Udacity Site Reliability Engineer Nanodegree Program Review

Udacity Site Reliability Engineer Nanodegree Program Review
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Site Reliability Engineering, SRE refers to a specialized area requiring an expert to learn key principles and practices you include in software engineering. These principles help you deal with operations and infrastructural problems of software. In other words, it is an area that wishes to ensure that all software systems are scalable and reliable. From the definition of an SRE, you realize that a site reliability engineer is an essential expert in any firm. As a result, this course is quite marketable and features amazing opportunities for the graduates.

The demand for site reliability engineers increases with time as many companies hope to recruit experts to ensure the deliverance of reliable software systems. Therefore, there is a high demand for site reliability engineers to fill the gaps.

Do you wish to join this incredible field and help maintain reliable software systems worth using? If yes, then the Udacity Site Reliability Engineer nanodegree program is the ultimate place to study. It is a platform where learners can master the necessary skills to ace in a real-world situation. The self-paced program has a place for everyone. This article reviews the Udacity nanodegree program.

The Udacity Program

We have millions of students globally choosing to study in the Udacity education organization. Why? Because it has a reputation of delivering reliable experts that work to the best of their abilities. Besides, statistics show that graduating from Udacity offers graduates a high chance of settling for a top job with a pocket-friendly salary. The fee is also friendly, allowing many students to enroll in certified programs.

The Udacity education organization goes way back when two Stanford professors founded it over a decade ago. This program was among the first attempt to deliver a good education to everyone at a good price. Not to mention, its education is high-quality. Currently, the Udacity program is the best education offering organization online that offers equal chances to everyone globally. It features multiple programs with powerful instructors that have an insight into what the industry needs.

The Udacity Site Reliability Engineer Nanodegree Review Peaks

There are many reasons why many learners are choosing Udacity. Learn about Udacity and some of the advantages of choosing it as your study partner.

Comprehensive Real-World Projects in collaboration with Industry Experts

Udacity has grown with time, and with the collaboration with multiple firms, the program offers learners leading projects to help them gain experience. The experts review the students’ work and identify their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, the learners won’t make silly mistakes upon graduation.

The projects teach learners to apply all the hacks they have learnt in a certain period. This method is quite effective in helping test the students’ comprehension of a course.

Mentor Support Service

The Udacity Site Reliability Engineer course is marketable and has a promising future. However, the learning journey is quite tough and requires the learners to have the strength to deal with the struggles. To help students deal with the pressure, Udacity offers the Mentor Support service. It lets you meet a mentor who guides you towards the right path and cheers you to keep moving forward.

Flexible Learning Schedule

Some of the learners in Udacity are busy individuals with countless deadlines to meet. Hence, four months may be difficult to complete the course. Therefore, the program offers a flexible study plan. As a result, learners can tailor the time they want to have your lessons. If you wish to complete the course in the standard time, you must study 5-10 hours weekly.


As much as students play a major role in what they learn, instructors also have a part to play. The Udacity Site Reliability Engineer Nanodegree program is popular for having industry experts who know what to say. These professors offer detailed instructions on dealing with various Software systems problems. Under this course, we have three reliable experts to guide the students, including:

Nathan Anderson-Global Cloud Architect

Travis Scotto- Site Reliability Engineer

Emmanuel Apau- CTO of Mechanicode.IO

Sonny Sevin- Site Reliability Engineer

Why should Learners choose the Site Reliability Course?

All the crucial facts to know to become a competent Site reliability Engineer is taught under this program. Udacity offers an ecosystem where learners study the necessary skills and practice them in real-world projects. You learn all the foundations of observability and how to determine the reliability levels of a software system. Also, you will get an opportunity to understand the importance of a site reliability engineer and their role in an organization or firm.

The demand for site reliability engineers keeps rising, with many firms looking to hire experts to assist in software development. Statistics show that most site reliability engineer graduates have a high chance of settling for a high-paying job. Join the Udacity Nanodegree program today and learn the foundations of site reliability in depth.

Prerequisites and Curriculum

Site Reliability Engineering is a great course. However, it requires a well-prepared student to be well-versed in several areas. A good learner needs to know functions writing in any objected-oriented programming languages and basic shell scripts in Powershell or Bash. Other knowledge you need is networking, Linux and SQL. The course is a great choice for an intermediate learner or professional.

Foundations of Observability

Site Reliability Engineering focuses on ensuring that the software systems are operating effectively. Hence, observability is the introductory area. The instructors cover the practical area of observability and what you need to look into when dealing with people and tools. Also, get an insight into this profession’s role and what makes it different from other technical courses. Last but not least, Site reliability engineers’ contribution to enterprises.

Monitoring of systems and Disaster Recovery

Under this course, you learn monitoring of systems, availability, and disaster recovery in case of any problems. Also, you get an idea of database availability and recovery. Learn the key points in SLIs and SLOs and ways of translating them to queries and graphs. Finally, understand the design and deployment of available databases to the AWS.

