Robin Roberts Teaches Effective & Authentic Communication MasterClass Review

Robin Roberts Teaches Effective & Authentic Communication MasterClass Review
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Communication is important but, not many people know how to use it effectively. When you know how to use it, you can enjoy a lot of things in life, including more direct communication, open and honest conversations, and more compassion and empathy for those around you. You’ll notice that, with enhanced communication skills, you can enjoy better job opportunities, using your skills to talk to upper management and bosses. Apart from getting our point across effectively, communication brings you much more confidence, one that cannot be matched


In Robin Roberts Teaches Effective & Authentic Communication MasterClass, you’ll get a glimpse into the world of communication, with a ton of optimistic words in between. You’ll see how she uses communication to enhance her life and inspire others both through her career and her motivating words. Robins will take you through 11 total sections, all of which you can follow along with help from a workbook. Even if you’re not in the field of journalism, broadcast, or television, this class has something for you-as Robin opens up and gets personal with her message and skill.


Who Is This MasterClass For?

This MasterClass is not just targeted toward anyone that has an interest in broadcast television. The themes and topics introduced in the class cover much more, hitting on the importance of effective communication and a direct understanding of how to get your message across. Some of the best lessons in the class about effectiveness, making this a great class for anyone that is looking to enhance their communication skills.


For those that are looking for direct advice on entering and becoming successful in the field of journalism, this course does not deliver specifics. Though it is easy information to find, Robins spends much less time tackling the ideas of specifics in the field and spends more time on effective communication and how it can be used in day to day life. This course is perfect for anyone, no matter the profession and no matter the field, as we all could take some lessons on effective communication.


Why Learn from Robin Roberts?

Robin Roberts is best known for her role as a journalist and anchor for Good Morning America (GMA). She is an award winner, perhaps most known for her on-screen appearances covering Hurricane Katrina and interviewing USA’s first black president, Barak Obama. Besides her role covering stories and sharing information, she is also a huge advocate of effective communication. She made a bigger name for herself when she decided to get in front of the camera and tell the world her stories and struggles.


She has struggled through several occasions in her life, most of which she opens up about during the course. She took to the camera during her struggle with breast cancer, giving the world a strong and motivating voice. She proves and shows that she is so much more than just a journalist, giving the learner’s a look into her life’s work on and off-screen. She lives her life with optimism, hope, and positivity-becoming one of the most inspiring women living today.


MasterClass Content: What Will You Learn?

In total, there are 11 lessons in this MasterClass, all of which hone in on a different area within the world of broadcast television and communication. Some of the sections and things that you will learn are:


Embracing your Vulnerabilities

One of Robin’s most important lessons in life, and in the course, is to embrace any emotions and vulnerabilities. Robin’s thoughts are that you can gain strength by understanding and sharing your weaknesses. In her perspective, being open and honest and sharing your story is the first step to effective and honest communication. This helps when getting in touch with others, something that-from Robin’s point of view, we all need to do a time or two.


Making Connections

As a journalist and an interviewer, Robin has mastered the art of communication, unafraid to take the initiative and dig in during interviews. In this part of the class, Robin will teach you to be more effective at digging in and how to ask questions when you have an interest. One of her key messages is that, as long as you have the interest to learn about people-you will be successful in the questions and interview process.


Public Speaking 101

Many people are afraid or intimidated by public speaking. This could be a terrible experience if your job or career requires you to stand up in front of an audience. That is why in this section, Robin talks about the topic of public speaking, hitting on the idea of understanding and preparing for your audience before standing up and speaking in front of everyone. Tucked into this section are bits of useful information on how to keep on track with your speech and how to keep things simple when it comes to transmitting a message to multiple people.


Communication in the Workplace

Working in a company can come with challenges when attempting to move up the ladder. Robin admits that there are often faults in communication, hitting on the fact that you must be open and direct when attempting to progress. One part of the sections dealing with your career is a look at how to come across confident in any job interview for any field. She gives expert advice on how to articulate your thoughts and feelings, getting your resume to the top of the pile. The second theme she hits on is using your communication to progress in your career, teaching you how to talk to your successors, and ask for a raise without a sweat. The main idea of everything is to know your worth and never back down, even when you’re speaking to your management and bosses.


