100 + Python Interview Questions and Answers for Programmers

100 + Python Interview Questions and Answers for Programmers
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In this article, you will learn about 100 + Python interview questions and answers for freshers, experienced professions, data scientists, Machine learning engineers and AI Engineers. If you a newbie to python, Start from 30 days python tutorial course

Before going to python interview questions, You have to know why python is best in Speed, Security, Interactive, Interpreted, Modular Dynamic, Object-oriented, Portable, High level Extensible in C++ & C.

Python Interview Questions and Answers for Programmers

What is Python ?

It’s an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language used to develop web applications, desktop applications, games and datascience and machine learning projects.

Who is the founder of python ?

a) Guido van Rossum

What is the latest version of python ?

a) The current latest  python version is Python 3.7.0.

In which python programming language released ?

a) 1991

Is Python Supports for Web Programming ?

a) Yes with Django, Pyramid, Bottle, Tornado, Flask, web2py framework

Is Python Supports for GUI Programming ?

a) Yes with tkInter, PyGObject, PyQt, PySide, Kivy, wxPython libraries.

Is Python Supports for Data science and machine learning ?

a) Yes

What are datasciene and machine learning libraries in python ?  

a) Numpy, SciPy, Pandas, IPython, Scikit learn libraries

What are deeplearning libraries in python?

Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch etc

What PEP 8 : Coding Style in Python ?

PEP 8, sometimes spelled PEP8 or PEP-8, is a document that provides guidelines and best practices on how to write Python code. It was written in 2001 by Guido van Rossum, Barry Warsaw, and Nick Coghlan. The primary focus of PEP 8 is to improve the readability and consistency of Python code.

PEP stands for Python Enhancement Proposal, and there are several of them. A PEP is a document that describes new features proposed for Python and documents aspects of Python, like design and style, for the community.


How can you do debugging in python ?

We can do by using inbuilt module pdb. The module pdb defines an interactive source code debugger for Python programs.

What are the tools available in python to find bugs ?

You can use Pychecker to find bugs in program.

What are major differences between from python 2 and python 3?

Print Syntax, Libraries, etc. Fore more information refer

What are built in data types in python ?

  • Integers
  • Floating-Point
  • Numbers
  • Complex Numbers
  • Strings

What is the maximum possible value for an integer in python ?

There is no definite value of integer in python 3. It depends on memory size.





What is global and local variables in python ?

Global variable – we can access anywhere in the program.

Local variable – we can access inside a function.

How to swap variable using python ?

x=10 y=30 temp = x x = y y = temp print(x) print(y)



What is difference between a += b is not always a = a + b in python ?


What is private variable in python ?

Refer this article for more information

What are membership operators in python ?

“in” and “not in” – Refer this article for more information

What is function in python?

How many types of functions in python ?

How to declare a function in python ?

def fun():


What is the use of split function in python ?

you can use split() function to split the string by comma or space etc.

Here is the example:

str="Hello How are you " s=str.split(" ") print(s[0]) print(s[1]) print(s[2]) print(s[3])

Read more string examples

How are arguments passed by value or by reference?

In python, Objects passed as arguments to functions are passed by reference; they are not being copied around. Thus, passing a large list as an argument does not involve copying all its members to a new location in memory. Note that even integers are objects. However, the distinction of by value and by reference present in some other programming languages often serves to distinguish whether the passed arguments can be actually changed by the called function and whether the calling function can see the changes. Passed objects of mutable types such as lists and dictionaries can be changed by the called function and the changes are visible to the calling function. Passed objects of immutable types such as integers and strings cannot be changed by the called function; the calling function can be certain that the called function will not change them

What Is A Function Call Or A Callable Object In Python?

A callable object is an object that can accept some arguments (also calledparameters) and possibly return an object (often a tuple containing multipleobjects). A function is the simplest callable object in Python, but there are others, such as classes or certain class instances.

What is the use of return keyword in python ?

A return statement ends the execution of the function call and “returns” the result, i.e. the value of the expression following the return keyword, to the caller. If the return statement is without an expression, the special value None is returned. If there is no return statement in the function code, the function ends, when the control flow reaches the end of the function body and the value “None” will be returned.

What is Break keyword in python ?

Break is used to terminate the current execution at next statement. It can be used  in for and while loops

What is difference between break and continue in python ?

Break keyword breads the current execution but the ‘continue’ keyword used to ‘continue’ the execution with out break.

What is use of pass in python?

It is used to just pass the loop

What is enumerate() function in python ?

What is Class and Object ?

What Are Errors And Exceptions In Python Programs?

How can you handle errors in python ?

How can you handle exceptions in python ?

What is pickling and unpickling in python ?

What is namespace in python?