Self-Healing Infrastructure

Understand the best ways of deploying reliable cloud architecture and can deal with failures or technical issues. As the name suggests, learn to heal software systems using self-automation without human intervention. Learn self-healing design, proper strategies deployment and implementation.

Establishment of a Reliable Culture in Enterprises

The site reliability engineering program is a powerful and demanding area that requires you to build a reliable culture. Study ways of developing frameworks and processes to set up a reliable workplace environment—also, the best ways to undertake reliability reviews on multiple system stages.

Helping Graduates Get Employment

Many graduates often recommend Udacity as the best place to study because of the high-level education and the career boost services. The education organization has set up features that make their graduates more competitive compared to other people. As a result, Udacity graduates are way ahead when looking for a job. Multiple things promote a competitive job search environment.

Resume Review

Many people often lose job opportunities mainly because of their inability to communicate with an employer. Of course, no one wants a win-lose deal. Therefore, you need to understand what an organization wants and deliver this information in your resume. The Udacity Site Reliability Engineer Program is generous with the resume review feature.

Let your instructors go through your resume, remove unnecessary details, and include key information. It allows the graduates to understand what to write to attract a potential employer.

Github Review

People in the technical sector understand how vital GitHub is since it is a platform where you can easily sell your skills. And if portrayed in the right way, you might win yourself a good deal in no time. With these facts, the Udacity program offers the GitHub review career boost service to assist students in delivering an impressive first impression.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Make your LinkedIn profile more prominent and eye-catching to help you land a good job. Generally, social media accounts are some ways that organizations are using to recruit new people. With Udacity industry experts reviewing your profile, the probability of landing a good deal is high.

Interview Preparation

Graduates often communicate with mentors and instructors where they are taught how to conduct interviews for successful outcomes. The career services sector often holds mock interviews where students get reviews on their results. This feature assists you when you need to attend an interview since you already know some things to expect.

Udacity Certificate

Like all the other education institutions, the Udacity Site Reliability Engineer nanodegree program offers graduates certificates to prove their study. These official papers include your name, course of study and an official signature. Graduates receive them in PDF; hence you can download and print them for future use.


Udacity is the best online education platform globally, with millions of students from almost everywhere. The program’s popularity is thanks to the pocket-friendly prices that ensure every student can handle it. Monthly access pay rates are $399, and the four-month pass is $1356. And you gain all the Udacity extras after paying the fee.


How much time do you need to study the Udacity Site Reliability Engineering Nanodegree Program?

There is no direct response to this question since the course is self-paced. However, on average, a student can complete the course successfully in four months. A learner needs to study 5-10 hours weekly to achieve this period. But, learners deal with tight schedules and need to take more time, while others take less time to pursue the program.

What skills must a student have when applying for this program?

It will be perfect if a learner knows Linux, SQ, Python, Unix Shell, Bash or Powershell. Hence, the course is a great choice for intermediate and professionals.

Is it possible for the Udacity Nanodegree learners to communicate?

Yes. It is possible with the student community service. It is a feature that allows students to communicate and share ideas. The improved student community also assists in networking between different professionals.

Why should you enroll in the Udacity Program?

This program is the home of high-class professionals. The growing demand for site reliability engineers features all the knowledge to help you take advantage of the growing industry and capture the available opportunities. Join the Udacity Nanodegree program and become a professional dealing with real-world projects and workplace pressure.

What are Graduates saying about this program?

Graduates from the Udacity Site Reliability Engineering program have nothing but praise for the course. Like all the other Udacity programs, it has a reviewer rating of 88/100, and the reviews are quite good. We have graduates appreciating the instructors’ good work, the practicability of the projects and the depth of the content. However, the low ratings criticize difficulty in the tasks, shallow content and other things.

Note that almost all the reviews are positive So, there is so much to gain if you choose the Udacity Site Reliability Engineer program. Besides, many companies promote the Udacity nanodegree programs because of their experiences with Udacity graduates.

Final Verdict

Are you thinking of becoming a site reliability engineer and have no idea of the best place to kick off your career? If yes, this piece explains everything about being a site reliability engineer. We highly recommend Udacity due to its high-quality education, friendly fees, availability of many courses and professional industry experts. All these features ensure that the learners receive effective study.

In the last decade since the founding of Udacity, its popularity has skyrocketed, with many companies trusting their graduates. AS a result, many collaborations are coming their way, delivering more opportunities to the learners. The site reliability engineer course allows you to understand all the operation hacks and the relevance of these experts in the technical field. Therefore, a Udacity Site Reliability Engineer graduate knows what to sell to the industry upon graduation.

Completing the Udacity Site Reliability Engineer nanodegree program keeps you a step closer to achieving your goals. So, enroll today and improve your abilities.

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