Super Affiliate System Review, | Will you earn $1k Per Day ?

Super Affiliate System Review, | Will you earn $1k Per Day ?
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The world’s affiliate marketing industry is growing at a high rate. Reports anticipate that it will have doubled in size by the year 2025.  This not strange considering research reveals that 170 million transactions were carried out via affiliate marketing in the year 2017 alone. You can ensure to become part of this growth by investing in affiliate marketing.

The get-rich-quick schemes and scams online have made people develop mistrust in affiliate marketing. Individuals are afraid to join a field which they would sacrifice their career and, in the end, lose their investments. It is rightfully to evaluate an affiliate program before putting in your investments.

The Super affiliate is a popular affiliate marketing course that many individuals have tested and testified success with. But with a lot of other programs promising you all the good things, it might be difficult to separate what is a scam and what is real.

However, before deciding on whether to purchase the package, you need to conduct a thorough research about everything in it to determine if it is perfect for you.  Is super affiliate system legit? Is it worth your money and attention? In this super affiliate system review, I will critically analyze what the course covers, pros and cons, and determine whether it is a legit affiliate marketing that newbies should channel their efforts in.

By the end of this super affiliate system review, you should be fully informed to decide if this is the right one for you properly.

Here are some of the reasons why you want to read our Super Affiliate System Review:

  • Different from other reviewers promoting the super affiliate system, I am going to give you my honest opinion about the course.
  • We have taken my time to review the program, its resources and going through all the videos. Very few individuals writing the super affiliate system reviews can admit that.
  • We critically understand the affiliate marketing industry, with many years’ experience. Though it is hard to prove, it is evident that most affiliate marketers touch on just enough to give you a taste of success and omit enough to leave you looking for more and confused.

What is the Super Affiliate System?

If you are new in the world of affiliate marketing, you could be wondering, what is the super affiliate system or what the program is all about.

Well, the Super Affiliate System is a course founded by John Crestani developed to equip affiliate marketers with what it takes to become successful as super affiliates. The video-based course teaches you how to collect affiliate commissions to earn income from products that are not your own. In the videos, Crestani shares creative strategies that will see you become a super affiliate marketer if you strictly adhere to them.

The course is not a scheme to have you rich overnight but a tutorial guide to offer you skills and knowledge in affiliate marketing. The super affiliate system provides tools necessary for newbies in affiliate marketing to realize their potentials. The main aim is to design a landing page that will convert individuals into customers while you earn a commission of every sale.

Crestani concentrates on the use of paid adverts to pull traffic to your sales page.  Newbies are introduced to module-based learning to assist them in getting familiar with affiliate marketing through a simplified system comprising of a single website, constant quality traffic and buyers. Crestani’s vast experience and knowledge in affiliate marketing make the super affiliate marketing system stand out from its competitors.

Super affiliates like Crestani are affiliate marketers who have created highly successful strategies that yield hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of profit. While super affiliates are not made overnight, the super affiliate system is designed to routinely track the affiliates progress by equipping them with necessary tools to establish meaningful affiliate careers from the start.

Who is John Crestani?

If you are a passionate follower of affiliate marketing, I am sure you have come across the name John Crestani. He is a pro affiliate marketer with immense experience in the industry. Crestani commands great expertise in the fields of Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and internet marketing and business development.

Crestani’s story involves details about how he perfected his skills and become an internet marketing sensation while still an employee of a marketing company in his home town. His exceptional skill-set allowed him to generate and double revenue for the various companies he worked for, thus making him the best marketer wherever he worked. Despite making a good living from employment, he was fired from his job without notice. It is this turn of events that afforded Crestani to set up his affiliate marketing career.

Crestani has confessed to being earning over $500 per month from affiliate marketing. His remarkable success in the industry has seen him featured on ForbesInc., Affiliate Summit, Yahoo Finance, and Home Business. With the vast experience and success, he has achieved in affiliate marketing, Crestani has created starters- friendly training guide to equip newbies how to make money as affiliate marketers. He clearly explains all the tools and tricks he used to gain his success.

How Much is the Super Affiliate System?

The super affiliate system comes with a price tag of $ 997. Crestani also offers an option for three payments of $397, which totals at $1191. The programme provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. You should not buy the programme with the motive of getting a refund; your efforts are the determinants of whether you will get a refund. The money-back-guarantee acts a way of reducing your risk, not as a means of taking the programme less seriously. The programme’s fee of $997 is a tremendous amount of money to part with. This explains why you should take the course seriously.

