10 Best DevOps Online Courses

10 Best DevOps Online Courses
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DevOps is the union of the operations and the developers. DevOps is a culture that facilitates the collaboration between development and the operations – hence DevOps. The DevOps, in simpler terms, can be defined as the alignment of the IT Operations and the development that offers better collaboration and communication.

DevOps is a difficult topic to learn, and the learning process of the DevOps is filled with challenges. Beginner requires more skills, to begin with, the DevOps. The studentsshould have a good understanding of the business needs and the complex technical problems simultaneously to understand and learn the core skills of the DevOps.

If you are willing to learn the DevOps, following we have produced the most efficient and comprehensive online courses that vow to teach you the DevOps in a smoother and efficient manner:

1. Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course –Udemy

This is a basic course that helps you in understanding about the deployment, usage, and maintenance of your Kubernetes applications. If you are interested in learning the DevOps, this course is best suited for you. Udemy updates the course frequently to include the latest features of the course. So, you learn all the upgraded new features and have an advantage over your competitors in the office/school.

Key Features of the Course:

  • The first lesson teaches about the installation of the Kubernetes on your laptop, mobile phone, or Windows.
  • You effectively learn to run the stateless or state-full applications.
  • By taking this course, you learn to use docker clients with the Kubernetes.
  • The instructor teaches you the course in an interactive manner.
  • Students efficiently learn to use and manage containerized applications.

Nowadays, Kubernetes is used by big and small companies. By undertaking this course, you increase your career development chances to a greater extent.

Course Details
Course Duration: 13.5 Hours
No. of Students Enrolled: 69, 451 Students
Price of the Course: $39.99
Levels of Course: Beginner Level
Website: Signup Here


2. DevOps Foundation – LinkedIn Learning

DevOps is not a workflow of the websites or the framework, but it is a culture that has overtaken the business in the world. DevOps is the connecting point between the Software Engineers and the IT operators. DevOps facilitate production faster and make the development of applications smoother and easier.

Key Features of the Course:

  • A comprehensive overview of the DevOps is given by the biggest names of the DevOps industry. Ernest Muller and James Wicket are famous DevOps practitioners.
  • The course talks about the various tools and methodologies that are needed by an organization to transition towards the DevOps.
  • Core values of the CAM (culture, automation, management, and sharing) are explained in this course.
  • Lastly, the course discusses the three main principles of DevOps, which are continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, and reliability engineering.

This is an efficient course that speaks about the additional resources and the brief discussion of the future aspects if an organization goes from the cloud to the serverless architectures.

Course Details
Course Duration: 08 Modules
No. of Students Enrolled: 151, 378 Students
Price of the Course: $39.99
Levels of Course: Beginner Level
Website: Signup Here


3. Continuous Delivery and DevOps – Coursera

This is one of the best courses available on DevOps, which has been offered by the University of Virginia in collaboration with the Coursera. The students are given multiple practical assignments, downloadable resources, and online video lectures. So, students build a solid foundation in the DevOps culture and become avid learners in the field.

Key Features of the Course:

  • In this course, you will learn the diagnostic criteria of a team’s delivery pipeline and prioritize recommendations for improvement.
  • The course goes on to train the students in learning the sets and roles involved in DevOps and impart them about the continuous delivery capability.
  • You will learn to deliver and review the automation test across the development stack.
  • The course focuses on teaching the learners the prioritization of the progress of the team for improving a delivery pipeline.

The course focuses on the required relationship between the required investments and its advantages. Keeping this in mind, the fundamentals of DevOps and continuous delivery are taught for the improvement and progress of the organization.

Course Details
Course Duration: 08 Hours
No. of Students Enrolled: 34, 736 Students
Price of the Course: Enroll For Free

($49 For Certificate)

Levels of Course: Beginner Level
Website: Signup Here


4. Ansible for DevOps Beginners and System Admins– SkillShare

Are you starting with the DevOps? Then, this course would fit you well. This course helps you in automating your tasks, whether you are a data engineer or an administrator. It equips you with the essential skills in understanding the functionality of the Ansible. All in all, this is a great course to get started with the DevOps.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Various topics such as ad-hoc commands, variables, playbooks, roles with detailed examples, and inventory are discussed in this course.
  • You learn to write the ansible-playbook or role in this course.
  • Various practical assignments and lectures are given to teach students about DevOps.
  • The instructor takes the students through the DevOps, and efficiently teaches them working with the Ansible.

All in all, this is one of the most efficient courses that teach students about Ansible.

Course Details
Course Duration: 04 Hours and 44 Minutes
No. of Students Enrolled: 129 Students
Price of the Course: $8.25
Levels of Course: Beginner Level
Website: Signup Here


5. DevOps for Developers: How To Get Started – Edx

Edx has offered a comprehensive course on the DevOps for the Developer and Operations Team, who learn to make the lifecycle of the development of application easier and smoother. An excellent culture is taught in this course, which tends to bring progress to the organization.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Students learn the history, value, and building blocks of the DevOps.
  • Continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment are covered in this course.
  • The unifying process and the techniques of improvement of collaboration between operations and development are taught.
  • Configuration management, release management, and monitoring in DevOps skills are imparted to the learners.

Edx does an impressive job by teaching the core topics of the DevOps in an interactive and intuitive manner. You must undertake this course to expand your IT skills.

