Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Review

Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Review
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Full stack is a term in the world of it that has powerful significance. as a full stack developer or engineer, professionals have knowledge or experience with almost every part of web development, from the inner workings all the way towards the outer appearance. This knowledge is what is used today to form and design the foundations for apps, websites, and complex systems that businesses are using today. This title is very useful, especially because professionals with a full stack title have a wide range of knowledge; one that continues to grow day after day.  This means that when it comes to programming languages and methods, full stack developers are fluent in almost every language, receiving massive python training, MySQL training, AWS training, and PHP training combined with basic and in-depth concepts that require their application.


This title has received a lot of controversy, with some labeling familiarity with all layers involved in development as an inferior title. This is because it is said that these types of developers are not specializing in one thing therefore, are just brushing upon the surface of most programming concepts. Although, that being said, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the future will see a strong demand over the next several years, with the market increasing by 13% by the year 2026. Become a part of this growing career path that is perfect for those with a thirst for continued knowledge and the passion to keep growing their programming abilities. The Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Program can help launch a career in the field and offers a few perks to go along with it. We will take a glimpse into the course including its curriculum letting you decide if the Full Stack course is right for you.


Udacity full stack web developer nanodegree review

Why this Course 

Nanodegrees from Udacity come with a certain reputation. Udacity was started by two Stanford professors with a goal to bring affordable education to anxious learners all around the world.  The Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Program is known as an in-depth course with hands-on training and real-life projects. This course was built in cooperation with industry leaders and partners with Udacity, giving learners the opportunity to work side by side with top professionals to develop systems that will be used by companies today. The curriculum includes full stack training from the most basic concepts into the deeper more complex and hands-on topics that professionals need to solve problems. Learners will be able to receive feedback from software industry leaders for all completed projects, allowing them to step out in the world competitively and knowledgeably.


Why Should you Choose this Course?

Those with a basic understanding of programming languages and concepts that are wanting to take their learning deeper will benefit from this course. As a full stack developer,businesses will come directly to you anytime a problem with their website, app, or platform requires attention. This course will give you the foundation to buildentire systems and infrastructures for every type of business using the world wide web. Choosing this course puts you in the shoes of current full stack developers, letting you see the functions and tasks that they are to complete daily. You will get a real feel for the job by working on actual systems that businesses and companies are using today.  The curriculum is a well-structured, building each previous lesson to give you a well-rounded way to learn the ropes. We’ll take a look at the curriculum, starting with the prerequisites, but first, let’s talk about Udacity perks.


Udacity Perks

Every Udacity nanodegree comes with a few added extras, all of them geared toward producing successful graduates that will make a big impact in the job market. Learners will benefit hugely from taking advantage of these perks.



Every degree program comes with a recommended time frame to finish. This however, does not mean that learners must complete the work at this time. As a matter of fact, every learner has the opportunity to complete the program in as much time as needed.  Courses will remain open and completely accessible for as much time is needed to successfully complete the course.



Throughout the duration of the course, learners will have access to their own mentor keeping them on track in hopes to complete all sections in their expected time frame. They will also be there to answer any questions, as all of them are qualified previous learners themselves. They also know how challenging some of the concepts can get and are in their corner to cheer learners on, giving them not only good Insight but keeping them motivated from start to finish.


Experienced instructors

The course is led by knowledgeable instructors with years of experience working and teaching in the field. Many of them have worked or are still working with the most well-known and top-performing companies in the IT world today. The instructors for this course are:

Amy Hua – StartupBus mentor and Girls Who Code instructor

Caryn McCarthy, manager at Code Next with Google

Gabriel Ruttner – CTO at Ursa



Because of the more in-depth concepts which learners are introduced, this course is labeled as intermediate to advanced. In the course there are several requirements and prerequisites to consider. First of all, beginner level Python training is required along with experience with languages HTML and CSS.  During the course, learners will combine these languages in order to develop front end and back end sites. Some Git and GitHub training are also recommended and those who don’t have experience can take advantage of Udacity’s GitHub course to brush up or get acquainted with the topic. Apart from this, the course recommends that learners be ready to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week to the courts in order to stay fresh without the concepts and be able to apply previously learned knowledge to newly introduced concepts.


SQL and Data Modeling

The course begins with SQL training where learners can use it along with data modeling in order to create databases and incorporate logic into programs. In this part of the course, learners will be able to design a venue booking database as part of their project. This will begin their hands-on experience. With the knowledge of how to incorporate Python and SQL into data concepts, learners will be ready to take that knowledge to the next level in the following sections of the course, where their knowledge will evolve.


API Development

Next, learners will work with API in order to control and manage web applications. Learners will be introduced to all of the best practices used to document and develop control due to API training.  In this part of the course there is a comprehensive exam in the form of trivia, allowing learners to make sure that the concepts are understood.


Identity Access Management

The next section is one of the most important where learners will understand the principles of security. Working with flask, learners will implement authentication and authorization using it in order to design top security measures. There is more in-depth API training and learners will begin to understand how to apply this along with software used today. The course ends with an example featuring a coffee shop, where learners will work with Flask to see how the supplies into actual business practices.


Server Deployment and Containerization

During the last section of the course, learners will work in containerized environments receiving a bit of AWS training. Learners will also be able to develop an app using Flask where instructors will lead them step-by-step throughout the entire process. During this section students will work with Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters using AWS.


