How to Choose Best design for your blog

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So until now, We have completed three important steps like

Blogging platform, Blog Topic, Hosting & Domain Name.

After these, we are going to choose about blog look. You know in today’s world look is more important not only for humans but also for your blog. Your blog look & its User Interface (UI) will decide your first and last impression. Readers love to read from stylish elegant design & They will remember your blog from its look.

In the world of WordPress. There are not only hundreds but thousands of free & premium themes out there. I will recommend a premium theme for your blog. Because premium themes always get updated. And you will also get help from the developer if anything goes wrong. And more importantly, you will get quality & most unique design for your blog.

Below are easy to use responsive and modern WordPress from which you can choose from

It is one of the biggest and most popular websites for WordPress Themes. Where normal people can buy and developers can sell their themes. Normal prices for theme are from $5 to $40, which is very convenient and affordable. You will not only get beautiful themes for the price you pay but also many extra features. And the price also depends upon how complex the feature of theme is. You will also get to know the amazing people at the site. They have a great community of bloggers, web designers and developers.

It is also another popular website for WordPress Themes. It’s not biggest like Themeforest library. But you will get quality WordPress themes. Elegant Themes got an excellent reputation for its amazing features. And the best of the tool for WordPress. It also has a range of complex functions and also simple to use and customize.

Its only website which gets the seal of approval from Due to its selection and wonderful WordPress themes collection. They have excellent customer support. If you like the rough and edgy style then you should definitely check them out. They release themes every month with options like one buy one get the offer. They recently started a monthly subscription. So that you can access an unlimited number of themes.

It is founded in the year 2008 which is having great premium WordPress themes. These themes are very affordable in terms of price. One of key things of this site is that they give lifetime support for their themes. You don’t need any other assistance for the future. They don’t have too many premium themes. But remember it’s very cheap to become a member and access all themes on an unlimited basis.¬†

It is also one of the most top-selling WordPress themes on the market. They have very professionally designed themes with very affordable price tags. They offer themes based on the Genesis Framework. Which is great for customization and a great tool for building a WordPress website. Their theme can be purchased individually or if you wish you can buy them in bulk quantity.

There are many premium themes out there. But I will recommend from above because your blog will look more professional.


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