Udacity AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree Review

Udacity AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree Review
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Ah, the cloud. It is the developer’s right-hand man, helping companies reach their digital goals. There is room for everything from scalability to security using the correct infrastructures. When you have knowledge of AWS, you take your app development game up a notch and learn about all of the basics. Form the core of application development to the finishing touches, you’ll have it all.


Sound interesting? Well, you could be on your way to becoming AWS certified and learn how to create sturdy infrastructures that hold them after one online course. We are talking about Udacity’s Become an AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree, one that you can sign up for today. In little to no time, you’ll be on your way to learning the ropes and landing your dream job as an AWS architect. Work with real industry projects and work with everything from start to finish in the development cycle, finishing in just a few months. Anxious to learn more? We’ve got the scoop below. You’ll find everything from prices to lessons and more down below. So, let’s get started.


About Udacity

Udacity is a leading name in online IT courses. For over a decade they have created video lectures that teach the most current techniques and skills for the hottest jobs in IT. They have free lectures that anyone with an internet connection can enjoy that is updated regularly. These free courses are meant to help professionals brush up on their skills and help new learners start building up their technical foundations. Apart from free courses, Udacity also offers Nanodegrees, which take learning a step further.


What’s a Nanodegree?

A nanodegree is a short course that is meant to take no longer than a few months. They take a concept and dive in, dissecting all the pieces to help you build a strong foundation. Most of the Nanodegrees from Udacity is designed in collaboration with top IT companies, mirroring closely industry issues and necessary skills. A nanodegree from Udacity is not just a course, it comes with a few extras that set it apart from other online IT courses. These include:


  • A knowledgeable technical mentor
  • A community of learners
  • A database full of jobs and recruiters on the hunt
  • Career services including help with your resume and a mock interview
  • Self-paced learning
  • Real industry projects
  • A team of leading industry instructors


Meet your Instructors


Udacity doesn’t trust just anyone to lead you to the skills you need. They search high and low for their instructors, choosing those that have impressive resumes. Most of the instructors from Udacity nanodegrees have impressive educational backgrounds and a long list of industry experience. For the Become an AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree, your instructors are:


Tom Verbiscer

Tom is AWS certified and an expert in creating reliable and flexible platforms. His experience as the director of engineering for Current Media building with AWS. He offers a lot of knowledge as far as specifics for building your skills and adds in a bit of the business side too. His lectures are dynamic and interactive with the perfect bits of information to help you power through the projects.


Leslie Bell

Leslie is a technical trainer at AWS. Not only does she know the system and the software like the back of her hand but, specializes in other technology-driven areas like scientific research and chemical analysis. Her well-rounded and unique set of skills make her a fantastic instructor. She gives learners an insight into all of the options they have when it comes to getting their foot in the door.


Mehdi Razvi

Mehdi is an expert when it comes to helping companies create user-friendly applications. His knowledge of cloud-based development and applications is huge and is something that every learner can benefit from. You’ll learn lots of things from him including how companies benefit from cloud-based applications and more.


Course Breakdown

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to plan, design, build, and secure applications. Using a cloud-based approach, you’ll work with everything from start to finish, gaining useful pieces of information along the way that will help you enter the field confident and ready to work!



This course is meant to show you the ropes but, it is recommended that you come with a few skills under your belt. Besides experience developing apps, you should have:


  • Web development skills using both HTML and CSS
  • Work with Object-Oriented Programming
  • Have some knowledge of AWS
  • Understand application architectures and how they work with specifics like SSL certificates and more.


Start Designing: Availability, Reliability, and Resiliency

The course starts out with a look at creating systems. Using AWS, you’ll work towards fulfilling business objectives providing solutions for companies on the hunt. There are a lot of situations introduced in this section and suggestions on how to handle them when, and if, they are to occur.


Project! Recoverability in AWS

Your first project is a great one, taking you through all the parts of building a database. Working with infrastructures in AWS, you’ll see how these databases run across regions and across systems. You’ll also see what it is like when something goes wrong, learning how to act if the system gets disrupted or corrupted.


Start Designing: Performance and Scalability


In this part of the course, it’s all about making things scalable. Learn how this applies to create applications, using this knowledge to help you build a high-performance application. You’ll work with company objectives and budgets to supply the best solutions to the issues they’re facing-getting a glimpse of serverless infrastructures.


