Udacity SQL for Data analysis nanodegree Review

Udacity SQL for Data analysis nanodegree Review
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Data analysis is a process of applying analytical or statistical techniques to analyze data and understand the actual situation of a firm or company. Currently, it is among the most marketable computer science fields. Why? Many companies, big or small, need data analysts. After all, these professionals are the primary determiner of the significant decisions they make. So, do you want to join millions of data analysts helping the world solve many issues? If yes, then think about taking a data analysis course. Where do you go for the program? Unlike in earlier years when you needed to join college to undertake any course, you can now enroll in nanodegree programs. Furthermore, the education quality under these programs is excellent, if not better.

One of the most popular education platforms is Udacity. It offers the SQL for data analysis course, where it offers learners skills to graduate from spreadsheets to databases. In other words, it offers you all the basics of SQL in data analysis. The nanodegree certificate is accredited, and many big companies have faith in Udacity graduates. Also, the instructors are well-experienced and ready to offer learners the right skills for the current job market. So join the Udacity community today and equip yourself with the right SQL for Data analysis skills.

Why is the SQL for Data Analysis Course popular?

Udacity is quite a popular education platform mainly because it accommodates everyone. It is a place where learners from all over the world are accepted and given a chance to study their favorite courses. Furthermore, it has a reputation of delivering to the market excellent professionals. The legends behind the Udacity platform are two Stanford instructors to deliver affordable education to all. Of course, like all startups, it didn’t have experience. But, within the next couple of years, Udacity became a recognized platform housing thousands of learners. It continues to grow as it guides more people to the right career path.

Recent records show that the SQL for data analysis nanodegree program has a huge increase in the monthly enrollers. Why? Because the field of data analysis continues to grow with time as many companies look to hire SQL experts. Not to mention, the Udacity community has been collaborating with many top companies to give their students the exposure they need. The details above explain why the data analysis course is quite popular.

Why choose this course?

Many people are always careful with the career choice they choose. After all, it is a primary determiner of what you can achieve. For instance, going to a field without job opportunities or whose relevance is outdated is stupid. Also, where you study for the course is important. As a result, many aspiring learners research courses and schools before joining them. So, why choose the Udacity SQL for data analysis nanodegree? First, the course is marketable with many companies looking to recruit new talents in this area often. After all, they play a major role in the many decisions that the companies make. Second, it is a combination of technical and mathematical learning to view data technically.

Upon completing the program, Udacity ensures that you are ready for the world and compete with other data analysts fairly. Also, if you prefer a customizable working environment, you can startup a consultant firm using the portfolio you build when learning under Udacity. Besides, the platform is popular for offering learners real-world projects to test their skills. Note that the industry is quite grateful to professional data analysts; hence the pay is high. If you have an interest in such a program, register with Udacity SQL for data analysis nanodegree program.

What’s the curriculum of the course?

Let’s check out the curriculum of this popular course and understand the things learners should expect from various lessons.


From the explanations above, a huge number probably wish to join the many successful data analysts in the industry. However, they all have one question, what are the prerequisites for enrollment. Luckily, this course is a bit friendlier compared to other data analysis courses. Why? Learners enrolling under this program only need to know basic data types and data visualization in a spreadsheet. These skills are the basics, and even after enrollment, the instructors ensure that they elaborate their importance in SQL for data analysis.

Basic SQL

Many people are pretty familiar with the visualization and analysis of data via a spreadsheet. However, this method is outdated, with experts introducing SQL for an easy and convenient data analysis process. Therefore, the first lesson you undertake in the program is an introduction to SQL. It is a basic requirement for data analysis and comes in handy when experts analyze a situation to offer company recommendations. It focuses on basic SQL commands such as WHERE, SELECT, FROM, etc. Also, there are details on the fundamentals of logical operators. Note that under this lesson, you understand what SQL entails and its importance in data analysis. Join the Udacity community today and learn these basic but core skills.

SQL Joins

As a data analyst, you have one primary goal, to determine if a move is okay or too risky. Of course, bold business moves are okay, especially if the benefits outrun the risks. And this fact is what a data analyst determines. So, during your second lesson on Udacity, you get a chance to study data tables’ combinations using SQL joins. Also, the instructors guide you on the right way to answer complex business inquiries. In other words, this section is where you understand the application of SQL in data analysis.

SQL Aggregations

Another important topic is SQL aggregations which cover aggregate data in SQL. It includes COUNT, SUM, MAX, and MIN. Also, learners study some core functions such as write CASE and DATE. Last but not least, there is information about working with NULL functions. This area is quite important since it plays a huge data when making an analysis report.

