How To Collect Email List From Your Blog

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Before going into you how to collect an email list. First, you should know! Why you should collect an Email List in 1st place?

An Email List will help you get in touch with people. Who is interested in your blog content. Which can be potentially turned into your customer. And new sources of traffic too. You can pitch them your upcoming, Physical/Digital Products. Or notify them of Your upcoming blog post or an event. There are many ways to monetize from your subscriber list.

  • It will be guaranteed Reach to your targeted traffic. People usually skip a post on facebook. twitter but they do not miss any email
  • You can directly access your audience without the help of any other medium. Like social media, where you have very little control.
  • You Can integrate an email newsletter within your WordPress blog. Better than facebook or any other medium
  • Power of Better Targeting You can Target Specific Country state even cities. Special type of user which like certain things over others

So how could you build your own email list with your blog?

1st you need a reliable email service provider. Which is have expertise in email delivery services. So that email can reach your audience inbox and not on their spam.

So Which Email Marketing Service You Should Choose?

There are hundreds of email service provider are on the internet. And Because of constant competition. We can get the service for cheap and reliable too. Below I am mention Few Service Which I Use.

  1. Aweber
  2. Constant Contact
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. MailChimp

With Aweber, you can start your first month at only $1.

Once You Sign Up with your desired service provider. The Very Next step is to integrate with your WordPress blog.

To increase your email subscriber, you should have to split test. Where your audience signing up from that particular place of your blog.

Some places where you can integrate into Word Press Sites are

  1. WordPress Lightbox popup
  2. Floating Footer Bar
  3. Slide-ins or slide-ups
  4. Generic Sidebar & Post Forms
  5. Contact Forms

Once you start to build your email list the next step is Interacting with your subscriber.

You should have a habit of sending important content via email which could be weekly or monthly. which lure your subscriber to visit a site and perform certain actions as you like.


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