Udacity Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Nanodegree Review

Udacity Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Nanodegree Review
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Cloud Computing is the latest technology that has unboxed the feature to access anything from anywhere with the help of the internet. This kind of contemporary feature had encouraged the researchers to conduct a short survey to know more about business’s expectations regarding the problems they are facing and what are the solutions they are looking for? A few problems came forward while discussing the responses. The business enterprise is facing network upgrades while working over onsite servers. Cloud resolves this problem by acting as a hosting provider. Secondly, the problem was scalability and flexibility, the employees weren’t able to operate data online. They had to visit the organization to operate the data or for storage. Cloud resolves the problem of scalability and flexibility. Similarly, several problems cloud computing resolves to serve excellent services to businesses. Although, the business enterprises have hired IT professionals who are taking care of operational data, and hosting services on the cloud so that employees can access it easily. But depending upon IT professionals had some limitations like hiring cost, lack of accurate submission, and on-time completion. Business leaders should have pretty good knowledge about Cloud Computing Technology. 


If you are a business associate and willing to learn edge cutting Cloud Computing Technologies, then what you are waiting for to learn? Are you looking for the best resources that provide real-time practical experience about Cloud Computing when you have landed on the page? Many E-learning platforms provide Cloud Computing courses for business leaders, but some factors enter into the picture that defines the perfect course that business leaders select.  These factors involve curate content, practical sessions, real-time experience, projects, and certification. Udacity Nanodegree Program is a post-graduate course that helps candidates to accomplish graduation in their particular field. Udacity Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Nanodegree Program is designed for those who are unable to attend traditional lectures or spend time completing the course. It is a distance learning course that participants can join as per their flexibility, and simultaneously gain esteemed knowledge about the course. Before enrolling in any particular course, there are some mandatory checks to be done. You should even know the reason behind why selecting Udacity Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Nanodegree Program. 


Why select this course?


  • Outstanding Platform

Several reasons are listed to select this course. Mostly, before enrollment one should know its brand. Udacity is the best platform recommended to accomplish technical courses and increase the skillset. It has collaborated with different MNCs, including Google, Amazon, Uber, Mercedes Benz, and many more. Udacity’s course curriculum is relevant and designed as per the trending technologies. Any technical course you are looking for can be found over Udacity. It hires professional staff that has real-time experience working in a corporate company under a particular designation. It provides learners with career support that includes resume-building, profile making, and Linkedin Optimization. Udacity even sources feedback support, additional perks, and catchy benefits that contribute to revving existing knowledge as well as increasing your skills.



  • Excellent Perks

Udacity not only provides access to plentiful courses but also provides a bunch of services that encourage the learners to learn in detail clearing doubts The additional benefits attached with this course are Real-time project experience, Career Services, Reviewer’s feedback, Mentor Support, and Student community. These are as follows:



  • Real-time projects

To work with any corporate industry, having practical knowledge is must. This course has projects at the end of every chapter containing practical problems that you need to resolve by writing optimized code. This real-time project will help to immerse your skills and built your tech skills stronger so that you end up landing your dream job.


  • Students Services 

Student Services involves two types of services, one is Technical Mentor Support and the other is Student community support. 



  • Technical Mentor Support

The mentor associated with the course guides the learners about following the proper learning path, motivating them to complete the course, helping them to resolve the queries if any. These knowledgeable mentors are always ready to answer your questions or queries for better connectivity with the course. This is the updated feature that has been added to the course so that students don’t get demotivated during the course. 



  • Student Community Support

Well, student community support, this feature was already present in the Udacity Nanodegree course but this time has an improved version. Usually, students came across difficulties in between the assignment or the projects. At times, the mentors might not be present to answer your doubts or queries. Therefore, to help you out in resolving your queries, Udacity introduced student community support. This enables instant answers to your queries. If you post your queries on the student community, then the students who have an idea to resolve the query or might have come across the same query can resolve it.



  • Fascinating Career Services

Udacity has excellent career services which act as a helping hand for job seekers. This is an additional perk that enables the participants to elevate their job preparation skills. The career services comprise Resume Support, Github Review, and Linkedin Profile Formation. 



  • Resume Support

The experienced mentors guide the learners in building a resume as well to rectify the existing resumes. The experienced mentors validate the resume and even helps in translating the resume into a correct format.



  • Github Profile

Having a Github Profile impacts positively on your career and adds relevant weightage to your profile. The expert mentors guide the learners about setting up the Github profile and use it as a portfolio. 



  • Linkedin Profile Optimization

If you are an active participant on Linkedin, then this impacts well for your career. Several recruiters of the company are present on Linkedin. Usually, they came across your profile and if interested in your profile can approach you further. Thus, it is essential to build an optimized Linkedin profile, with properly filled fields and making your profile strong. The experts guide the learners to build better Linkedin profiles.


