How to Choose Topic for your blog

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First thing you should decide about which topic you would love to write about. Which topic attracts you and keep you motivated & passionate to keep writing a new blog post on a daily basis.

Don’t make a blog about random things, subjects and only think about making money. This doesn’t work in today’s time. People won’t relate to your other content & hence won’t follow you. If you want to be a successful blogger choose a single topic. That’s why it’s important to choose your niche.

Also, Google won’t rank your blog for many topics. Because it’s hard to maintain the quality of every subject you write. People should know that, If they want information about a particular subject. Then your blog name should come to their mind. Choose a topic so that you can rank on Google Search Engine Where People Can easily find your blog and love to read it.

For e.g ReddyBlog is a website about blogging and that’s how people are finding us.

But now the most important question is that,

How to find a perfect topic for your blog?

I will suggest a few tips & tricks which will help you get started:

  • Find a topic that you have more knowledge about. It doesn’t mean it should be about your job. It could be anything. Think about a topic which you like most and you can talk about it with others.
  • Choose a topic from what you read most about. If you read about something it means that topic makes you more interest in it.
  • Make sure you have a good interest in that topic. More interest you have more in-depth you know about that particular topic.
  • Take a pen paper and write down topics in which you have an interest. Like for e,.g: Motivation, Fashion, Finance, Technology, Arts, Body Arts, Scientific Research, BabyCare, Health Care, Productivity, etc. Now try to write at least 10 different post titles about a topic you like but remember don’t use references and let it be generic. It should be from the bottom of your heart. After writing all 10 post title. You will automatically get to know which topic you should write about.

I am sure these above steps will definitely help you choose a topic for your blog. Which you are most passionate about.

These tips will help you and clear your mind when your blog will become online.

If you pick a topic which you like most which you like to write & talk about then you will not get bored or uninterested over time. You will always be willing to write something valuable for your readers. Which you and your readers will enjoy. So, now I am 100% sure that you have already chosen your desired topic. Which will make you tons of money while you enjoy writing about it.


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