so do the solutions needed to solve these problems, requiring knowledgeable and creative engineers to tackle the job. Here, we will introduce you to the Intro to Machine Learning Nanodegree program, breaking down the syllabus and the perks of this program in hopes to provide you with all the information you need to decide if this course is right for you.


Why this course? 

Because of the rapid advancement of technology, a large demand for those that understand how to build complex machine systems is at an all-time high. Mostly every market from healthcare to finance to advancing technology and more are in need of machine learning engineers. It is estimated that the demand will continue, creating a large gap to be filled by new graduates wanting a career change. For this reason, there are a surplus of jobs waiting for those that understand these concepts, making it the perfect time to jump start your career. Of those who have successfully graduated from this machine learning course, 84% received a better job within six months of graduation and on average, were able to enjoy a $24,000 salary increase. With this course, not only will you understand all the basics and foundation needed but, you’ll have hands-on experience making you an attractive candidate for all of the top companies right after graduation.


Apart from this, you will work with industry-leading professionals as they guide you through the learning process. some of the knowledgeable instructors include:


  • Cezanne Camacho – electrical engineer from Stanford University
  •  Mat Leonard – physicist and neuroscientist from Berkeley
  • Jennifer Staab – former statistician and computer scientist with RTI
  • Josh Bernhard – data scientist at NerdWallet

These knowledgeable instructors have years of experience not only as students but as instructors. They will be your guide through some of the basic and complex concepts that you will learn throughout this machine learning course.  Each instructor teaches a different section of the course, one in which they have the most experience and expertise. This is meant to give learners the best instruction but also provide the best real-world advice from those actually working in the industry. Next, let’s take a look at the syllabus, where your machine learning training will begin.


Udacity  Machine Learning Nanodegree Curriculum

First of all, let’s look at some of the prerequisites. Learners that are wanting to participate in this course will want to have a good grasp on the Python programming language, with at least 6 months of Python training. They will need to be familiar with concepts like data structures, dictionaries, and lists. Also, it is recommended to have a basis in statistics and probability. If these concepts sound familiar to you then, enrolling in the course should be no problem. All of those mentioned above are recommended but not required. Learners hoping to start a career in machine learning, even with zero experience, will still be able to successfully complete this course; although more studying may be required. The course is broken down into three separate sections, all of which are further broken down into lessons that dig deeper into important concepts in machine learning training.


Supervised learning

The course starts out with an introduction to supervised learning. Here you will work with the most up-to-date technologies and methods to classify and process data using machine learning. This supervised learning training will set you up for the following more in depth sections that follow. Increase your knowledge with more in-depth Python training and Pytorch training throughout the entire course.


Deep learning

In this part of the course, dive in deep into the inner workings of machine learning training. Observe neural network design and function and increasing your knowledge of Python with Pytorch training. Take your basis a little further working closer with systems through GitHub training where you can learn every step it takes to begin creating the systems of tomorrow.


Unsupervised learning

Unsupervised learning is a bit more complex, requiring inference and algorithms in an attempt to find patterns without a reference point. Learner’s will get a chance to observe how different kinds of problems are solved beginning with unsupervised learning training. By this point in the course, learners will have all the information they will need to start creating newer and more advancements to today’s evolving technologies.


After successful completion, graduates should have a great grasp on all of the foundational skills needed to incorporate into a successfully running AI company. Once a good foundation has been reached, there are several other in-depth concepts that learners will be able to grasp with ease. There are five optional projects which learners can participate in, giving them actual hands-on experience with a project that can be added to their portfolio.


Udacity  Machine Learning Nanodegree Certificates 

After successful completion of the machine learning course, learners will receive a Udacity certificate. Each certificate comes with the learner’s name, the course name, and is backed by Udacity’s reputation. As soon as the course is complete, this certificate can be downloaded in order to print or send to future or potential employers. This is not just any certificate, as it comes backed by Udacity’s reputation of creating well-rounded, knowledgeable graduates. Successful completion of each and every nanodegree program comes with a certificate, gaining you more and more knowledge and more and more credibility.


Your Job is Waiting

Apart from knowledgeable instructors and in-depth machine learning training, learners will have the advantage of joining Udacity’s Talent program. Several corporations and top companies have partnered with the academy, anxiously awaiting the next batch of graduates for hire. Before going on any interviews, thetop-notch career services team will walk graduates through every part, sending them on their first interviews with confidence. Graduates have the option to receive career coaching which includes interview prep and advise. Here you can receive coaching on how to answer the most asked question in the interview process and how to answer the way that employers want to hear. Knowledgeable staff will also look over resumes and portfolios ensuring that graduates are sending the right message to potential employees. Those that are part of the popular portal LinkedIn will also be able to take advantage of the Udacity extras, receiving criticism and suggestions on how to make their portfolio stand out among the competition. Those that will edit and better your profiles are industry professionals that work closely with recruiters so they have a good idea of what companies are looking for.


