Udacity Machine Learning DevOps Engineer Nanodegree Review

Udacity Machine Learning DevOps Engineer Nanodegree Review
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The Udacity program is a global platform that accommodates learners worldwide who seek knowledge in various sectors. It features amazing instructors ready to guide you towards the right career path. One of the most popular computer science programs in machine learning is DevOps engineering. It is a marketable course with many opportunities in various big companies. You can become a DevOps engineer through machine learning whose primary job is to deliver processes, methodologies, and tools that deliver a sense of balance during the software development phase. In other words, they are responsible for the blending and operation of processes. So, do you want to become a DevOps engineer? If yes, then you must have thought about the best education sectors to attend. However, attending college may seem like the best option, but it is inconvenient, especially for working students.

Luckily, we introduce the Udacity machine learning DevOps engineering nanodegree course. The Udacity platform welcomes students globally to join the program and receive all the fundamentals of making it in the industry. The skills the program offers are market-friendly. That is, the knowledge you receive is what the companies need. Besides, the platform offers other privileges that help you stand out among other competitors. This article discusses this course in detail, giving you valid reasons to consider it. Check it out!

Why is the Machine Learning DevOps Engineer course popular?

Generally, machine learning is an area in computer science that is highly marketable, thanks to the few professionals in the area. Luckily, Udacity offers an online educational program that helps learners gather the right skills in this area. The program is quite famous compared to other education-offering programs globally. Why? It is a program that accommodates everyone despite their background, age, location, and other factors. In other words, it has few limitations and offers high-quality education. The Udacity program kicked off as a project by two professors who wished to provide affordable education to everyone. With time, the platform has earned a good reputation with many big companies trusting graduates from Udacity. They offer an accredited certificate that you can take anywhere to attest to the skills you have. Currently, the machine learning DevOps program has thousands of students who have graduated or are still studying. Note that the program is keen to make changes according to daily innovations. Become a DevOps engineer by joining this program.

Why Choose this Course?

A DevOps engineer works on finding a balance between code writing and implementation of the code into a system. In other words, they monitor the building and management processes. From the definition, you can tell that the course deals with high-class accuracy using machine learning to monitor different models. And, it is no secret these facts look intimidating, especially for newbies. Luckily, choosing Udacity as your learning site will ease the studying process. Why? The program blends in high-quality education and instructors that will guide you and monitor your daily progress. Also, upon completing the course, every student will have the skills to automate different stages and aspects of building and monitoring machine learning models. Not to mention, Udacity is keen to ensure you gather all the right skills to fit in the current job market. Naturally, machine learning is quite a marketable computer science area. However, competition is still there; hence every DevOps engineer needs to stand out and win among other competitors. If you want to learn everything you need to know about DevOps engineer, enroll in the Udacity nanodegree program and join millions of successful professionals.

What’s the curriculum of the Udacity Machine Learning DevOps engineer course like?

Before starting your course under Udacity, you get a chance to view your curriculum. It includes things you need to know when joining the program and some of the areas of study. Check out the curriculum.


From the name of this course, you can tell that this program has a lot of things to do with coding, specifically in machine learning. Of course, this fact sounds difficult to handle, especially for beginners. However, this course will guide you on the important things to know. Naturally, this course requires the learners to have prior knowledge in Python and machine learning. If you don’t have these skills, you can always start from there. You need to understand the data science processes and how to build machine learning models. Also, a learner is recommended to know simple but powerful ways to solve data-related issues.

Last but not least, it is highly advantageous to have the skills to write scripts using the likes of NumPy, Scikit-learn, pandas, TensorFlow in notebooks, feed them in the model and validate their operation. Note that Python is a key language that all learners must learn before taking up this course. Check out this program and easily become a DevOps engineer.

Clean Code Principles

As a DevOps engineer, you need to deploy the models and validate their performances. And these skills are the introduction of this course. So how do you kick-off? The first lesson is earning to put your best practices in coding in the auto-pilot mode. You learn this skill by learning how to utilize AutoPEP8 and PyLint. Later, expand your skills and gain exposure by working in teams. Naturally, nothing is permanent, especially in the technological sector. So, how do you ensure that your models stand the test of time? This introduction phase also covers the best testing and logging practices in the production settings allowing your model to maintain its value despite the passing of long periods.

Design and Build a reproducible Model workflow

As mentioned above, the technological sector experiences change every day. In fact, change is inevitable considering the different innovations. As a result, every DevOps engineer wishes never to become irrelevant. Thankfully, the Udacity nanodegree program ensures that you remain relevant despite the many changes. This sector educates learners on ways to become more effective, efficient and productive in the sector. The course adopts the best practices in reproducible models. It goes through the building process step by step and ensures that the model is effective and you can comfortably do that in a company environment. Also, you learn some key terminologies and technologies necessary for the building process.