Capstone Project

The course ends off with a Capstone project. \this is a complex project that is developed by companies in the industry giving learners a chance to get hands-on experience working to solve a real problem. This project challenges learners to apply all that they have learned during the course in order to create systems and develop solutions. Also, this project can be added to future graduate’s portfolio as an added point of experience with several programming languages.


Jobs Assistance to Get Hired Fast


After successful completion of the course, learners can take advantage of the benefits from Udacity’s career services. Professional career prep experts are there to offer learners all of the tools that they need in order to use their newly learned knowledge to successfully incorporate into big businesses that are making big changes in the world of IT.



First of all, learners will have the opportunity to receive career coaching. This includes interview preparation and advice for scoring and giving a great interview. This is normally in the form of a mock interview where coaches will act as the employer and students will need to answer questions, receiving feedback in the process learning how to become better and more competitive.


Resume Review

Learners can also benefit from career professionals that have experience with what companies are looking for. Using the current resume, a Udacity career professional will go over it with the learner, tweaking parts to make them more attractive to Industry leaders and recruiters. The staff knows what companies are on the lookout for so they can help build an amazing resume that will get candidates noticed.


Professional Profile Reviews

If this is not enough, learners also will receive feedback about their professional profiles like LinkedIn.  Social platforms have become a very big deal in the job market, giving recruiters access to not only a potential employees experience but also their personality and interests. Sometimes graduates may be lost when trying to find the perfect words or content, but they can rest assured that the professionals will help and teach them how to enhance their profile and make it work for them.


A Certificate with a Good Reputation


Graduates will receive a Udacity certificate printed with the university seal, a signature from the president, and also the name of the course in which they completed.  Udacity has many successful partnerships with well-known companies and are adding more into the mix every day. A certificate from Udacity has a lot of meaning, coming with a certain reputation for releasing well-rounded and prepared future employees. Once available, learners have the chance to print hard copies for their keeping, pass it to future employers or, send it directly to recruiters. Certificates, come with the successful completion of the course and cost nothing extra.


What’s the Cost?


Udacity prices their courses by month, this is part of the reason why learners can take as long as they’d like. Working at the recommended pace, The Full Stack Web Developer course is estimated to take 4 months to complete when spending 10 hours per week.The price for 4 months of access  is $1279, giving learners a slight discount for paying all at once. If further time is needed, each month after is an additional $399. Potential learners also have the option to pay monthly however, with this option, they don’t reap the benefits of the discount for paying in full. Though a monthly payment option makes it accessible to a large range of budgets. Pricing is perhaps one of the most controversial parts Udacity, with several reviewers commenting on the higher than average price.  However, comparing to other academies, the Udacity guarantees and perks plus the in-depth courses make it worth the investment.


What are Graduates Saying? 


Overall, Udacity as an academy has a positive reputation both by learners and graduates. Out of over 2500 reviews, the course average has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating. Among the things that learners and graduates really like are the in-depth and informative courses and the experience gained from hands-on projects. The more controversial and less popular parts are the difficulty of the course and the price. Here are a few things that learners said about their experience with the course:


“This nanodegree was a great experience for the value. The lessons were very detailed and explanatory. The instructors encourage you to learn more outside of the course material and keep you motivated throughout the degree. The projects are very good and probably the most important part of the nanodegree program. They help you make sure that you fully understand the material you were just taught and are good enough to add to your portfolio. The project reviewers were very helpful and give very good advice on how to improve and fix your projects after submission. All in all, I would recommend this nanodegree program for anyone interested in a Full Stack Web Development Nanodegree.” – Danny Luong Class Central               


“Udacity is a good platform for learning any new courses whether it is marketing, sales or web development course” – Gajendra Choudhary Quora 


“In terms of career development, they have a few sections talking about how to improve your resume, GitHub and LinkedIn. I didn’t really work on those, but you can view their videos and submit your content for review. This might be valuable for someone looking to apply for jobs immediately after the program. For me, building the Item Catalog app actually helped me during a recent coding interview where I was asked to debug a Flask Application. I don’t think I could have passed without that experience.” – nuclear_engineer Reddit


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Final Thoughts


All in all, anyone in any industry that is wanting to make a change can benefit from this course. The curriculum is challenging, perhaps too challenging for a beginner, but those with a bit of experience with python, SQL, and some basic programming concepts can grow their knowledge and benefit from this course. The curriculum is set in a way to provide learners with everything that they need to incorporate into a business as soon as they complete the course and their Capstone project. Not to mention, Udacity partners with several large corporations that are always searching for new Talent.  Many of these industry leaders trust in the Udacity graduates because they have a reputation t for preparing students by equipping them with all they need to know. Plus, learners will have the opportunity to work on an actual project, creating solutions and systems that businesses could incorporate into their practices.  A career as a Full Stack Web Developer requires professionals to stay sharp and up to date with their skills and techniques used, making this the perfect starting point to build a strong and lasting foundation.


One of the best things about choosing this academy to become a professional in the field is all of the added extras that come with it, giving learners and graduates several tools to become successful.  According to statistics released by the academy, 84% of graduates have been successfully recruited within the first 6 months after graduation. So, anyone looking to change careers or increase their knowledge in the growing world of IT as a Full Stack Web Developer will benefit from an investment to their continued learning through a course from Udacity.


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