Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree Review

Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree Review
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Everyone loves the advantages that come with the internet and other networks. However, no one is blind to its challenges, especially the security issue. No wonder most organizations are hiring security experts to protect data which is usually one of their life lines. No one wants to hire someone who doesn’t have what it takes to deal with the security problem, especially in extreme cases. Fortunately, there are experts, especially those who have undertaken the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree.

This program ensures that enterprises can find the professionals they need to guarantee security. It equips learners with a perspective smart enough to counter the evolving issues surrounding cybersecurity. Various taught practices help you identify support for meaningful and effective enterprise security strategies. If that’s the direction you want your career path to take, consider the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree. Here are the necessary details of this incredible course. Check them out!

The Udacity Program

The Udacity program is famous for offering people an amazing online platform for acquiring new skills through courses and nanodegrees. All the courses allow learners to earn skills that every organization and employer seeks. That’s because the skills are important for the companies’ operation yet scarce amongst the workforce. Others claim to be skilled only to surprise you for lack of the skills they claim to have. That’s a narrative that Udacity is changing through its courses, and the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree is no exception.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that most people secure lucrative jobs after graduating with an Udacity nanodegree. By the time they conclude the program, the learners usually have the necessary skills the course should offer. Companies know that hence prefer hiring these graduates. They want the right person for the job, and these graduates often fit the description. Therefore, acquiring these skills makes you the go-to employee to many employers. Why else will you survive in this competitive world, especially when searching for a job?

This educational platform has existed for a long time and has passed the test of time. For more than ten years, it has been imparting knowledge to willing learners and making them competitive when seeking a job. The great minds behind this incredible idea are two professors at Stanford. Its invention was to provide a platform that offers all people worldwide an opportunity to gain exemplary education coupled with skills. As of now, so far, the platform is doing that job exemplary. Over time, it gets better with various courses and maintains high standards. It is recognized globally and for all good reasons.

The Extras of the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree

If you aren’t sure whether to enroll in Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree, this section is a must-read. It highlights what it means to study this course under the Udacity program. Besides getting the necessary skills, you also enjoy the following;

Real-world projects and industry experts

People often interact with real-world projects once they get a job. That can be overwhelming, especially when handling your first problem. You may also be unable to impress the interview panelist if you lack prior practical skills. Fortunately, that’s not usually the case if you pursue the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree. By the time it ends, you will have had an opportunity to interact with real-world projects. Such an opportunity ensures you are at an advantage when seeking a job. It also guarantees you the skills you need to maintain your job upon getting it. Don’t be surprised if you get a promotion once you start working for a company or organization. After all, your skill sets are rare, and no employer wants to lose such an asset.

Interactions with industry experts are also something you can’t take for granted. It is such things that help you understand the industry. After all, you are getting the information from someone with first-hand experience on the matter. You also get an opportunity to ask any question, thus helping you understand the course excellently.

Supportive technical mentor

What if you had someone to go to whenever things got tough? That would be priceless since challenges are common when acquiring new skills. You get a technical mentor ready to support you in times of difficulty, especially when you get stuck. If you fail, the mentors won’t hesitate to cheer you on so that you don’t give up. Sometimes giving up feels like the only option, but you will be surprised to learn that there are other ways of dealing with issues. The support you get from your technical mentor keeps you going until completing the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree.


Do you feel like you have understood a certain concept perfectly? Is there a feeling of doubt regarding what you have grasped so far? Through the readily available courses, you eliminate all these doubts and certainties when pursuing your Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree. You get to test your understanding as often as you wish. These quizzes are auto-graded to facilitate self-testing and are also simple to understand. Their results inform you whether you can proceed to another concept or if it is important to try it to understand the current one a little bit more.


When life gets busy, learning new skills is one thing that takes a back seat. It is usually easier to give up than other things, such as jobs. However, if you want to grow career-wise, that’s not something you can afford to overlook. Udacity is also making it much easier through flexible learning programs. You will decide the pace of how to undertake your Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree. As long as it works for you, Udacity will respect your schedule.


The instructor of Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree is Richard Phung which means that you will be learning from the bests. He serves in the Infrastructure Operations and Security sector as the Assistant Director. His vast experience spanning more than ten years in enterprise systems administration makes him an ideal instructor for this course. The CIPP/US, SSCP, and CISSP have worked with various businesses, understanding how it evolves and how to overcome those changes. He graduated from Hendrix College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology before earning a Master’s degree in Education from Lesley University. Such a portfolio means learning from someone who understands the industry besides having the skills you, as the learner, need to learn.