How to Interview

It wouldn’t be a good class from Robin Roberts if a look into interviews weren’t included. Robin is known for her profound questions and the compassion that she puts into every single interview. There is a section about her role on Good Morning America, where you get to have a special insider look at the set. Get a behind the scenes look at what goes into making the popular morning show. Included in these sections are her preparation and method when she interviews Michele Obama, Selma Blaire, and Barak Obama.


Closing with Optimism

The last part of Robin’s MasterClass is all about optimism, where she shares her secrets on how to stay positive and pass it on. One of the best rewards that can come from understanding and knowing how to communicate is passing on the gift for others. Robins shares her optimism for everyone to keep on moving and keep on pushing no matter what challenges come along. Her advice is to learn how to think like others, where you can understand how people think and feel. This gives you the power to connect better with others, understanding how they think, feel, and interact.


Robin’s MasterClass Extras


The course includes all of the sections with commentary and tips from Robins herself. Apart from all of the content that is introduced throughout the course, the MasterClass comes with a workbook that goes over all of the content introduced within the course. You’ll find all sections neatly organized with added tips for each section. In the Robin Roberts Effective & Authentic Communication MasterClass workbook, you’ll have something to reference every time that you go for a refresher into the things that you learned and heard during the class.


When you pay for the class or the all-access pass, you’ll have all of the video lectures saved where you can go back and reference them in the future. With Robin’s class, you’ll more than likely keep on coming back for more, using her advice and motivating attitude as a way to kickstart your life and keep you motivated to keep pushing for more.


Course Cost

There are a ton of different courses that MasterClass offers-all of which are taught by experts in the field. You will find some of the most famous people in the industry, all ready to teach you their craft and expertise. When you are interested in one class, you can sign up and take that class only for a fee of $90. While this is a great price for tips from the best of the best, you could enjoy access to all of the MasterClass videos for a fee of $180. Included in the MasterClass access pass are videos that tackle acting, writing, arts and crafts, music, and even life lessons. All of this taught by some of the most famous instructors in the world is what you’ll get if you opt for the all-access pass.


MasterClass releases content often, with all classes taught and hosted by the most famous names out there. If there is any topic that piques your interest, take advantage of a MasterClass to see what the field is really like.


Learner’s Thoughts


There are a number of students who have signed up and taken this MasterClass with Robin Roberts. They come from a wide range of professions and are each interested in this course for different reasons. Here is what a few of them had to say.


“In her class, Robin shares her craft. She teaches us not only how to become better communicators, but more confident, optimistic, and resilient people. Now more than ever, we can all benefit from learning how to lead with effective communication in our everyday lives.” – Dominique F.


“When fear knocks, let faith open the door.” “Make your mess, your message.” “Always be grateful, never be content.” “You have to change the way you think, in order to change the way you feel.” “I don’t have to do this, I get to do it.” “Don’t play the supporting role in your life story; play the lead role.” “Three potential answers to prayer: Yes, Not Yet, or I have something better for you.” – Chris A.


“I recently joined this course in an effort to improve my communication with others as a whole. I am not involved in the journalism field, but, I feel that this course will be useful in my current job as an ESL Teacher in South Korea as well as in my future endeavors. I want to also improve my interpersonal communication skills among my personal relationships and professional relationships.” Nichole B.



Robin Roberts Teaches Effective & Authentic Communication: Is It Worth It?

Robin Roberts is known for her role on Good Morning America. She has inspired many aspiring journalists to get out there and ask questions, reporting the true story as effectively as they can. Besides giving the world the information they need, she has taken on another role as an influential leader. Learning from her is definitely a treat and is perfect for anyone that is looking to learn how to communicate more effectively.


Robin’s MasterClass is not only for aspiring journalists but, for anyone looking to be a better communicator. You won’t just find an insider look at GMA, but you’ll also find advice that you can use in many parts of your life, including your career and personal life. If you’re looking for more of a journalist 101 class, this is not it, though you might want to consider adding it to your formation.


So, is it worth it? If you’re only looking to take this class, it can be worth it if you’re a big fan of Robin and her career. If not, it can be better to get the MasterClass all-access pass, using it any time your curiosity strikes. Learning to be more optimistic, positive, and more effective with communication is a lesson that everyone can use, no matter what field they are in. With this class, you’ll finish motivated and ready to start communicating better, using Robin’s expert tips. You’ll have more than 2 hours of footage to take a look at, referring back to sections or the entire video anytime you need an extra burst of motivation.

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