Chris Voss Teaches Negotiation MasterClass Review

Chris Voss Teaches Negotiation MasterClass Review
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We have all watched nail-biting crime shows that keep us on edge. We see criminals holding hostages and authorities attempting to negotiate with them to let everyone go safe. While Hollywood may dramatize a bit, negotiations are key to keeping both sides calm and making a deal where everyone walks free. One man that has experienced these series-worthy experiences is Chris Voss, and he’s got a MasterClass to teach his methods.


In Chris Voss teaches Negotiations, you’ll learn all of the top tactics plus, get to clarify with real case studies with actual recorded audio. Negotiations are not just for crimes and criminals, something you will also learn with help from Chris. We could all learn a thing or two from learning to better our communication with one another and learn when and how to negotiate to get what you want. Is this class worth it? We have an in-depth review to find out.


Why Learn from Chris Voss?

Chris Voss is a legend in negotiation, known for his role investigating the World Trade Center Bombing and uncovering the plot to bomb New York. Voss is a former FBI hostage negotiator, where he was on the front line during many of the county’s times of crisis. His role as a negotiator led him to successfully negotiate kidnappings and hostage situations to keep American citizens and FBI agents safe.


Nowadays, he uses his experiences working as a negotiator to teach to others, both as a university professor and through his foundation, Black Swan Group. In his training, he goes in-depth about the art of negotiations, teaching all those interested in how to negotiate to get exactly what they want. Many have learned and taken advice from Chris Voss, as he is a known author and praised hero for his work against terrorism within the United States.


Who Is This MasterClass For?

One of the first things that you will learn from Voss is how often you are in negotiations. He helps you see that you are always in some type of negotiation, whether it is in your career or your home. While his experiences are much more intense than most will ever be, his views on how to handle any situation can be helpful for anyone. Anyone curious about his roles as a negotiator or learning more about the art of negotiation can benefit from this class. In addition, anyone that is thinking about a career as a negotiator or investigator could also benefit, learning from one of the best in the business.


Besides those interested in negotiation, anyone that has an interest in improving their communication skills and enhancing their way to negotiate can benefit from this MasterClass, seeing how they can easily incorporate it into their life. We are all always in negotiations, no matter how small or seemingly irrelevant they may be.


Chris Voss’ MasterClass Topics


When you sign up for Voss’s MasterClass, you’ll get an inside look at some of the most important themes within the world of negotiations. There are 18 different topics, which include:


Learn About the Power of Mirroring

Mirroring is something that we all do unconsciously. It is defined as the mimicking of gestures and sometimes speech patterns between two people that are in communication. When you’re in negotiation with someone, mirroring their gestures makes them feel more comfortable with you, calming them down and helping them to build more trust with you. The theory is, ‘silence is your friend’, always giving you the upper-hand when you’re looking to start negotiating a deal.


Working on Your Energy

Communication in general has a lot to do with your energy. The energy that you transmit has a lot to do with how people respond to you, which could make or break your negotiations. When you pick up on how someone is reacting, you’ll learn some of the key things to say. You’ll get Chris’s suggestions on how to calm people down and get things going the way that you want them to. This is not just Chris’s suggestion but, also backed by scientific studies, known as a powerful technique that you can use in a number of situations.


Learn How to Enhance your Skills

Chris will lead you through exercises that will help you master your skills. Using his suggestions, you’ll get a chance to practice some exercises able to put your knowledge to the test. Using these exercises, you’ll feel more confident, even from your first time negotiating with someone. You’ll notice that Chris always hits on topics more than once, making sure that all learners have multiple chances to absorb all of the topics introduced.


Case Studies and Mock Interviews

Learning by example is something that all of us can benefit from. To help you see how the real thing is done, Voss shares case studies as demonstrations. Some of the most well-known case studies that he covers in the course are:


  • The Chase Manhattan Bank Robbery
  • Jill Carroll’s hostage situation
  • Dwight Watson Tractor Man case


Chris uses the original audio for most of his case studies, helping learners to get an inside look at how one of the pros does it. On top of case studies, Voss also has video advice on how to negotiate with a number of people, including teenagers, employers, and a rivel. You’ll learn which of the tactics introduced in the section work best for each scenario, getting a better glimpse at how and when to use your new skills. All of the mock situations are used to give learners a deeper understanding of how the process works and how to adapt at the moment.