Once resumes, portals and interview trainings are in tip-top shape, learners can enroll in the talent program where thousands of companies are registered and looking for professionals with the skill set provided by machine learning training course. Receive emails when jobs open up matching the new skill set or browse jobs sending newly-revised portfolio and resume to request an interview. As stated above, of all successful graduates 84% were incorporated into and/or advancing in their new career within 6 months. That’s a Udacity guarantee.



If that were not enough, every nanodegree program comes with a few extras that are not common among other courses. These extras are perhaps the reason why a course with Udacity is such an asset, as they give learners and graduates all the toolsthey need to be successful and land their dream job. These include:


Real world projects

These projects are created by real companies in the industry. Working on these using the newly learned knowledge from machine learning training, learners can get hands-on, real-world experience by solving real problems that companies are facing today.


Personal mentor

This is a huge extra, especially as some of the concepts can get a little bit difficult. Every mentor has been in the learner’s shoes as a student at one time themselves. Now, they are able to give advice and tips not only for successful completion of the course but also, help in giving real perspective to the job market and what’s expected in the day-to-day job after machine learning training.


Flexible learning

Though it is recommended to finish this course within 3 months, learners can enjoy training at their own pace, tailoring it to fit their schedule perfectly. This is a great option for those that have a career and are looking to change or advance.


These extras are perhaps the largest thing that separates Udacity from other courses of its kind. The academy is there every step of the way from enrollment, throughout the course, and all the way until graduates are hired.


Udacity  Machine Learning Nanodegree Pricing

Two separate methods are used when calculating course pricing. To take advantage of Udacity’s self-paced learning option with all the perks included in the machine learning course learners can expect to pay $399 per month. For this particular machine learning course, it is recommended to complete in 3 months working at a pace of 10 hours per week. Those that choose to follow the recommended pace can take advantage of a slight discount that comes when paying in full.  3 months of complete access to course material and extras for $899. If for any reason more than 3 months is needed, Udacity offers payment plans that are suited for any budget, attempting to make the course available to everyone.


Udacity  Machine Learning Nanodegree Reviews :

There have been thousands of successful graduates from the course there are a plethora of reviews giving potential learners a good insight into what to expect before they enroll. On average, this machine learning course falls around 4.6 out of 5 among popular forums and from the website itself when it comes to reviews. They are mostly positive and all comment on the hands-on experience received throughout the course, leaving majority of learners prepared to go out into the real world after successful completion of the course. Another positive point is career services and job assistance. This machine learning course has a very high rate of success helping new graduates into their new career. Putting it into their own words, a few learners said,


“Perhaps this is the best introductory course to machine learning out there. It has a strong focus on application and programming. Most parts originate from Master courses of Georgia Tech meaning that the underlying is not left out (like in many other online courses that focus on applications). Further, a lot of original literature references are given and partially explained.”


“This was one of the most helpful online courses I have ever done to be honest!

Also, if you finish the nanodegree, they guarantee you will get a job within one month or give you your money back.”


Among those that gave a lower rating, the main complaint seemed to be the cost, with most stating that it falls towards the more expensive side. That being said, with all the perks and guarantees that come with a certificate from a nanodegree program, we tend to believe that this is an investment worth making, one that can prove to be profitable for the future. Also, there are options to pay monthly for those who may find a large initial payment to be difficult. Therefore, the quality received is definitely worth the price paid.


“This is pretty insane, especially when you keep one, single variable in mind – there is no middle ground. There are no courses that would “ease” you into the potentially overwhelming prices. And that was my reaction, too! I looked around their free courses, and when I stumbled on the first paid one (which was around $800 USD) I literally gasped.”


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A bit of Python training, Pytorch training, supervised and unsupervised learning training and complex machine learning concepts are all mixed in this well-rounded machine learning course. Though this is considered an intermediate course, potential learners that have zero experience can also successfully complete this course with just a little more effort. It is important to have a very good foundation before attempting to solve some of the problems companies are facing. As Technology continues to evolve, so do the potential problems that are needing to be solved. With this machine learning course from Udacity, graduates will be prepared to take a job with AI companies, working alongside machine learning engineers that are creating the technologies of tomorrow. We really like this course for its detailed lessons and also all of the services that are included in all nanodegree programs. The program instructors lead the way to successful learning, followed by help from career services and job assistance, followed by introductions to top industries in the field.  Apart from this, learners and graduates can be part of the Udacity community, which continues to grow year after year giving potential learners of all levels more potential for success.


The Practical coding skills learned throughout the course create graduates that are able to use these tasks to provide businesses with methods of research better made possible my machine learning. The machine learning algorithm training is the beginning of more advanced techniques that are at the front of business solutions today. Completion of this course can get you the job of your dreams and the knowledge learned during the course offers a great head start into more in-depth concepts. Continued learning is crucial within the world of tech, AI, and machine learning, making the foundation important to build a stronger more in-depth range of knowledge and experience in the future. Join the thousands of other successful graduates from the academy by starting a journey into machine learning training today.

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