Course Details
Course Duration: 04 Weeks
Price of the Course: Free

(Certificate for $99)

Levels of Course: Beginner Level
Website: Signup Here


6. DevOps Certification Training – Edureka

Edureka has offered the most comprehensive online DevOps course. The market of the DevOps is expected to grow from 03.42 Billion in 2018 to 10.14 Billion by 2023. Learning the DevOps offers great advantages to the students in the future. According to a reliable source, the average salary of the DevOps Engineer is estimated to be $127,231 on an annual basis.

Key Features:

  • The instructor gives the comprehensive introduction of the DevOps to the students.
  • The course is aimed at informing you about the various tools of the DevOps such as Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes, and Nagios, etc.
  • This course involves practical teaching, which means that instructors do not teach concepts only. But, instructors teach lessons practically.
  • Best practices such as continuous testing, continuous development, and continuousintegration, and lastly continuous monitoring of software throughout its lifecycle is taught in this online course.

All in all, this is one of the best online DevOps courses that prepare thelearners to enter the DevOps field.

Course Details
Course Duration: 06 Weeks
No. of Students Enrolled: 78K+
Price of the Course: $424
Levels of Course: Beginner Level
Website: Signup Here


7. Become a Cloud Dev Ops Engineer – Udacity

All over the world, the companies are finding the DevOps engineers to remain relevant, upgraded, and the competitive in this fast world. This course has been designed by experts of the industry, which imparts students to deliver applications at a faster rate, and simply the developmental process of the web applications to a greater extent.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Essential skills of the DevOps are taught in this course so that you can advance in your career.
  • Fundamentals of the cloud foundations are taught in this nanodegree program.
  • Students are introduced to the networking, security, storage, messaging management services of the cloud.
  • You will aptly learn to apply the underlying components of infrastructure.
  • You will be taught the continuous delivery while you construct the CI/CD systems.
  • The instructor will take you through the creation and deployment of the Kubernetes cluster.

This nanodegree program from the Udacity contains the real-world projects that help you in mastering the tech skills demanded by the companies. So, you land the perfect job of your dreams after undertaking this course.

Course Details
Course Duration: 04 Months
Price of the Course: $399 Monthly
Levels of Course: Intermediate Level
Website: Signup Here


8. Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certification Training Course– Simplilearn

Kubernetes is the best online courses available that teach the DevOps Kubernetes tool most effectively. This course improves your Kubernetes skills and tools while preparing you for the CKA exam. This certification course lets you build the most solid foundation, and allow you to use the DevOps Kubernetes most efficiently.

Key Features of the Course:

  • The course covers all of the domains of DevOps Kubernetes tools and explains them in a detailed manner.
  • The training program teaches topics such as installation, lifecycle management, configuration, validation, scheduling, networking, cluster maintenance, etc.
  • Core concepts of the Kubernetes are also detailed in this course.
  • You are given the practical assignments so that you can apply the learned knowledge practically them most effectively. 11-real life projects are given.
  • Skills, such as kubletes, KubeAPI server, and Scheduler and scheduling posts are covered.

The Simplilearn classroom gives the most efficient knowledge on the subject. You can effectively become a DevOps engineer by undertaking this NanoDegree program.

Course Details
Course Duration: 10 Lessons (Self-Paced)
No. of Students Enrolled: 1490 students
Price of the Course: $499

(Self-Paced Learning)

Levels of Course: Beginner Level
Website: Signup Here


9. DevOps Learning Path – PluralSight

DevOps Learning Path has been offered by the PluralSight, which offers the most comprehensive online courses. The course has been designed to provide the learners with an effective learning path to become familiarized with the DevOps. DevOps is taught by the instructor in the most efficient manner.

Key Features of the Course:

  • You will learn the philosophy behind the DevOps in this nanodegree program.
  • DevOps implementation is imparted in this course.
  • DevOps skills such as Test-Driven Development, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, and Testing Automation are efficiently taught in this online course.
  • Both, beginner-level and advanced-level topics, are covered in this DevOps Learning Path program.

This is one of the most constructive courses available. You must check this course. The course also gives students downloadable resources and efficient notes that help students in learning.

Course Details
Course Duration: Self-Paced
Price of the Course: $19
Levels of Course: Beginner Level
Website: Signup Here


10. DevOps Fundamentals – CloudAcademy

This is another amazing DevOps course, taught by the CloudAcademy. This course will take through the effective journey of learning the fundamental aspects of the DevOps. The course teaches the conceptual framework as well as the practical implementation of the DevOps concepts.

Key Features of the Course:

  • This DevOps course is most suitable for engineers, developers, and administrators.
  • This course provides a solid introduction to the DevOps fundamentals.
  • CloudAcademy DevOps Fundamental course teaches you the continuous delivery, continuous integration, and controlled deployment in a manner that it facilitates you to learn advanced topics on the subject.
  • The course is taught in an intuitive manner, which helps learners in grasping the topic effectively.

At the end of the course, you will get a certificate of excellence. You can add this course to resume, and land the best positions in the DevOps market.

Course Details
Course Duration: 07 Hours
No. of Students: 7, 157 Students
Price of the Course: Premium Course
Levels of Course: IntermediateLevel
Website: Signup Here


Bottom Line:

DevOps market is estimated to increase threefold by 2023. If you are willing to undertake the DevOps online course, you must not defer it and take it now. It will help you in gaining good positions in the IT market. When you learn the advanced DevOps skills in the market, these courses will serve as your foundational base and assist you in refining your knowledge and your skills of the subject. You can take a combination of the above courses on DevOps to have a stronger grip on the DevOps, and become the DevOps engineers.


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