How to Configure Google Search Console for Your Blog

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Google Search Console helps you find out how your site is performing in Google. Its previous name was Google Webmaster tool.  You will get important info like which keyword is bringing you traffic. And Most important if google can access your content or not.

So how do you set up Google Search Console for your blog

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up with your Google Account
  3. Then add property

Remember you can add up to 1000 properties per google account. But here we only need 1.


  • Add your blog URL

Enter your blog URL (domain name) & click continue. But remember to enter a complete URL. for example, your site is Then you have to add it needs exactly like this. 

  • Verify your blog ownership by HTML Tag

There are many methods to verify your site ownership. But I have chosen a simple method so that you can easily verify your blog.

  • Copy The Meta Tag 

Copy the meta tag like shown below & paste in Yoast SEO plugin.

  • Go to WordPress & in Yoast SEO Plugin Go To General
  • Click On Webmaster tool

After opening the webmaster tool. You will see Google verification option than simply paste your code.

  • Click Save Changes 
  • Go back to Google Search Console & Click Verify. 

If you need to check you have done everything right then Go back to Google Search Console 

Go to the top left menu and select your domain. If you are new then you will see your recently added domain only.

Click on owner Verification. And If you have done everything correctly then voila you are verified.

See it’s very easy to set up Google Search Console With Yoast SEO Plugin. 

Don’t skip these steps. Because Search console Gives you valuable information about your site. It does not only show you.  If everything is running right but also shows you if there is anything wrong with your blog.



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