Udacity Enterprise Security Nanodegree Review

Udacity Enterprise Security Nanodegree Review
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There has been a shoot-out in demand for enterprise security experts. These professionals are the primary determiners of the level of security of an enterprise. For enterprises, enterprise security is crucial since it assists them in establishing trust with customers and clients by keeping their data safe and private. How? A security breach in a company often leads the businesses to lose many loyal clients. Therefore, the enterprise security field is essential, and companies are keen on hiring top-class enterprise security experts. As a result, this field is quite marketable.

Joining an education institution to study this course may not be the most convenient option. After all, it involves attending school for a couple of years. As a result, many individuals look for more convenient learning opportunities, such as the Udacity enterprise security nanodegree program. It is an open education platform allowing students globally to register for the course despite location, age, or education. Under this course, learners understand the enterprise environment and discover simple and convenient ways to protect it. So, do you wish to undertake a course in enterprise security? If yes, then this course is an excellent choice. So, enroll under the Udacity nanodegree program and learn all you need to know about the course.

Why is the Enterprise Security Course popular?

Udacity is an accredited online education provider that delivers affordable and high-quality education. It is famous for delivering education to all. The brains behind this platform are two Stanford professors to deliver high-quality education. Over the years, Udacity has grown rapidly, with an increased number of enrollers annually. Besides, it is currently a recognized program whose certificate attests to the excellence of the graduates. The Enterprise Security nanodegree program attracts thousands of enrollers ready to study and become professionals in the field. In addition to that, Udacity has collaborated with many companies in the industry that give learners a chance to work with the current technologies. Also, students work on real-world projects where they get the exposure they need to prepare themselves for the job market. All these details explain why the Udacity enterprise security nanodegree program is famous.

Why choose this course?

The Enterprise Security field is pretty marketable, with many companies looking for Enterprise Security agents. Why? Because these experts ensure that both the external or internal data are safe. It addresses the issue of corporate security. Upon completion of the course, the graduates know about the security of the company’s devices, infrastructures, and identities. As a result, these professionals become an added asset in the corporate world, with many business owners looking to recruit them in their firms. When you become an enterprise security expert, you have the right to choose where to work in any company or start a personal consultant. For the latter, business owners may request your services, and you are expected to be professional and keep the project confidential.

Every company requires an enterprise security expert to help with corporate security. And the better the skills, the more they pay. Plus, people with high-quality skills ought to get more fantastic job offers. So if you want to join the many enterprise security experts globally, this course is the best option. And the Udacity enterprise security Nanodegree program is among the best options for learners globally.

What’s the curriculum of the Enterprise Security Course?

Before you enroll in the course, you might want to learn more about this curriculum. This section got you cover will all the juice on the matter. Check it out!


What are the things you must know as you enroll in this course? This question is popular among many Udacity nanodegree programs enrollees. Why? Because it is in human nature to try and understand what they are getting themselves in and how they can handle it. Fortunately, this piece is here to clear things about the prerequisites. A well-planned learner aiming for nothing but the best must know two popular platforms, Linux and Azure. In other words, they know how to conduct administration via the two platforms. Other key areas they need to know include identifying popular networking protocols, hardware components in a network, and various encryption protocols.

With exposure to cloud, networking, and hardware systems, learners will understand their input in enterprise security. Note that this knowledge covers enterprise security basics and plays a huge role in how well you advance in the area.

Enterprise perimeter and Network Security

Of course, before you know how to protect something, you need to understand it. The same principle applies when dealing with enterprise security. In the first lesson, the main focus is on the enterprise where you familiarize yourself with everything about it. Later, there are tips and facts about how to design a secure network. In other words, you learn the current enterprise perimeter, network, security of the network, architecture, and how to build an enterprise network. Last but not least, you learn information on the enterprise network monitoring process with Zero Trust and a SIEM. Join the many enterprise security experts by enrolling in the Udacity community.

Enterprise Endpoint Security

When working in an enterprise network, you realize that there are many endpoints. In other words, the points of authorization. Naturally, companies include vital data responsible for the growth process, and the endpoints are increasing. And with many endpoints, the network is more prone to security breaches. Why? They create more potential vulnerable points in the network. Relying on remote work isn’t a great option, and the growing number of devices access in the system isn’t making things easy. This lesson comes in handy when dealing with such situations. They educate learners on some of the best practices to adopt to safeguard workflows and data. Note that this lesson is necessary since it helps learners learn how to deal with the many endpoints and maintain high-class security.