The Deployment process of a model

Creating a good machine learning model is a good thing. But, implementing the model to deliver the required performance is the real deal. As a result, the model deployment process is a key topic in this area. This course covers the deployment sector educating learners on ways to deploy the models into performance robustly. The first step under this lesson is learning how to develop the final phase of your project. It involves using the powerful fine-grained approach to the model’s performance, checking bias, and finalizing a model card. There are also skills on using the DVC (Data Version Control), where learners learn how to control their data and machine-learning models.

Last but not least, you learn the actual deployment process. You prepare to undertake the process by learning continuous integration and deployment using GitHub and Heroku. Note that you will also study ways of writing a fast auto-documented and type-checked API under this lesson via FastAPI.

Risk Assessment Process

This lesson covers automation processes. These processes are required to re-deploy the machine learning models. They include regular automatic practices that occur after model deployment. Also, a DevOps engineer has everything to do with accuracy. In other words, they ensure that the machine learning models they develop are valid and the role they play in a system. Therefore, these professionals need to develop a way to think reasonably before making an important decision. They make decisions on a model drift, retain, and re-deployment of models. Also, there is the issue of risk diagnosis of the operation and performance of the ML models. The lesson addresses vital risks such as data integrity, timing problems, stability problems, and dependency issues. Lastly, there is the automatic set up reporting system with API.


A good team of professionals means a high chance of success upon completing a course. Fortunately, such a team is available under the Udacity machine learning DevOps course. It is a team of professionals with years of experience; hence, they comfortably guide the students towards the right path. Joshua Bernhard, Thumbtack’s data scientist, is a key instructor under the program. He has experience of many years teaching students are various university levels. Also, this professor has worked in different jobs, including process automation and cancer research using data science. Another key individual is Giacomo Vianello, Cape Analytics’ lead data scientist. Over the years, he has worked on various practical problems offering technical solutions.

Last but not least, there is Optum’s data scientist, Justin Clifford Smith. This man has a reputation for using machine learning to solve multiple healthcare problems. Join the Udacity program today and receive guidelines from experts with experience in practical technical projects.

Get Hired

Job Assistance

Over the years, the technological society has completely trusted nanodegree graduates, especially from Udacity. Statistics show that over ninety percent of the graduates currently work at their favorite companies. These big firms have nothing more to say but good things about these graduates. From this data, you can confirm the legitimacy of the Udacity machine learning DevOps course. It is a place for all learners where the instructors offer equal chances to the students. They highlight all the fundamentals of a DevOps engineer and the skills that make an individual stand out in the job market. Other than that, there are tips on ways of acquiring clients and how to go about different interviews. Enroll today and become a technical engineer in no time.


As mentioned above, nanodegrees are accredited certifications that allow you to look for job opportunities and compete fairly with university graduates. The Udacity program offers all learners a certification upon completing the program. It includes the student’s official name, the course’s name, and the Udacity logo to prove its worth. Note that companies trust graduates from Udacity since they have a reputation for delivering excellent services.

Udacity Extras

Enjoy the privileges below by joining the DevOps engineering program under Udacity.

Real-World Projects

Udacity offers you a chance to work on actual projects during your learning phase. It gives exposure and guides you towards the right path when looking for a job. Currently, the platform is partnering with many top projects and offering learners a chance to create their portfolios. Also, through these projects, learners have an idea of what big companies want. Upon completing the project, you get honest reviews from industry experts explaining your capabilities and mistakes.

Mentorship Program

Studying often involves a lot of pressure due to the many projects and assignments. Unfortunately, these high-stress levels won’t do you any good. As a result, the Udacity DevOps course offers a mentorship program where other graduates guide the learners towards the right career path. Also, they motivate the learners and encourage them as they deal with the pressure.

Customizable Learning

What makes studying in an institution hard is primarily the tight schedules that every student must follow. As a result, the learning process becomes quite difficult to handle, especially for slow learners. However, Udacity accounts for every student by having a flexible learning program. It allows every student to take charge of their learning plan. Study at your personal time using your tailored plan via the Udacity machine learning course.


When enrolling in the machine learning DevOps course, the main issue that people worry about is the cost. The course is available at a monthly fee of $399. Also, you can access the four-month course at a rate of $1356 and save 15%. This course is worth your money since you will gain the necessary skills to become a professional DevOps engineer. Check out this technical course and easily become an expert.


The Udacity machine learning DevOps engineer nanodegree is a recognized course by many firms, including top companies. This article explains important facts about the program. It kicks off with reasons why the course is popular and why you must trust Udacity to guide you towards the right path. Also, the piece highlights the curriculum of the course and what to expect from various lessons. Finally, there are details about the Udacity extras. In other words, the privileges you will get by trusting Udacity.

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