Udacity AI Engineer using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Review

Udacity AI Engineer using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Review
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Artificial Intelligence is the future. As a result, this area has a high demand, with many organizations and firms looking to hire experts for the job. These individuals play a crucial role in designing, creating, managing, and implementing AI solutions. The experts participate in all the essential phases of AI development, starting from requirement analysis, design, testing, deployment, maintenance and performance.

Learn how to design, build and implement AI models using Microsoft Azure. In the last couple of years, the demand for AI has increased as people realize this sector’s potential. Currently, we have multiple AI solutions that keep making the technological phase bigger and better.

Most organizations and companies count on various machine learning models to develop different products. Why? Because AI is extensive and can impact multiple areas such as health, Aerospace, manufacturing and many more. Due to AI, Microsoft azure engineers’ power, companies wish to recruit various talents for the job. Do you want to stand a chance for an excellent job in the industry? If yes, enroll in the Udacity AI Engineer using Microsoft Azure. This course offers the learners critical hacks on successfully penetrating the industry. Read on this Nanodegree review for more information.

The Udacity Program

Udacity is a famous online education platform that offers education to students worldwide. It provides high-quality education that many industry experts and companies openly appreciate. As a result, Udacity graduates easily win themselves good jobs. Besides, numbers show that over 80% of Udacity graduates settle for good jobs with good salaries less than a year after graduation.

These numbers suggest that Udacity is the go-to school for all who wish to gain the proper knowledge to survive in the industry. The education organization dates ten years ago when two Stanford professors founded it. This project was their idea of delivering exemplary education to everybody globally. Over time, the platform has grown, holding multiple courses and a reputation for providing good education. Currently, it also includes recognized Nanodegree programs.

The Extras of the Udacity AI Engineer using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Program

Many online education platforms are available, but a good share of students often choose Udacity. Why? Because the organization offers exemplary education and includes multiple programs that improve students’ welfare. Let’s discuss some of the perks of choosing this program in this sector.

Real-World Projects in collaboration with Industry Experts

Choosing Udacity makes you a competitive AI engineer with the right path that will lead them to success. For example, the program includes real projects that require actual data and models. This feature offers students the chance to realize what the job market needs and how to go about different situations.

Upon completing the assigned project, the industry experts and instructors review this data and point out its strength and weaknesses. With that, learners know where to improve to stand a chance of winning good jobs.

Knowledgeable Mentors

The AI Engineering with Microsoft Azure course requires a learner to have advanced skills in Microsoft Azure, Python, JSON and REST. And despite the popularity of the course, it is quite difficult to undertake this journey. Why? Because it involves pressuring yourself until you are ready for the job market. The Udacity program now features the Mentor support service where you interact with an expert who cheers you on, especially when dealing with failures. The mentor acts as your support system as you tackle various problems. Besides, you can ask them any question at any time.

Flexible Learning Program

A student learning between 5-10 hours every week is estimated to complete the course in three months. However, we have working students or slow learners who find the pace uncomfortable. And this fact expresses the idea of establishing a flexible learning program. It allows the learners to tailor their schedules and keep up with the essential things. Besides, it makes learning more exciting without time pressure.


Learners need to follow their instructors to learn all the essential things. Therefore, instructors are pretty important since they determine students’ paths. The Udacity AI Engineering using Microsoft Azure program is a perfect example of a course with reliable industry experts. It includes three competent professors that ensure that all the learners gather the required skills. They include:

Avkash Chauhan- UNBLOCKER.AI Founder

Valerie Scarlata-Udacity Curriculum Manager

Matt Swaffer- Solutions Architect

Why should learners choose this course?

Everything you need to know about building machine learning solutions is under this program. It is an area that offers extensive knowledge of using Microsoft Azure to build models and solve various solutions. The course explains the foundation of AI engineering. And with the experienced instructors guiding you, learners get an idea of what the industry entails and its expectations.

AI Engineering with Microsoft Azure is a marketable area. Since it has high demand, many organizations hire experts to deal with AI solutions. Therefore, completing the program puts you at an advantage when looking for an excellent job.

Records show that the demand for these engineers is relatively high, and the graph keeps skyrocketing. Also, most skilled professionals have excellent jobs with good salaries. So, if you wish to stand a chance of winning these opportunities, enroll in the Udacity AI Engineer using the Microsoft Azure program today.

Prerequisites and Curriculum

As with most technical programs, you need basic skills to undertake this program successfully. A good student needs to understand Python programming skills and use these skills to perform various skills. For example, building algorithms. Other skills include Microsoft Azure navigation, Azure data sources, JSON and REST. All this information helps you to tackle the program quickly.

Using Azure to build Computer Vision Solutions

Learners start by understanding computer vision and how to use it for real business projects. They learn how to build computer solutions using various vision-based Azure services such as Azure Face, Azure Form Recognizer and many more. The final phase includes understanding different monitoring and deployment tools to guarantee that the computer vision solutions are effective. Note that you will undertake a task to ensure that you have learnt all the essential things.