Course Curriculum



  • Introduction to Cloud Computing and Business Cases

In this section, the course instructor explains the comparison between public, private, and on-premise hosting services. The traditional models determining the  Cloud ROI using TCO minimizes cloud effectiveness. The major strategies and migration towards the latest technologies provoke the business case to migrate into the cloud. 



  • Organizational Capability Building Cloud

The existing employees have a set of skillsets, and processes in organizational culture to unlock the new ideas related to the cloud. Organizations can drive effective solutions from cloud technologies. You will get to learn various cloud technologies, and use CCoE virtual structure. This structure brings changes to accept cloud technologies in an enterprise. The organizational culture must move on from traditional technologies stepping to change the work culture adopting new technologies like DevOps, DevSecOps model. In this section, you will get to know more about bringing together finance, Cloud Financial Management, engineering teams to manage cloud spend and procurement. 



  • Cloud Governance Model: Strategy and Implementation

This section guides to reduce the risk building cloud deployment model using governance model widely. Further, the main key security risk factors like security, compliance, cost management and control the automated tasks reducing risks and increasing more agility. These risks and mechanisms are provided by the cloud providers to grow business abilities. The sections explain the requirements in detail featuring processes related to the governance model. 



  • Cloud Innovation and Futures

Cloud technology grants innovative solutions that increase productivity. This technology is disrupting deeply over some other industries. You will get to learn some innovative fundamentals that contribute to elevating business. Containers, Serverless, IoT, Data Analysts, Blockchain are major innovations in the cloud today. 


Learn this Course From Industrial Expertise


Instructor- Sanjay Agrawal, Founder & Co-Founder of Tropscale LLC


Sanjay Agrawal has expertise in several domains. With 20+ years of corporate experience, Sanjay Agrawal worked in several companies like AWS, Microsoft, and Sunmircosystesms through building engineering teams, defining products, and founding seamless business procedures. He also advises the forming of startups and large companies to adopt new technology. 



Udacity designs its courses ensuring quality, practical knowledge, and real-time work experience. But pricing is the factor to think about before enrolling in the course. The pricing plan begins for around 457 USD dollars with course access for two months. Udacity provides the candidates the flexibility of EMI options to pay the course fee. The monthly EMI starts from 229 USD dollars. Udacity Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Nanodegree Program includes course contents with the relevant syllabus, recorded lectures with animations, quizzes after every chapter, project assignments, capstone projects, technical support, experienced mentors, student community support, limitless submissions and infinite feedbacks, career services, and graduate certificate. Thus, this course is worth investment and has flexible payment options. 

Thus, Udacity Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Nanodegree Program provides several perks and benefits that contribute to shaping your future from a career perspective and landing your dream job role. Still, if you have any doubt or confusion then can refer to the below FAQs:




Q1) Does the Udacity Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Nanodegree Program worth investment?


Ans: This Nanodegree program provides several reasons to enroll for the course. The following reasons are mentioned below: 

  1. Flexible Schedule with proper contents
  2. Experienced mentors having relevant work experience relating to course.
  3. Practical hands-on sessions and projects completed that provide real-time experience. 
  4. Additional perks like Careers services, students services, community support, etc. 
  5. Valid and unique course completion certificate.


Q2) How much time it takes to complete the course?


Ans: Udacity has estimated time as 10 hours per week for completion of the course. Usually, it takes around 3 to 4 months for completing the entire course. 


Q3) Why Udacity course are expensive?


Ans: Udacity sources contents, and curate them with the help of industry experts who have already gained more than 20 years of corporate experience. It provides additional perks and more specifically doesn’t compromises the quality of work. Thus, it is not worth compromising with such an elegant course curriculum. 




I have purchased this course because I wanted my business to process more productivity and increase growth rate. The course is designed to focus more on graphics, and practical knowledge. The recorded lectures are in the form of animated series and video lectures. The projects are assigned after the completion of sections that scale up to industrial experience to some extent. I even received a course completion certificate, and this had framed for a much better impact. 


Final Words


The above-mentioned contents depict the course reviews of the Udacity Cloud Computing for Business Leaders Nanodegree Program. This course is designed into four sections that are Introduction to Cloud Computing and Business Case, Organizational Capability Building Cloud, Cloud Governance Model: Strategy and Implementation, and Cloud Innovations. Every section act as the level to reach towards course completions. Along with the course, Udacity assigns key aspects that are worth a helping hand in landing your dream job. These are technical mentor support, student community support, resume building, Linkedin profile optimization, and many other perks. In the end, you will be receiving a course completion certificate signed by the president of Udacity and the specific university. Thus, if you want to automate your business then enroll in Udacity Nanodegree Program to learn Cloud Computing for Business Leaders.

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