Project! Work with AWS Infrastructure at Scale

For this part of the course, your project is to plan, design, and monitor infrastructures. You’ll use all of the skills that you’ve learned until now, combining them to push you through the course. Towards the end, you’ll work with configurations to optimize cost and performance, something that you can take with you along the way.

Start Designing: Security

The last piece of the puzzle, but the most important when designing an application is security. For this part of the course, you’ll take a deeper look at the tools used to secure applications along with methods with dealing with security. Learn about the public cloud and the entire cloud ecosystem, understanding how data is stored and how the cloud is ultimately protected.


Project! Secure an Application

For your final project, you get to deploy a simple web application. Using all of your skills, you’ll secure the application and the environment exploring vulnerabilities that could cause a breach and expose valuable data. Work with setting up security systems and keeping all things in order with the CI/CD pipeline. In the end, you’ll see how the process really goes into the business, proposing your idea to DevOps teams.


How Long Does the Course Take?

As you already know, you can take as long as you like. The self-paced perk that we talked about earlier is yours to take advantage of, just as long as you meet project deadlines. To give you a better idea about the course load, Udacity estimates that the course will take about 3 months to complete when you’re dedicating only 10 hours per week. This is a pretty fair estimate but, you may want to think about your budget before you slack off completely, here’s why.


How Much Does the Course Cost?

So, the course cost depends on a few things. This is not a negative thing but is part of Udacity’s goal to make education affordable for all. When you sign up for the course, you have a few options to pay, each coming with their own benefit depending on your budget and the time you have to dedicate to the course. The two options you get with Udacity are:


Udacity’s ‘Bundle and Save’ Deal

Remember the estimate we told you about above? Well, that isn’t just for show! Udacity gives an estimate to give learners an option to save. When you take the bundle and save deal, you’ll pay for the 3 months of access upfront and get a bit of a discount while you’re at it- 15% to be exact. The total cost when you go this route comes out to €927. Not too shabby, right?  That means for less than $1000 you could be certified in AWS, able to land a job, and start getting paid in just 3 months!


Pay as you Go

The second option you have is to pay as you go. If you take this option, you’re looking at €359 per each month. This is where it gets a bit tricky because, if it really does take you 3 months, you’ll benefit from taking the deal with Udacity. If you can finish faster, you wind up saving money in the end, paying about €200 less and jumping into the job market faster.


What Have Learners Said?

Overall, the course has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Here is what a few of the previous learners had to say.


“This nano degree is really good, best out all I have taken so far. I would highly recommend others to take it. It will be smoother for someone with AWS experience or certification. There is a lot of really useful material that goes beyond what you will learn through certification courses. It also makes one think about loads of things that should be in the mind of a cloud architect when working with AWS and designing robust architectures in the cloud. Well done to all the instructors.” – Faizan T.


“Going well. I got exposure to many concepts and areas like RDS/DR/cloud-security which is difficult to get in the current role. In this program, there are more assignments than expected which I feel very value add. All three-course contents are excellent. The course authors are really skilled and talented. I am really happy to do this nanodegree program. Thanks!” – Sabeer Z.


“I was not familiar to AWS and didn’t have that much knowledge on many fields covered by the program. And I can say that I gain a lot more knowledge about the cloud and what makes an app cloud native but also about AWS and the service they offer. The program perfectly matches my needs (even the unknown ones) and it was a wonderful experience.” – Romuald A.


What’s the Job Market Like?

AWS is a huge platform used by many. When cloud development took off and applications turned to a more interactive and flowing sort of way, the demand for those with AWS experience went through the roof. A recent analysis from Simplilearn showed that the average salary for an AWS Cloud Architect was $113,000. On top of that, there are more and more jobs created on some of the hottest online job platforms. The reason for the shortage is the increase in businesses that want to make the switch to a more user-friendly online presence.


Add that together with a shortage of those with the skillset to deploy some of today’s more complex cloud-based applications and you’ve got a great career that you can surely benefit from once you step foot into the field.


Learn Today and Earn Tomorrow

One of the greatest things about increasing your knowledge is that it is a lifelong investment. You are equipping yourself with something that you can use throughout the rest of your life, and make a pretty good profit from. When you sign for a Nanodegree from Udacity, you’re scoring more than just an in-depth curriculum. You’re also getting help with:


  • Your resume
  • Your first interview
  • And your time taking the course


Today’s advanced applications are moving to the cloud, where they are easier to deploy and are maintained in safer environments. Knowing how to create architectures that support and secure these applications is a great asset to have, one that you can benefit from and start making money in no time with a Nanodegree for Udacity.

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