What is lambda in python ?

What is unitest in python ?

What is docstring in python ?

What is module and package in python ?

What is List In python ?

How to add values to list ?

How to update values from the list ?

How to remove values from the list  ?

How to sort values in list  ?

By using list.sort() function.

How to find the last 2 nd element from the list using python ?

How to convert list to another datatype using python ?

What is tuple in python ?

What is the difference between list and tuple ?

What is dictionary in python ?

How can you create a dictionary in python ?

What is set in python ?

What is fronenset in python ?

What is list comprehensive? What are benefits?

What are strings in python ?

How to find the length of the string using python ?

What is Index in python ?

How many types of comments in python ?

How memory management works in python?

How multi-thread works in python ?

Explain about inheritance in python ?

What are negative index ? How they are useful ?


Python interview questions for experienced professionals

What are major differences between Django, Pyramid and Flask.?

Which is composition in python ?

What are python iterators ?

What is difference between iterable and iterator ?

What are python generators ?

What are closures in python ?

What are decorators in python ?

What Is the use of Globals() function In Python?

What is help() function in python ?

What is dir() function in python ?

What is the use of zip() method in python ?

What is regular expression library in python ?

Can you find regular expression code to find all email ids from the string. ?

How to remove punctuation’s from a string ?

How to find duplicates values from the data using python?

How can you convert a number to string ?

How to do web scraping using python ?

What is use of urllib() module in python ?

How to take input values from user in python ?

What is Coroutine in Python ?

When to use yield instead of return in Python?

What are *args and **kwargs in Python ?

What are Inplace Operators in Python ?

What is the difference between Inplace vs Standard Operators in Python ?

How to generate random number using python ?

You can generate random number by using range

What is difference between range() and xrange() functions in python ?

If you want to write code that will run on both Python 2 and Python 3, use range() as the xrange funtion is deprecated in Python 3. range() is faster if iterating over the same sequence multiple times. xrange() has to reconstruct the integer object every time, but range() will have real integer objects.


What is OS module in python ?

What is Copy module ?

What is difference between Deep vs Shallow copy ?

What is Import module in python ?

What Reload module in python ?

What Collection module in python ?

What is DeQue in python ?

What is NamedTuple in python ?

What is Heap in pyton ?

What is Enum module in python ?

What is Theano in Python ?

What are math functions in python ? How to call them ?

What are statistics functions in python ? how to call them ?

How to do get and post requests in python ?

What is timit function in python ? how it’s useful ?

What is Packing and unpacking arguments in python ?

how you can minimize the Memcached server outages in your Python Development?

What is Dogpile effect? How can you prevent this effect?

What is Generator Expression In Python ? What is the syntax ?

What are conditional expression in python  ? What is the syntax ?

How does Ternary Operator works in python ?

What does self keyword do in python ?

What are Best frameworks for Python  ?

Flask Interview Questions and Answers :

What is flask framework ? and benefits

How can you access session in flask python ?

How can you access database in flask python ?

Django Interview Questions and Answers:

What is djano framework ? and benefits

How can you access session in django python ?

How can you access database in django python ?

Python interview questions for data science and machine learning

Numpy Interview Questions and Answers:

What is numpy arrays and it’s benefits?

What is difference between numpy arrays and traditional arrays ?

How can you calculate a computational time for a python program ?

How can you generate random variables in numpy ?

How can you generate random variables with distributions  in numpy ?

Pandas interview questions and answers:

What is pandas ? What is use of it ?

How to import csv files using pandas ?

What is series ?

What is Dataframe ?

What is Panel  ?

How can you fill missing or null values using pandas ?

How can you fill duplicate values using pandas ?

How to use pandas for time series data ?

How to plot graphs using pandas ?

Scikitlearn interview questions and answers:

What is scikit-learn ? What is the use of it  ?

How to do anomaly detection using scikitlearn ?

How would you import a decision tree classifier in sklearn?

How would you import a random forest classifier in sklearn?

How to clustering using scikit learn  library function ?

What is regression metrics in scikit learn ?

What is classification metrics in scikit learn ?

What is clustering metrics in scikit learn ?

How can you do Feature selection using scikit learn ?

What is One hot encoding ?

What is label encoding ?

How can you fill missing values using scikit learn ?

What is Minmax scaler in scikit learn and advantages of it ?

How can you do Dimensional reduction using scikit learn ?

How can you do feature engineering for text ?

How can you do cross validation using scikit learn ?

Matplotlib interview questions and answers:

What is matplotlib ? What is use of it ?

How to EDA using Matplotlib  ?

How many types of graphs are available in matplotlib ?

How to plot 3d graphs using matplotlib ?

What is use box plot graph ?


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