Udacity Security Architect Nanodegree Review

Udacity Security Architect Nanodegree Review
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Cybersecurity is an area that is currently highly marketable. Why? Multiple companies own computer systems that need high maintenance and security. Computer systems play a pivotal role in companies since they undertake core tasks. However, the systems have their risks, including security breaches that risk confidential information impacting companies negatively. And in this situation, this is where a security architect comes to the rescue. Generally, an architect is an individual who plans, designs and oversees things. In our case, a security architect is a person who maintains a firm’s computer system. These individuals must have the skills to see through security threats, diagnose and solve the threats. In other words, they need to think like a hacker to maintain a safe computer system.

So, where do you pursue a cybersecurity career? Going to college isn’t the most convenient choice since schools come with limitations. However, no need to worry since you can join the Udacity security architect nanodegree. It is an accredited course that is acceptable in multiple companies. The program features up-to-date information in cybersecurity, giving learners the knowledge they need in the current market. As a result, the Udacity security architect course is among the top places to study cyber security. This article explains some of the facts you need to know about the program. Read on!

Why is the Security Architect Course popular?

The Udacity programs are pretty famous for providing courses in the technological field, including cyber security. It has a reputation for delivering the skills students need to survive in the field. Also, unlike other programs, it is a global program that accounts for students globally. That is, everyone can join the program despite their location, age or educational background. Also, the platform has many advantages compared to other programs. They include student welfare programs such as technical mentors, career services and many more. Additionally, Udacity gives students the exposure they need to get opportunities in big companies. How? By offering real-world projects and later offering actual reviews from experts. Suppose you want to become a security expert, then enroll in this security architect course and learn cybersecurity fundamentals.

What’s the Security Architect’s Curriculum Like?

What things will you have access to as a learner under this course?


Of course, before learning how to keep computer systems safe, you must know all the fundamentals of information technology. In other words, learn IT before studying information Security. This feature sounds intimidating, especially for newbies. However, you don’t have to worry since this course is an excellent program with instructors ready to guide you. In this case, ensure that you are familiar with AWS and Linux. Also, you must know how the platforms work. Some of the basic requirements you must know include

  • Linux server setup and management
  • Cloud server setup and management
  • Know the fundamentals of networking, hardware systems and cloud and their relevance to cybersecurity
  • Identify various encryption protocols
  • Implementation and modification of Python-written courses
  • Key terminologies in cybersecurity

Security Architecture Planning & Design

This lesson is the first in the program. It is an introduction to cybersecurity, giving details about the security planning, systems thinking technology and system design. In other words, you learn the fundamentals you will use as a security architect. When a programmer makes a computer system, they include the necessary precautions for the current risks. However, nothing is permanent in the technological world with new security threats every day. As a result, security architects need to monitor the systems and watch any potential weak points. When you join this program, you will learn how to identify and handle potential security threats. Also, the instructors educate you on ways of creating perfect remedies that don’t mess with the entire system.

Enterprise Identify and Access Control

Have you ever visited an organization and tried to access a system innocently? Was it possible without the right authorization? Probably not. Computer system security has everything to do with the identification and access control of people in the system. Under this section, you learn all the key concepts you need to create and use an access control system. Specifically, you learn the importance of access control management with popular cloud environments such as AWS. Also, there are various access control models which the instructors will educate you on different ways of implementation. Learn how to control access points in a system using the least privilege principle by enrolling in this security architect course.

Security Threats response capabilities

Despite placing all the necessary security precautions in the computer system, the systems are still prone to complex threats. In other words, as a security architect, you might miss a potentially risky area, and it ends with a security breach. The main issue that follows is how do you deal with some a situation? How to respond? This section is about incident response. It explains all the crucial information you must know in planning, design and implementation of these concepts. Note that cloud solutions become more complex every day. However, a student from Udacity knows how to go about every situation despite the complexity. They have the knowledge to plan, design and implement complex cloud incident response concepts.


One of the primary determiners of the skills a student acquire is the instructors. These professionals might impact them positively or negatively. Fortunately, Udacity is the home of professionals ready to help their students acquire the necessary skills to compete in the job market. Erick Galinkin is a scientist and hacker who specializes in artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. Also, this expert is quite keen on the application of machine learning in cybersecurity. Another primary instructor is a senior DEVELOPS engineer, Sjon-Paul Brown. He has experience in cybersecurity and has worked in multiple companies. Last by not least, we have Abhinav Singh, a cybersecurity researcher. Like all the other instructors, he has over a decade of experience working with multiple experts in cybersecurity. Also, he has written key papers, blogs and articles on the same.