Enterprise-Wide Application Security

Application security is a core unit in the enterprise security course. Things you learn in this area are similar to things you learn under the security engineer program. It focuses on ways to undertake threats assessments. It also includes details on threat modeling and how to harden the network to reduce security threats. It also focuses on mitigation and some effective defensive mechanisms during the application development lifecycle. In addition, the course includes details on ways enterprise incorporates security into their environment. Finally, you gain access to information about various ways to enhance security on the cloud, containers, prem, and APIs.

Enterprise Data Security

Suppose you are familiar with how Enterprises run, then you understand how important it is to keep data safe since it determines the level of tryst companies have on a firm. For instance, if the client’s confidential data leaks or is lost, then a company stands a chance to lose that client. As a result, data security is critical. So how do you go about the matter? Handling cyber risks isn’t a walk in the park. It requires a strategic plan that kicks off by developing a high-class security system on the company’s most critical information or assets. This lesson kicks off with the basics of data governance and what it entails. Then, it helps learners understand the enterprise environment so that they can know how to protect data. Throughout the lesson, learners will focus on integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data. How? It includes details on various techniques such as encryption, file integrity monitoring, auditing, and backups. The Udacity nanodegree program ensures that the learners are well advanced to stand a chance of joining a big enterprise.


Tutors are everything. They play a massive role in what the students know upon completing a course. Luckily, the Udacity enterprise security course is famous for featuring excellent instructors ready to deliver. It includes security engineer Milind Adari. He is a top-class instructor at Columbia University and works at The Associated Press as a security engineer. Besides, the tutor has a reputation for protecting people from malicious cyber threats or attacks. Jerry Smith, an information security engineer, is also part of the team. This expert works as an organization security agent at the University of Alabama Birmingham.

Last but not least, there is Vamsee Kandimalla, a cyber security architect. He is a graduate with interest in cyber security. Enroll in the Udacity enterprise security program and learn from the best industry experts.

Get Hired

Job Assistance

A well-researched report stated that most of the Udacity nanodegree graduates had found jobs in top companies. Also, these companies have reported that their work is top-class, and they practice good working practices. This data attests to the excellence of Udacity Academy. The program features a team of excellent professionals to guide students towards the right career path. In addition, these professionals ensure that you know the best methods to get clients and what enterprise owners are looking for in enterprise security agents.


After joining the Udacity nanodegree program, you don’t have to worry about having the right papers. Why? The Udacity enterprise security program offers you a worldly recognized certificate upon completing the program. The certificate includes your name, course, and Udacity’s official logo. Over the last couple of years, the certificate is evidence of excellence in the field since Udacity has a reputation for releasing high-class graduates. Currently, the platform has many graduates working in top companies. Besides, it has collaborated with many companies to offer real-world projects to the learners.

Udacity Extras

Learn the advantages of joining the Udacity community.

Real-World Projects

The most effective method to ensure that you have all the required skills is practicing the skills you gather. And the Udacity enterprise security program ensures that you do that. It features the real-world projects sector that allows students to work on actual problems. Upon completion of the projects, they get reviews from instructors and industry experts. So how does Udacity manage to get real projects? This platform has collaborated with multiple top companies that offer learners these opportunities.

Technical Mentorship Programs

If you can’t handle high-pressure levels, the Udacity community will help you under the technical mentor support program. This program features alumni from the program who have experience in the field hence feature the knowledge to guide the students. In addition, they offer learners education support and mentor support to deal with challenging learning experiences. So enroll today and gain access to some of the best mentors in different fields.

Career Services

Every learner often hopes of landing a good job upon completing their course. However, it isn’t always the case since the competition for job opportunities is relatively high. Luckily, if you choose Udacity, your chance of getting a good job is pretty high. How? The platform offers the career services program that gives you access to several benefits such as resume support, LinkedIn profile optimization, and GitHub portfolio review. All these features help you in career advancement and increase your chance of landing a high-paying job.

Flexible Learning Program

Learning and maybe working isn’t an easy job, mainly because the two come with various responsibilities. As a result, the Udacity team is keen to deliver a flexible and friendly learning program. It allows every learner to tailor their plan as per their schedules. In other words, the learners study at the time that works best for them.


Udacity is a world-class education provider with a reputation for delivering learners the skills they need. As a result, many people are probably worried about the tuition fee of the program. However, worry no more since the Udacity enterprise security program is quite affordable. The monthly payment is $399. However, since the course can last up to four months, you can subscribe for the four-month access for $1356. Plus, the money is worth it.


The popularity of the Udacity enterprise Security course is pretty high, with thousands of enrollers annually. Why? Because it is a world-class academy that delivers high-quality education to its students. Not to mention, a course in enterprise security is quite marketable with many big companies looking for experts to recruit in their companies.

This article explains facts about this program. It includes all the things you need to know about the course and why many people choose it. Read through the details above to understand the Udacity Enterprise security program.

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