The most exciting part about the super affiliate system is that the course will refund your purchase if you succeed. If you can attain over $10,000 using the tricks and strategies given by Crestani, you can have your buying price refunded. Crestani needs you to complete multiple tasks before you can be given a refund.

The super affiliate system contains few bonuses that Crestani attaches a $ 25,000 cost. Overall, these are part of the programme’s bundle, but they do add value. You have access to more than just a course when you sign up for the super affiliate system. These bonuses include:

  • Marketing data for Facebook ads
  • Swipe files
  • Monthly training calls
  • A one-on-one call with John Crestani
  • Pre-built sales pages
  • Free ad credits- credits to advertise using specific networks


Does the Super Affiliate System Really Work?

The super affiliate system has received positive reviews from many affiliates who have tested it and realized satisfactory results from it. If you visit super affiliate site, you will come across these reviews and testimonials. But then, does the system really work?

In general, the super affiliate system program does work. It provides a structured curriculum that ads and credits bonuses will be an advantage to you when you start developing your affiliate marketing system. The course also has a 100% money-back guarantee minimizing the risks involved.

However, the system does not assure you of quick riches; it calls for application and works to complete it. Realizing success after you are through with the super affiliate marketing system online video training needs you also to put them into practice. A series of hard work, dedication and time is required to become successful in the affiliate marketing industry.

Is Super Affiliate System Worth the Money?

Well, this question is entirely dependent on you as an individual. If you are passionate about affiliate marketing and you are seeking to establish a stable career as an affiliate marketer, and have the time to put into practice all the guidelines offered in super affiliate training programme-then yes, it likely is.

In contrast, if you have a routine of starting things and never see the end, or are seeking for an overnight riches scheme, then no it’s likely not going to earn you any money.

The super affiliate system comes with resourceful information that can assist you in starting your affiliate marketing career the right way. I can’t outrightly tell you that you should purchase the $997 affiliate programme with zero knowledge of your financial situation.

I can only try to explain who will get value out of this programme and who should save their money. For example, if you have $3,000 at your disposal, save your money. You can access other cheap affiliate marketing courses and free information that will assist you in getting started. The quality will be lower, and you will be required to build your curriculum, but you will have an extra $997 at your disposal. You can use the extra amount to cater for advertising, marketing software and hosting. You can apply self-taught skills and achieve perfection through trial-and-error.

On the other hand, if you have more money at your disposal and you are passionate about creating a successful affiliate career, this programme is worth it. The programme guides you through the whole process of developing a profitable affiliate career. You will have the advantage of a well-organized learning guide from a pro affiliate marketer. Crestani’s advice should not be underestimated. If you plan to spend on paid adverts, you will gain practical insights from his strategies. If you decide to walk alone, it is easy to lose your money on ineffective advertising campaigns.

The super affiliate system offers a lot of up-front value besides educational information. You will have access to more than $1000 advertising credits, pre-built landing pages and swipe files that you would otherwise be required to finance. You can also apply the guidance from Crestani and the community to keep in check and establish your affiliate marketing career in the right manner.

How Does the Super Affiliate System Work?

The super affiliate system comes to make you a super affiliate marketer. Crestani is a guru in affiliate marketing, and he has put together all the strategies he employed to gain success to train individuals who are seeking to become established affiliates. The system’s members area has laid out everything that the guru employed to make millions through affiliate marketing.

The video-based tutorial guide will assist you with traffic resources, necessary tools you need as an affiliate, setting up campaigns and the affiliate networks that the pro affiliate used to achieve success. You will also be exposed to the best affiliate networks that Crestani used; however, most of them require thorough training and experience because they are not easy. Crestani will step by step guide you on how to venture into these networks.

More often, many newbies in affiliate marketing end up being disappointed as they may take time before they start making money. Those who get the opportunity to earn, promote the super affiliate system in different ways. They then convert the marketing leads they get into sales and earn commission on every sale they make.

Affiliate marketing is all about selling products on all other people’s behalf and earning a commission from the sales. Affiliate marketing can be carried out through paid or free traffic online. The super affiliate system comes in to equip you with essential skills you need to earn by promoting the course through paid traffic Facebook ads.


What does the super Affiliate system training entail?


The super affiliate system training programme has earned its place as one of the most detailed affiliate marketing courses in the industry. The course comprises of over 50 hours content that will take about six weeks of your time to learn. The system also contains video tutorials reinforced with different questions and homework to assess affiliates understanding.

