How to use SEMRush to find the most profitable keywords

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For this tutorial, I am using daily blog tips as an example. Because it is also a blog that is giving tips about the blog & hence my competitor.  You can use this tutorial as an example. To find the most profitable keywords from your competitors.

Step 1: Enter your competitor’s domain to get keyword ideas.

In the below image I have added the domain of my competitor & in the blink of second SEMRush showing me their data.

Important tip: Always make sure to use your targeted country in SEMRush. So that SEMRush can show you data from that region only.

After you click “Full Report” under “top organic keywords”. Then SEMRush will show you all the keywords of a site that is ranking for.

Now you will see much information like important keywords. For which blog is ranking on Google. And how much traffic these keywords are getting for that blog etc.

Once you got all the information. Then focus on the next step which will help you find the most profitable keywords.

Step 2: Click on “CPC Section” to get all high paying keywords

See how magically SEMRush presents you the golden nuggets. You can see all high profitable keywords.

Step 3: Gather all information from your 1st competitor & Then go to the next domain

After gathering all the important keywords in one place. Do the same thing with your other competitor. Then as you imagine you will get a huge list of all high paying keywords. It will definitely increase your AdSense income.  No matter which Subject on your blog is. You will always get a helping hand from SEMRush to find profitable keywords.

If you are finding an alternative to SEMRush. Then let me tell you. Before you search in google, No tool in the world will give you most features at a cheap rate except SEMRush.


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