Advanced SQL Lessons

Many people choose Udacity because the platform goes out of its way to deliver what the companies need. Fortunately, the same case applies to this SQL for data analysis course. In this section, you get exposure to subqueries usage, CTEs in various situations to compare data. Also, the lesson includes the fundamentals and usage of window functions such as LAG, RANK, NTILE, and LEAD latest functions. Finally, it explains how to use the functions and partitions to undertake challenging projects, optimize queries and write SQL Joins.

Course Project: Query a Digital music store database

Udacity has a reputation for giving its students actual projects to determine their skills. It is the most effective way to prepare them for their debut in the industry. The Udacity SQL for data analysis course offers its learners the same opportunity. Under this section, students need to use statistical methods to respond to questions on data, note down their conclusions, and give recommendations on the data. Note that the instructors will provide an experiment’s data for you. Join the Udacity community and experience high-quality education.


Some of the best universities or education institutions globally have a reputation for amazing learners and exceptional professors. Why? Because the instructors play a huge role in the outcome of their students. In that case, it is important to register in an academy where teachers know what the world needs. Fortunately, Udacity SQL for data analysis; students are lucky to have exceptional tutors ready to assist them in the right direction. Josh Bernhard is an experienced data scientist who has worked at all university levels and is working on this program. Also, content developer Dana Sheahan with a master’s in computer science, is part of the team. She is among the few professionals in the field who know what a data analyst needs to know. Last but not least, we have instructor Mat Leonard who is among the best data scientists globally. Learn from these three professionals by enrolling in this course

Get Hired

Job Assistance

Udacity’s graduates have a reputation for getting some of the best jobs in the industry despite the lack of experience. Why? Because the platform delivers nothing but the best. It currently holds a reputation of having the best professionals in different fields. After all, they have a team of professionals who review every student’s project before graduation to ensure that they are all ready. Also, the program has coach graduates who give learners an insight into the job market and the industry’s expectations.


The popularity of the Udacity SQL for data analysis nanodegree is currently very high, with many big companies trusting graduates from the platform. But, how can you attest that you are an Udacity graduate? The academy gives you a certificate with your name, course, and logo. It is in PDF format and is a constant reminder of the special education certification. Also, employers trust graduates from Udacity due to their good reputation.

Udacity Extras

Why join Udacity? What makes the academy among the best online education platform globally? This section covers all the privileges that come from choosing Udacity.

Real-World Projects

As a data analyst, you aim to solve actual problems that are affecting different industries. So, of course, companies need to offer you the opportunity to solve them. However, we all have an idea of how messy the job market is currently. Lucking Udacity gives their learners real projects before graduation. As a result, they create a portfolio to confirm their skills. Upon completion of these projects, they get honest reviews and critics from industry experts. Note that the instructors often point out the learners’ mistakes, helping them improve themselves.

Technical Mentorship

Our minds are crucial, and not all the time can we handle extreme pressure. Statistics show that many learners are at a high risk of high-stress levels. Why? Because of the many duties under their names, especially the working students. As a result, Udacity launched the technical mentor support program to assist students. These individuals not only guide your career path but also encourage you to keep fighting despite your difficulties. Also, the program houses many professionals in different fields who are knowledgeable about the industries.

Workspaces to validate your codes in real-time

Udacity offers learners a workspace to determine if their codes or activities are running. In addition, it is a place to validate your concepts; understanding by checking the final output in real-time.

Flexible Learning Programs

The primary reason students are under high stress levels is the pressure that comes with their studies. After all, it isn’t easy to catch up with thousands of learners since people have different abilities. Fortunately, Udacity is a home for all. It offers customizable learning where every student can tailor their study pace. In other words, how long you take to complete the Udacity SQL for data analysis course has everything to do with you. As a result, the program is friendly for all students as they study comfortably. So enroll today and gather the right data analysis skills at your pace.


Cheap is expensive. There are many programs offering learners the SQL for data analysis nanodegree course. Some of these platforms offer them for free. However, very few learners choose them. They end up joining the Udacity program where the fee isn’t free. Why? The Udacity nanodegree program is keen to deliver excellence and focus on the welfare of its students. Furthermore, the monthly rate is pocket-friendly. A student in Udacity under this program pays $399, which is worth it.


Udacity is an open education platform that welcomes everyone despite their age, educational background, or location. It aims to deliver high-quality education to everyone at a pocket-friendly price. Currently, the platform is offering the Udacity SQL for data analysis nanodegree course to millions of learners globally. Also, it has a record of many professors who are doing great in the data analysis industry.

This article summarizes some of the basics of the course. It kicks off with facts about Udacity and why you should choose the platform. Later, there is information on the course curriculum and the things the platform offers to assist learners in landing good jobs. Finally, the piece explains the Udacity extras. In other words, the benefits of choosing Udacity as the place of study. Read through the article above and understand the Udacity SQL for data analysis nanodegree course.

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