The super affiliate system has been created to offer newbies comprehensive tricks and ideas for attaining success in affiliate marketing. The program’s video training cover broad areas which include the following:

  • ClickFunnels
  • Facebook ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Google ads
  • Social ads
  • Website creation
  • Native ads
  • Content creation
  • Tracking and testing
  • Scaling
  • Advanced strategies
  • Affiliate networks

The super affiliate system training programme is arranged for each week covering a specific section. The following is a breakdown of the programme’s six-weeks schedule:

Week-1 Super Affiliate System Setup

During the first week, Crestani concentrates mainly on newbies first commissions. Like how any successful affiliate marketer understands, getting your first affiliate commission is a source of motivation. It is at this time that you get to realize that success is real, and you can earn money online.

In this specific phase of the training, Crestani takes you through the process of designing your business setup. The phase comprises of basics of getting started. The guru affiliate marketer guides you through the journey of affiliate marketing as a newbie. He explains to you how to build your landing pages, setting up ads and joining an affiliate network. The following are some of the essential take-ups away from this module:

  • Establishing your own goals
  • Joining and getting approval from different affiliate networks such as Digistore and ClickBank.
  • How to set up successful Facebook Ads
  • Setting up presell pages and affiliate links.
  • How to get your website optimized for affiliate marketing
  • How to invest in affiliate networks and their representatives, so they work in your favour.


Week 2- Choosing Your Niche

The most common mistake that newbies in affiliate marketing make is failing to clearly understand the framework of affiliate marketing before diving deep into it.

Week 2 section is centred on identifying your niche. As it is known to affiliate marketers, your niche choice can build or destroy you. For instance, if you select the “coupon” niche, you are appealing to a following that is focused on saving money instead of spending it. You would be spending a lot of time doing the same work you would if you were advertising to a following that is willing to spend money.

Crestani kicks off this week’s training by teaching about having the right mindset. It is a motivation course created to assist you in getting ready psychologically. You are equipped with the mindset of an entrepreneur. Crestani ensures you are prepared for success even if you have experienced failure in other businesses in the past. He then proceeds to guide you on how to select a niche with reference to competition and market size. The module teaches you to regard for user’s intent and its importance in turning traffic into sales, making you an outstanding affiliate marketer.

Week 3- Advanced Marketing Skills

After having successfully identifying your niche, adopted the right mindset for an affiliate marketer and set up your website with your strategically organized affiliate links, the next thing is marketing to the right audience.

This section focuses on an introduction to important affiliate marketing principles. If you are a newbie, this section is essential. If you are already familiar with affiliate marketing, you may already be conversant with many of these lessons.

Crestani addresses the psychological aspect of marketing and talks about tricks for influencing people’s emotions to have them buy. He expounds on this thorough presentation of various psychological triggers you can apply in your advertisements, pages, landing and copywriting. He also puts forward a substantial number of examples to illustrate the ideas.

Week 4- Facebook and Google Ads

It is likely that you have come across Crestani’s Facebook or google ads at some point. Having experienced such ads and the need for an honest review may be the reason you are reading this review. Crestani commands enormous skills in Google and Facebook advertising. It is one of the primary reasons he can drive massive traffic to his affiliate system course. In this section, he offers a technical tutorial on the ins and outs of pay per click ads.

He talks on how you can create your ad campaigns in the right manner. This is crucial for affiliate marketers who are new to advertising. If you are spending money on adverts, you should be doing it in the most effective means. Otherwise, you will lose both your money and time. Crestani further expounds on advertising analytics and teaches you how to analyze them effectively. The main take ways from this module are the following:

  • Understanding using Google AdWords’
  • Compliance to Facebook ad policies
  • Understanding the different metrics applied in measuring advert profitability
  • Setting up Facebook Ads that pull the higher click through rates and Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Facebook Ads Dive-in with super guest affiliate


Week 5 YouTube and Native Ads

Crestani makes week 5 a continuation of paid advertising learning. In this section, he concentrates on Native and YouTube ads. Native ads are those ads that appear on the bottom of articles on content-based sites. Both Google and Facebook Ads are the primary source of ad traffic, thus the dedication of the whole module to explain them. The potential, however, to increase your traffic through native ads and YouTube ads are inconceivably large.

He explains to you how to use some of the widely known native ad networks like MGID and Outbrain. Crestani goes ahead to teach you how to set up your YouTube Ads in the right way. You can access more related information in the course’s bonus material. The revealed secrets lead you to excellent income potential that you are eyeing if use these platforms in the right way.

Week 6- Scaling and Outsourcing

This is the closing module of the super affiliate training programme. Crestani addresses scaling your affiliate marketing skills and outsourcing some of the responsibilities. This module teaches you the tricks of scaling up a working campaign. This important for affiliates who are seeking to reap more profits from their campaigns.