Tone of Voice

The way that someone says things is important, even more so during negotiations. Chris will take you through using different tones of voice and inflections. Using these, you can have a better idea of how to get your message across. Chris will also teach you how to use a tone of voice to create a calmer atmosphere, helping negotiators connect to the person that they’re interviewing. This helps tremendously when trying to get across to someone, especially if they are hard to get along with.


Negotiating Over the Web

These days, we do a lot of communicating over the web. Chris talks about this and gives his perspective and knowledge on how to negotiate over the web. This includes social media and text messages, helping you adapt to the more modern ways of doing things. This section is not as detailed as some of the others that are introduced in the MasterClass but, is at least introduced as a topic of importance.


Using Negotiations in your Career

Negotiations are great for prisoners of war and other serious circumstances but, the reality is that most of us will never be in that kind of situation. Instead of focusing on the more complex things when it comes to negotiations, Chris teaches you how to take all of the techniques to the business world and use them to help you get ahead. You’ll get a look at how to negotiate things like a raise and treatment within the office, all of which you can use to feel more comfortable and impress your boss.


Giving Others the Control

During negotiations, you want to have control without making it obvious. Chris hits on the importance of creating an illusion that the other person has control. This will help get you to a place where you can communicate effectively and possibly negotiate the deal that you want. The last thing that you want to do is make your interviewee think that they are being pushed or being bullied, keeping things level so that a proper negotiation can be made.


When to Give in A Little 

In this section, you’ll want to pay close attention. The details introduced in this part are things that can be taken into account and used in real life. You have to know when you’re going a bit overboard with your thoughts and negotiations. You also have to know when to settle and just say yes. Using this technique, you’ll learn a lot about your life and the way that you communicate with others. You’ll also learn that being told no is not as bad as it seems, teaching you to consider things before overreacting and giving a final answer.


Understanding Emotions

Another important part of the MasterClass hits on considering other’s emotions. Emotions can change depending on situations and are unique to each and every individual. Some situations may produce heightened emotions for some and calm others down. Chris speaks of the theme of emotions and shares his expertise on how to work with them when speaking to another person. You will learn how to read these emotions, taking them into account when it’s time to discuss important things with someone to successfully negotiate.


Chris Voss’s MasterClass Cost

MasterClass has a number of classes, all of which are taught by experts in the field. If you’re the curious type and are always looking to learn something new, you can score an all-access pass to take all of the classes you’d like for $180. If Chris Voss is your idol and you’re only interested in what he has to say, you can score the single MasterClass for $90.


While this is great if you’re a fan, you will get much more out of MasterClass with an all-access pass. You can learn from the most famous people on the planet, including Timabland, Natalie Portman, and Chef Gordon Ramsay.


Learner’s Perspective


MasterClass itself has a high rating, most likely resulting from the large number of classes taught by well-known names in the industry. This class in particular, like many others has high ratings as well, scoring a 4.7 out of 5 stars. Majority of those who chose to tune in to Chris Voss were satisfied, and here is what a few of them had to say:


“Through a staggering level of analysis of the terrorist’s video broadcast, how they stand, how they compose the shot, everything, Voss is able to get inside their minds and figure out who they really want to speak to and what they really want. Voss breaks down how the way they orchestrated the kidnapping and filming shows their desires to be taken seriously as a legitimate authority that can pass sentence on somebody – so they needed to approach things from that level and turn their own rules against them.” – Chris T


“It was this exact Masterclass that convinced me to subscribe. I watched ad after ad from all kinds of masters, but this is the one that stuck with me. And boy does it not disappoint. Absolutely everything it needed to be- while really changing my attitude towards the multiple daily negotiations I encounter. A+” – Amy Z.


“Great concepts exposed in this lesson, althouhI feel like more time could be spent on how to create the fear of loss to your counterpart and if it should be expressed directly or whatsoever. If anybody knows more about it i would appreciate your generosity to share it ;)” – Max T.


Final Thoughts

Chris Voss earned a name for himself in the FBI after his many successful negotiations. It is because of him that so many people returned home safe, as he understood the psychology and emotions of those on the other end. This course is taught from his perspective and, will give learners an inside look at what it takes to negotiate.


Even if you’re not part of a government sting, you could still benefit from this MasterClass, taking the skills of negotiation into your real life. Included in this MasterClass are themes like negotiating in business and when to say no. Both of these can be incorporated into anyone’s life, helping them to live more happily and more in tune with their wants and needs. This MasterClass is great, with a lot of useful information that you can start using today.


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