Udacity React Developer Nanodegree Review

Udacity React Developer Nanodegree Review
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Join in on the newest and most used programming language for app development. Using React, developers are able to build interfaces used for single page application. This is also used for creating several layers within web pages making it useful for web application development and many other complex online databases. React has the power to allow developers to create pages without ever having to refresh. Using JavaScript training,React is useful for many developers making them a huge asset to many companies nowadays. Companies are incorporating React developers as they are very useful for front end development. More recently, the buzz has surrounded around React Native, a newer environment created in 2015 allowing the development of web applications like never before. This is also a perfect language for those that might not have the most advanced programming training as these are among the simplest programming languages to learn.


JavaScript is a preferred language among many developers as it is simple and easy to use and simply put; Universal. Using React JavaScript, developers will be able to create an entire new generation of applications like never seen before. Those that are thinking about changing or would like to change, starting a career as a React Native Developer will want you find an academy with well-rounded curriculum that will give them enough information to send them out into the job market with a competitive edge. Potential owners can find just that at Udacity with their React Developer Nanodegree Program. This program comes with several perks, and a range from surface to in-depth look into the capabilities they will have as a React Developer. Here, we have broken down the curriculum and projects and also took a look at the extras the academy offers helping you to decide if a nanodegree from Udacity is right for you.


Why is this Course Famous?

Udacity’s name comes from the hands-on curriculum in which the academy provides. What started off as an idea by 2 Stanford professors to offer programming education to all those around the world would flourish into what Udacity is today; an academy with a good reputation and giant partnerships. The academy has several top-tier partners which learners and graduates can take advantage of, incorporating into their teams when they are hiring. These companies helped develop some of the courses integrating current and real network problems that companies are facing today. Along with the in-depth curriculum, there are a few extras that Udacity offers making them more well-known and on the map, gaining them more and more attention as the years go by.


Flexible Schedule

First of all, Unicity guarantees that learners will have the ability to make their schedule to their liking. This will give learners open access to course material where they can take as long as they want, tailoring it to suit their schedule however they see fit. This makes it perfect for those that are already working in the industry as they can continue to flourish their skills or make a career change in little to no time.



Some of the curriculum is a little bit tough and Udacity understands that. A knowledgeable mentor will be there to guide learners through the entire process, answering any questions and clearing up any doubt. They will also be there to help learners stay on track and attempt to guide them to complete the course within the expected amount of time. These complex concepts were also studied by many of the mentors, so they know what it’s like not only to be a student but to give useful information and advice to those that are newly enrolled.



All nanodegrees include hands-on projects so thatlearners can apply the skills learned during the course creating and solving problems that can eventually be added to their portfolios. Most of the time, these projects are made in collaboration with companies that have partnered with the academy, giving learners real life example that companies are dealing with today. Some of the courses also come with a Capstone project at the end, one that requires learners to use all of the knowledge learned, giving them the freedom to create their own projects or applications.


Learners will also be able to take advantage of a knowledgeable instructor,most of them in the field themselves for several years before becoming a Udacity guide. These instructors will lead lessons within different sections of the course according to their expertise. They will give learners detailed examples that they have learned through their own experiences. The instructors for the React Developer course are:


Andrew Wong – course instructors forUdacity and App Academy

Tyler McGinnis – former Google Developer expert

Richard Kalehoff – Course Developer for Udacity


Is this Course Right for Me?

 This course is perfect for any developer that is wanting to enhance their skills and increase their value to top-tier companies. The technologies and methods used within this program keep developers up to date with the methods introduced. A strong skill set and taking a React course gives developers a competitive edge as JavaScript is still one of the top used programming languages. This is perfect for developers that are already part of companies giving them another skillset and moving them further up the ladder. A knowledgeable React developer will be able to help companies of all sizes reach their goals helping with tasks to build web pages and solve problems helping them run more efficiently and effectively. This course also gives learners the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable instructors making it a perfect well-rounded and well-structured course for anyone that’s wanting to take their skills to the next level.


What is the Curriculum Like?

The material learned in this course is classified as intermediate. During the program, learners will grasp the basics of React and learn how to use it in order to develop web applications using Java, CSS, and HTML. The academy recommends that learners have some HTML training, CSS, and JavaScript. They should also have experience and possibly a GIT course under their belt.


The entire course is broken down into 3 sections which have several lessons in between. Udacity experts estimate that the course in total generally takes around 4 months if learners choose to dedicate only 10 to 15 hours per week. The curriculum is broken down in the following way.


Back to Basics

The course will begin with brush up on programming languages and also an introduction to React. Right off the bat, learners will start to develop skills in order to be able to write code that is perfect for interfaces and environments in order to build production-ready apps.


Learn to Redux

If ever there is a problem with the React language during application building,expert developers turn to Redux, a very useful technology in the world of development. In this part, learners will work with an application that is difficult to maintain attempting to use Redux in order to regulate it and get it back to running smoothly.


Create Apps with React Native

The course wraps up with React Native, one of the newest additions to the programming language. Many of the newest web applications being released are developed with React Native, making it a useful skill for application development today. During this time, learners will work with Java and React to develop both IOS and Android applications, learning the differences between the 3 and how to build them like a pro.