The guru explains strategies you can outsource some of your responsibilities as an affiliate marketing career becomes more successful. He goes ahead to teach you how to compare your landing page performance and using surveys within your funnels to increase traffic.

Realizing your dream of becoming a super affiliate need you to apply each of the listed techniques as explained by Crestani. Module 6 extends to the following:

  • Optimizing online buyers
  • The $240k solar niche case study
  • The student loan consolidation case study
  • Campaign scaling, with high upfront investments to attain $20k in profits per day

The super affiliate system is not a rush through course. You are required to familiarize yourself with the program and internalize the concepts before you can be held accountable at every given step. This kind of training promotes credibility, and the success rate is satisfactory! If you want to try out the super affiliate system, but you want to interact with Crestani directly, the program has a webinar you can attend to hear from the guru affiliate marketer. You can also access members-only forums. The following are the details.


An Active Community

When you finally become a member of the super affiliate system, you have free access to a private Facebook group made up of members only. The group comprises updates to the program’s training, questions, answers and other basic resources you may need during and after the training.

Crestani is an active member of the Facebook group. He assists members by answering questions related to the program while giving directions through the affiliate marketing journey.

Weekly Group (Live) Training

The super affiliate system affiliates share ad campaigns with Crestani in a 2 to 3 hours webinar session every Friday at 3 p.m. The live session features coaching and guidance, where he gives answers to general concerns and interacts with members from all over the world. In this John Crestani’s Webinar, both newbies and pro affiliates are put into consideration.

One of the strategies he used to create a trust for the program is removing the price on his most-sought-after affiliate marketing webinar, which is now free for all. Here he shares actionable techniques on how to adopt online affiliate marketing and get the freedom you have always craved for. Even if you have not yet resolved to purchase the super affiliate system program, you can still sign-up for Crestani’s webinar to have a taste of some the things the course has to offer.

Super Affiliate System Bonuses

I my review for the super affiliate system, I find it necessary to mention bonuses. There are some bonus resources not mentioned when I explained the program’s modules.

With the $997 price tag, you not only access the 6 modules, but the guru added in several resources to support your learning and make you a super affiliate marketer. These bonuses include:

  • Super affiliate system ad swipes-ready to use ad swipe files are crucial to succeed in affiliate marketing.
  • Targeted data-Crestani’s established reach allows you to access emails of potential buyers and targeted keywords.
  • Presell pages- these presell pages are a must use as they make your website unique and pull more traffic which translates to more income for you.
  • Weekly coaching- Crestani carries out weekly webinars with learners where he expounds on useful market tricks to get you at the top as a super affiliate marketer.
  • Included marketing tools- the super affiliate system has extra important out of box resources for both starters and experienced affiliate marketers.

Who is the Super Affiliate System for?

Not all products in the market benefit all individuals who want to try them out. The same applies to the super affiliate system. There exist many digital products providing a means of earning money online. But then, only a portion of these affiliate systems that will give the real value of what you require. The super affiliate system offers you a free webinar to assist you in understanding what it entails.

Newbies can use super affiliate system to acquire the relevant skills needed in affiliate marketing. Individuals who are employed and are seeking ways to double their income are also fit for the programme. The programme is also best for entrepreneurs who are seeking to learn how to earn money online, mainly through paid ads.  It is also ideal for those individuals who already have experience in web design, copywriting for their ads and website conversion optimization. The super affiliate system is suitable for any other individual seeing for an alternative income-generating activity.

How is the Super Affiliate System’s Quality?

Generally, the programme’s quality is good. The largest part of it involves Crestani screen recording a google slides tutorial with a face cam in the bottom right video. The guru has progressively improved the quality of the programme every day. He continues to upload new videos improving on the old content. Because members are guaranteed permanent access to the programme’s content, they stand to gain from any additional videos.

Pros and Cons of Super Affiliate System

In general, the super affiliate system is a quality programme that offers genuine value to individuals who buy it. If you were asking is super affiliate system a scam? Then the answer is not. However, there several shortcomings associated with this programme. Let us evaluate some of the pros and cons of the super affiliate system.


  • The biggest pro of the super affiliate system is the programme’s extensiveness and value for both newbies and experienced affiliate marketers.
  • The super affiliate system is also revised every year to assess changes in services and tools applied to implement the course as well as the successful online tricks. The affiliate industry is prone to changes in terms of affiliate tools and services. Different from other affiliate programs that may never be revised, super affiliate system will provide current and important content throughout the program’s life span.
  • The program is structured and laid out more clearly. To add onto that, the revision modules, questions and homework are useful for retaining the understanding of the program’s content.
  • Another pro associated with the super affiliate system is the support affiliates who buy this program receive. Once buyers have signed up for the program, they are given access to members-only internet marketing forum, student email support and Facebook group.
  • The program provides a forum for the community to interact with each other and no email marketing required.
  • Crestani’s teaching approach is ideal for paid advertising newbies, and the skills acquired from the program will be applicable in any future online marketing encounters.