Build NLP and Conversational Computer AI solutions using Azure

The next step involves learning to build NLP solutions and Conversational AI solutions using Azure. It involves exploring use cases such as chatbots to create model dialogs, solution diagrams and AI principles. Finally, there is the application of Speech and Text cognitive services in different applications.

Using Azure Cognitive Search to build Knowledge Mining Solutions

Under the Azure Cognitive search services, learners need to understand how to add different data, enrich the information with AI, correct indexing of the data and give clients exposure. Other than that, students learn the design process of the Azure Cognitive Search solution and AI data mining enrichment.

At the end of these lessons, one needs to have the skills to build a machine learning model that serves a certain purpose.

Helping Graduates get Hired

Currently, many graduates are having a hard time getting jobs that fit them. Of course, some courses are no longer attractive in the job market. But, we still have graduates globally without jobs but with degrees in an area with high demand. Why? Because they don’t know what to do to communicate with an employer and nail an interview. However, with Udacity, things are different. The instructors prepare you with the right skills and educate you on ways to nail a good job. Check out some of the services that promote graduates’ hiring.

GitHub Review

If you have worked in the programming or development area, you understand the importance of GitHub. It is a social network where you can sell your skills to potential employers. The community allows professionals to communicate as they showcase their abilities. Udacity Industry experts assist you by reviewing your account and ensuring that everything is right. With this boost, you are likely to have organizations approaching you.

Resume Review

Before graduating from Udacity, the staff have one common goal, ensuring that learners have what it takes to survive in the job market. A good resume is a key to positive feedback when applying for any job. Therefore, it is quite crucial to ensure that your resume is up-to-date, highlighting all the key skills you have. In other words, let your resume communicate what you can offer.

The Udacity program offers the resume review service where they have experts go through it and offer feedback and advice. It is a reliable way to ensure that your resume is alright and weighs in a job hunt.

Interview Preparation

Udacity learners graduate when they know how to survive in the job market. We have staff establishing mock interviews where learners take part and get feedback to realize any mistake. It is a good service that ensures the learners can sell themselves in an actual job interview.

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform where people hold conversations about their jobs. It is a home of experts who communicate with each other to solve business problems. LinkedIn is also an excellent place to sell yourself for the world to see. So, industry experts will help you identify the key areas and what they look for when exploring different places. As a result, you stand a chance for your profile to stand out among others.

Udacity Certificate

Like all the other education offering platforms, Udacity has licensed certificates you can use to prove your skills. Furthermore, the Udacity Certificate is highly praised, with many companies commending their graduates. An official certificate includes your name, course and the authorized signature. The certificate comes in PDF, and you can download it for a future interview.


The Udacity AI Engineer using Microsoft Azure nanodegree program makes technical education available and affordable for all. Why? Because the platform features fair prices that ensure everyone gets a high-quality education. It is a 3-months course that you can pay for at a rating of $1017. However, you can choose the monthly access offer rating at $399. Get Flat 65%off with our Link.


Why should you choose Udacity as your place of study?

Udacity is the most popular education organization that offers high-level education to everyone globally. It is a place that gets you ready for real-world projects and ensures that you can survive a competitive job interview. Besides, the platform has a reputation for having some of the best experts in the AI engineering field.

Why is the AI Engineering using Microsoft Azure course necessary?

AI Engineering is a marketable course that allows you to stand a chance of getting a highly-paying job. Besides, the demand for AI engineers is relatively high. If you are interested in this area, it is an excellent choice.

What are some of the benefits of trusting Udacity?

Many perks come with enrolling in an Udacity nanodegree program. Learners participate in real-world projects where they get reviews from their instructors and industry experts. The technical mentor support service works as a students’ support system with mentors supporting them with their problems. Additionally, Udacity has the career service feature allowing learners to boost their portfolio.

What is the role of an AI Engineer?

An AI Engineer is a professional whose key role is to build, monitor, deploy and design machine learning models. These solutions play a significant role in improving our day-to-day lives.

What are graduates saying?

Udacity is popular among many companies because it has a reputation for producing influential experts to solve many problems. Many of its graduates are doing great in different areas. The program has a great review rate, with many graduates appreciating the practical skills, real-life projects and reliable instructors. Of course, there are still people complaining about challenging projects. And with these numbers, you can tell that the Udacity AI Engineer using the Microsoft Azure course is a good option.

Final Verdict

Udacity is famous for making people’s dreams come true. It is a place you go to when in need of to good education at good price ratings. The instructors are reliable industry experts with many years of experience. Hence, they offer you an insight into what society expects from AI Engineers. Besides, you learn how to fight for various job opportunities confidently. Enroll in this nanodegree program and understand all the necessities of becoming an AI engineer.

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