Why should learners choose this course?

Companies and employers are looking for people who can solve their problems, especially those that have proven to be a nuisance and stubborn. An excellent example of a problem most companies are facing is cyber-attacks. They are already bad and frustrating, and they keep getting worse as days go by and thus need a lot of attention. No company will hire a joker for such a serious job. You need a course like the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree.

It equips you with the skills you need to handle these threats. Interestingly, the learner also knows how to handle them as they evolve hence perfect for such a sector. If you choose the course, don’t be surprised if several organizations want to hire you. You will have the exact skill set that they are looking for. You will also know how to handle problems as they come, which will help you keep your job and even earn a promotion.

Prerequisites and Curriculum

Since Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree is a technical course, you need some prerequisites to handle its content. As much as you don’t need to be an expert in the following, they should be familiar. They include network architecture, information systems, and business applications. Other areas include enterprise computing environments, best practices, and basic cybersecurity concepts. As for the curriculum, expect the following modules;

Introduction to Zero Trust

Its focus is the analysis of security approaches that companies that have experienced data breaches recently were using. This analysis is usually about the Zero Trust principles. The learner can differentiate between a zero trust security model and its perimeter network counterpart. One can identify sectors that ZT principles can improve. Other skills include differentiating key stakeholders during a ZTA implementation and cybersecurity trends responsible for the emergence of Udacity Zero Trust Security.

Zero Trust Security Concepts

It helps you better understand the zero trust movement, including the philosophical principles it is based on. It covers various concepts of zero trust security and its model. They include foundational requirements and enforcing logical components and pillars.

Zero Trust Methods

Its focus is on the Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA), especially deployment requirements and resources that are practical. It teaches you to evaluate and refine safeguards through foundational capabilities. It also focuses on safeguards enabling zero trust architecture centered on data, application, network, device, and identity, and the skills acquired help you categorize them accordingly.

Organizational Practices

The skills help the learner identify whether a security system or environment is ready for the zero trust principles adoption. They also assess what’s challenging the implementation of the Zero Trust Architecture besides differentiating deployment strategies. Lastly, they enable mapping zero trust methods before analyzing the architecture’s inherent weaknesses.

Course Project: Zero Trust Road Map

It involves sampling the corporate profile of a company and performing an analysis to identify its cybersecurity capabilities. Besides, one evaluates its potential as far as the implementation of zero trust best practices is concerned. Lastly, the learner will complete a zero trust architecture roadmap.

Helping Graduates get Hired

There are various reasons why some graduates hardly secure jobs. On one side, there is the issue of pursuing a course that’s not highly employable. That’s understandable since one is dealing with a limited job market. Surprisingly, you may find a graduate with a high-demand course still tarmacking. That’s because of a lack of the skills necessary to get the job, including dealing with interviewers. Udacity allows you to nail it the next time you apply for a job. It offers relevant services such as reviewing your social media platform, including GitHub and LinkedIn. This review has opened doors for many people, so don’t underestimate it. The same applies to Resume Review and interview preparation as a whole.

Graduates also get a Udacity certificate. It is no secret that it is impossible to prove your skills without a certificate. You will receive one after completing the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree. It has this good vibe once you present it when searching for a job. That’s thanks to the reputation the Udacity program has earned over time. The certificate has helped many graduates get hired.


You earn a month’s access by paying a subscription of $399 only. Interestingly, a discount of up to 75% could see you pay as little as $100 if you enroll while the offer still lasts.


How long should the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree last?

Going by the curriculum and its content, the estimated time for this course is one month. That said and done, you can take all the time you need to complete it, depending on your schedule.

Do I need any software to complete this course?

No, a web browser and a word processor are sufficient when learning the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree.

Why should I study Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree?

Cybersecurity is a burning issue at the moment. You earn the skills necessary for dealing with this persistent and evolving challenge that most companies and organizations face. With such skills, getting a well-paying job is a walk in the park.

Why should you join the Udacity Program?

You can rest assured that the skills you get are recognized globally. You also get all the necessary skills this an ideal candidate for all the relevant jobs. Besides, the Udacity Zero Trust Security Nanodegree extras are an added advantage. It is rare to find a program that offers real-time projects during a course; hence, it is important to take advantage of this rare opportunity.



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