Get Hired

Of course, every security architect student aims of getting a job upon completing the Udacity nanodegree program. Fortunately, the program offers certain privileges that help students stand out among different competitors.

Job Assistance

A recent report showed that almost all of the learners from Udacity have successfully attained high-quality cybersecurity jobs in exceptional companies. From this fact, you can tell that Udacity is the home of all people who wish to succeed in the field. They feature experts with years of experience and who are aware of what the big companies need. Before graduating, you have mock interviews where instructors guide you to respond to interviews and critical concepts you must have at your fingertips. Get ready to join the many successful Udacity graduates who only have great things to say about the Udacity security architect course.


Of course, the Udacity program offers you the right papers upon completing the course. It includes vital details such as your actual name, the platform’s logo and the course name. This document attests to the employer that you are An Udacity graduate of a specific course. You get it in PDF and has the share and print option for easy usage. Note that a certificate from Udacity indicates excellence in the last couple of years, with many big companies choosing to hire graduates from the Udacity nanodegree program. Also, Udacity has been working with multiple big companies.

Udacity Extras

There are many platforms globally that offer the security architect course. However, many people often choose Udacity as the best place to gain knowledge primarily because of the privileges that come with the program. This section covers the Udacity extras. In other words, it gives details about what makes this nanodegree among the best. Check them out!

Real-world projects from experts

The best way to confirm that you are ready for the market is by undertaking an actual project in the field. It gets you ready for whatever you meet as a newbie. Udacity nanodegree program collaborates with industry experts and companies to give their learners actual projects. Through this method, you gather the right skills that companies need and practice dealing with various clients. Also, it gives you the proper exposure and connection to identify various job opportunities in the field. Upon completing the projects, you get reviews from industry experts highlighting all the dos and don’ts of a project.

Technical Mentorship Programs

As a learner, there are many issues you have to deal with as you undertake various classes and projects. The pressure, busy schedules and personal issues can lead to frustration, and in worst cases, some people end up giving up on their dreams. However, the Udacity security architect program is keen on the matter, emphasizing students’ welfare. They feature a technical mentorship support program for the learners. It is a platform where alumni’s from the program enroll in and participate in the mentorship program. They are successful security architects who have the knowledge and experience in the field. These individuals guide you on the right path and focus on answering all the questions you may have in the industry. The technical mentorship program offers you tips on how to survive in the industry.

Career Services

After completing your security architect program, many people have one goal, get a good job and do projects. However, the big deal is getting a good job. Luckily the Udacity security architect nanodegree is among the best places to guarantee you an easy job-seeking process. The course offers you a resume support system, optimization of your LinkedIn account and Github account review. These career services help you advance your career and offer you better chances of landing your dream job. Also, this program is accepted globally, with many employers trusting it. Join Udacity today and start your journey of becoming a powerful security architecture working in the company of your choice.

Flexible Learning Program

Learning is a continuous process that pays less attention to educational background, age, and many more. However, working learners often deal with the pressure of busy schedules and multiple projects. In some cases, these learners perform poorly or, in extreme cases, they quit school. But, Udacity makes the learning process simple and convenient for all. How? They have a flexible learning program that requires you to tailor your study plan. The standard time to complete this security architect course is four months by inputting at least ten hours weekly. However, the schedule isn’t definite; you can adjust it accordingly. You get a chance to study at your pace, ensuring that you grasp everything you need to secure your place in the job market. Note that you can take as much time as necessary when undertaking an Udacity security architect nanodegree.


From the information above, you can tell that becoming a security architect via this Udacity security Architect nanodegree is relatively easy. It features a system that accounts for good education, students’ welfare and amazing guidelines to the right track in cybersecurity. However, many people are often scared of the price you need to pay for the program. The Udacity security architect nanodegree is available at a monthly fee of $399. Also, you can subscribe for four months and pay $1356. This price seems high, but it is worth it. Furthermore, new learners often have fantastic offers that cut short these charges. Invest in yourself and guarantee yourself a successful future.


Generally, there are thousands of learners daily choosing Udacity as a platform to study. Why? The platform is an accredited education website offering learners popular courses for a manageable amount in no time. The instructors in the program are keen on offering learners the right skills that companies need. Currently, it offers the Udacity Security nanodegree course with several well-experienced instructors ready to guide you in the right direction.

This article explains facts about this course summarizing why millions of learners choose Udacity as the place to study the security architect course. It kicks off by highlighting why the program is popular among learners. Later, it goes in-depth about the curriculum of the course. In this section, the article highlights some of the things you will study under the course. Last but not least, there are details of Udacity Extras explaining some of the privileges of an Udacity graduate. Read through the content and learn the easiest way to become a security architect.

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