  • The first shortcoming associated with the super affiliate system is the program’s cost. Presently the program has a price tag of $997 which can be divided into three instalments of $397. While this can be a considerable amount of money for some individuals, affiliate marketers who completely adhere and put into practise the skills they learn from Crestani will probably have a return on these costs.
  • Another shortcoming of the super affiliate system is that some sections like google ads could be discussed in more details. However, due to the size and scope of the program, this a lesser shortcoming.
  • Crestani uses only one niche and affiliate program as an example throughout the entire course.
  • The program’s video-packed tutorials spread throughout six weeks can be demanding for individuals who have full-time jobs. It requires extra time and efforts to call it a success.

Although the super affiliate system may be expensive, it is guaranteed that you get more than your investment’s worth. The course comes with tested templates proven to assists newbies establish affiliate marketing careers with more than 90% success rate.


How is Super Affiliate System Resources and Support?

The super affiliate system program resources page contains the pre-built affiliate funnels and targeting data. It also has several other tools that will assist you in your affiliate marketing journey. These include resources like:

  • An affiliate network list beyond ClickBank.
  • Legal resources in case you experience google ad or Facebook policy violations.
  • Affiliate ad swipes-proven copy for the platforms covered in the program
  • An advertising network list besides YouTube, Facebook, and Google Ads.
  • The program’s archives in case you want to access the older tutorials.

The super affiliate system support is excellent. You can access answers to your technical and non-technical questions in the program’s knowledge centre. Crestani regularly updates the program’s content with good questions asked by the super affiliate system members. The affiliate marketing guru answers the questions himself.

Super Affiliate System Vs Commission Hero

Both courses are beneficial marketing systems that teach people how they can establish a successful affiliate marketing career. Different from the commission hero shallow training guide, the super affiliate system online video-based tutorials contain a unique keyword device that moves newbies to in-depth searches to access full information to listed points.

The two programs have the same price tag of $997. However, their payment options differ a little bit. For the commission hero, you can select to make a single payment of the full amount or pay in two times instalments of $547. On the other hand, the super affiliate system gives an option to make a single payment of $997 or pay in three-months instalments of $397. It is ideal if you make a single payment for both programs if you can afford it.

Common Positive Feedback on the Super Affiliate System

  • Newbie-friendly course
  • Crestani takes part in webinars and training.
  • Easy to follow the training
  • The course works if you maintain consistent action.

Common Negative Feedback on the Super Affiliate System

  • The ads create the impression that earning money online is easy.
  • The training is expensive comparing to some of the affiliate systems in the market.
  • The free methods take a lot of time to start generating profits.
  • The program needs many paid tools, and that content isn’t forecasted to you upfront.
  • Crestani exaggerates and makes elusive claims. His popular claims are “you can earn money online within hours “and the likes. He supports the claims with strategies, but the “quick money” strategies are not sustainable.


Final Opinion on the Super Affiliate System

As a reputable affiliate marketer, thousands of positive reviews about Crestani are available across the internet. A long as you are aware of what you want, and you are willing to chip in the efforts required in affiliate marketing; you will be unstoppable with the super affiliate system course.

The super affiliate system entails all affiliate marketing strategies. The program offers a golden chance for individuals seeking to establish successful careers as affiliate marketing industry. The course is only ideal for individuals with focus and dedication to realizing their goals.

The super affiliate system has up to date proved incredibility to a substantial number of affiliates. Therefore, the program is worth the efforts and investments to give you huge returns. The course equips newbies with the necessary skills to enable them to realize their potentials as super affiliates.

The program’s review has clearly illustrated that it is not a shortcut to getting overnight riches. It is a training guide to assist you to keep in line in the affiliate marketing industry. Complete adherence to Crestani’s tricks will lead you to success. So, if you are looking to transform your life, you should not look less than letting it go; the super affiliate system is worth your consideration as an investment plan.

You can realize financial independence by making the right decision and working on creating a successful career that does not necessarily depend on your time and energy. The super affiliate program is excellent, no doubt. And it is a legitimate course for any individual seeking to earn money online without trial and errors. If you choose to purchase the program, you are given a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you are in safe hands.

I Don’t Recommend to buy this course immediately, First enroll to his webinar, understood the training process then decide.

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