Get A Job Fast

 After receiving intense React Native training and graduation has been approved, graduates will want to start thinking about getting a job. Udacity boasts about their 84% rate of graduates joining a job within 6 months of their graduation date. This is due to some added perks that the academy offers, giving learners and graduates job assistance extras to help them successfully incorporate into a company of their choice.


Resume Review

During resume review,learners can submit their current resumes to Career Service experts that will take a look at it in an attempt to edit it and make it better. They have experience and know what recruiters and current employers are looking for, giving learners a competitive edge among others that are trying to join the growing field. Learnerswill receive useful feedback that they can apply to their resumes and also, they will be able to ask any questions they might have over the layout or contents of their current and future resume and portfolio.


Mock Interview

Learners can also take advantage of an extra that will take away any pre interview jitters that they may have. It is said that the interview process is the most intimidating among many learners, as several of them tense up not knowing what they are going to be asked or how to answer. Here, a knowledgeable team member will conduct a mock interview asking learners all of the most typical questions and coaching them on the best way to answer. This leaves graduates confident and helps them put their best foot forward when introducing themselves to their future employer.


Social Media Clean Up

LinkedIn is becoming a very useful platform for professionals all around the world. This gives employees a way to show off their skills and also gives recruiters and future employees a glimpse into their personal interests. However, this can also be difficult and sometimes professionals are not quite sure what types of things to include and not to include. In this part, professionals will go over the current LinkedIn profile or help learners create a new LinkedIn profile.  They will then receive feedback on what to include and some ways to send the right message to recruiters that are looking for new talent.


Udacity Talent Program

Using all of the services mentioned above, and with the new completed and killer resume, graduates can upload resumes into a database and become part of Udacity’s Talent Program.  In this portal, recruiters are scattered all around searching for new team members for their Innovative jobs. Udacity will also do a quick search sending an emailto learners whenever there is a job matching their skill set.  Learners that are part of this database can also browse around, looking for jobs that they would like or companies that they would like to work for.


A Certificate from Udacity

Each graduate will receive a Udacity certificate. A certificate as a React Developer has a lot of weight and a good reputation backing it. All certificates come with the name of the course, the learners name, the Udacity seal,and also a signature from the Udacity president. Because of partnerships with several large companies and integration of graduates into top-tier companies, the academy continues to grow in recognition with several industry leaders knowing and loving those that come from the academy. For every additional course completed,learners will be able to have access to a downloadable PDF version, allowing them to print to have hard copies or send them via email to future employers and recruiters of companies of their choice.


How Much is the Program?

The academy is competitively priced, especially coming with all of the added extras like job assistance and resume review. There are two options to pay, one that requires learners to finish within the recommended 4 months. This amount will give learners 4 entire months of access to all parts of the course and is a total of $1,279. If this amount is too much at one time, there is also an option to pay monthly, but learners won’t be able to take advantage of the small discount that comes with combining the total. This amount comes out to $399 for every additional month enrolled. Learners that take longer than the recommended 4 months, for each month after no matter which option they choose, will need to pay an additional $399. This will be charged monthly until completion of the course. Being able to take as long as learners would like is a great perk however, it should be used with caution as the cost of the course can add up the more months that pass by.


What are Learners and Graduates Saying?

Currently the course has almost 500 reviews coming from both learners and graduates. Taking all of them into account, the academy holds a higher rating with a score of 4.6 out of 5 stars.Several positive reviews commented on the course curriculum and also on the projects that are involved and give hands on experience. Among the more negative points,learners spoke about the difficulty of the course and also the pricing; claiming that it was a little bit expensive compared to other courses of its kind. Those that left a review of4 or more stars said the following:


“The program is going very well. It has made me a much better JS and React developer, and it has exceeded my expectations! Many thanks!” – Riyan C.


“This has been an amazing 4 months for me, and now I believe I have the confidence to approach even bigger challenges and become a better engineer.” – Peter A.


Not all reviews are positive and among those that were not so satisfied with the course and left lower reviews claimed:


“The starter project already has the functionality required in the rubric which is confusing. … The React program is not up to Udacity’s standards and should be removed and refunded in my opinion.” Mary C.


“In general good and shines when it comes to live code review. Without the later i would have been stuck with how the API of the first project works. This could have been documented better or additional information could have been prepared for the project.” – Martin S.


Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

Overall, taking everything into consideration, we think that this course is definitely a bang for your buck. Though it is not the most in-depth react training, it gives current developers a chance to brush up on their skills and also learn new uses for React Native. Not to mention all of the extras that come with enrolling in a Udacity Nanodegree Program.  Learners are sure to incorporate into a top tech company in no time.


The only critique we have is to be aware about the time taking when completing the course, as the total price can drive up if not completed in the amount of time desired. However, it is very simple to complete the course within 4 months if learners only spent 10 to 15 hours per week. With the skills learned from this course there are several companies waiting as soon as graduation is approved giving learners and opportunity to incorporate in a top-tier company straight out of graduation just like the Udacity promise. We think that if a career as a developer is your dream job, then this is the perfect course, as all the perks that come with it are surrounded by and made for the success of the students.

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