Udacity Data Engineering with AWS Nanodegree review

Udacity Data Engineering with AWS Nanodegree review
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As the use of the internet increases, it is becoming necessary to find ways of dealing with the growing data. Data engineering has proven to be an ideal way to deal with huge datasets. It is not easy to handle such data explaining why organizations are looking for people with what it takes to do so. They should be able to handle the already huge data without forgetting that it will keep growing for obvious reasons. How can one ensure that they are the person these companies look for if they need such services?

It could be you if you decided to pursue Udacity Data Engineering with AWS. It introduces you to data models and their designs. It also helps you build a lakehouse architecture, data warehouses, data lakes, Automate Data Pipelines. By the end of it, you will know how to use the AWS to  design and build systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at scale. Since such skills are hard to acquire, it would be advisable to enroll for Udacity Data Engineering with AWS. Read on to find out more details and why it would be wise to consider it.

The Udacity Program

Regarding popular online education programs, the list wouldn’t be complete without the term Udacity. It deserves fame thanks to the high standards of the courses they offer the learners. The experienced instructors ensure that the students gain hands-on skills since that’s the only thing that will land them a good job. Did you know that almost all graduates of the Udacity program earn a high-paying job within a year after graduating?

If those are the figures, isn’t it apparent that enrolling in the Udacity program is worth a shot? The skills you gain equip you with the skills that every employer is looking for. Under such circumstances, how can it be hard to find a job before completing the course?

Its founders were two professors at Stanford over a decade ago. Since it has been offering courses, beneficiaries are usually fit across the globe. The number of courses keeps increasing to match the changing job market. It offers several Nanodegree programs, and Udacity Data Engineering with AWS is an excellent example.

The Extras of the Udacity Data Engineering with AWS

If it is possible to do this course elsewhere, why should I choose Udacity? There are many reasons why Udacity is one of the most popular platforms for online courses, including this particular one. Let’s take a look at the various advantages of choosing the platform.

Working with industry experts on real-world projects

If you do Udacity Data Engineering with AWS,, expect an opportunity to work on real-world projects during the course. That means you won’t be joining the job market green like other graduates. Besides theory, you will also have practical skills, and that’s what every employer is looking for for obvious reasons. These hands-on skills will also help you sustain your job after getting one.

On the other hand, you will also interact with experts in your industry. They have experience in the field, and sharing that with you prepares you for the real world. So, by completing the program, you will be ready for the job market. You will know what’s expected of you and how to handle each situation as a professional. Why not when you learned from the best?

Support from technical mentors

Besides industry experts, you also have mentors to offer you technical support whenever a need arises. These mentors have enough knowledge that helps them rise to the occasion whenever you need them. They will answer all your questions diligently thanks to their technical knowledge regarding Udacity Data Engineering with AWS.

Sometimes, studies aren’t a piece of cake. You may feel like giving up is your only option. When that time comes, expect motivation from your mentor. Encouragement from a good place is enough to propel you to move forward. If you seem to get off track, the mentor won’t hesitate to remind you of the focus.

Career services

Udacity is also willing to help you grow career-wise. It starts from the basics and ensures that you get a job. It is worth noting that you won’t just get a job but one that pays well. A high-paying job motivates you enough to boost your productivity. Under such circumstances, there are high chances of getting a promotion. It has several ways of helping you advance your career, including optimizing your LinkedIn profile and reviewing your GitHub portfolio.


You don’t have to leave everything else to take up Udacity Data Engineering with AWS. That’s because you can choose the pace of learning in this program. You get to set your goals and schedule how to reach them based on what’s suitable for you. It means you can pursue the course despite having a tight schedule.


Your instructor plays a huge role in determining whether the learners will grasp anything. It explains why Udacity chooses the best instructors for Udacity Data Engineering with AWS. They are industry experts with vast experience in the matter. If they impart that to any student, he will also be in a position to become an expert. 

Why should learners choose this course?

There is a high demand for data engineers in AWS. Many companies are looking for these experts, and the Udacity Data Engineering with AWS course offers you these skills. Once you complete the program, your career is at an advantage since many organizations need these professionals.

It is important to note that the course ensures you are skilled for the job market. That’s not easy to come by, so your demand will be high once you finish the program. The bottom line is that completing it is enough to improve your career.

The course also makes you highly employable. Its skills can serve various industries hence many jobs to apply to. The more jobs, the higher the chances of clinching one or more, which makes Udacity Data Engineering with AWs worthwhile. Why not when designing data models is a common practice among various companies? There are also many other tasks that one can perform using AWS.

Prerequisites and Curriculum

Before pursuing Udacity Data Engineering with AWS, there are skills that you need to have acquired as prerequisites. They ensure that you complete the program successfully and without much struggle. You need skills in Python, intermediate SQL, and command line skills.Here’s a summary of the skills to acquire during the program.

Data Modelling

In this courseLearners will create relational and NoSQL data models to fit the diverse needs of data consumers. Model event data to create a non-relational database and ETL pipeline for a music streaming app. Learners will define queries and tables for a database built using Apache Cassandra.

Cloud Data Warehouses

In this data engineering course, learners will create cloud-based data warehouses. So, you can sharpen your data warehousing skills, deepen your understanding of data infrastructure, and be introduced to data engineering on the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In this project, learners will act as a data engineer for a streaming music service. You are tasked with building an ELT pipeline that extracts data from S3, stages it in Redshift, and transforms it into a set of dimensional tables for an analytics team to find insights into what songs your users are listening to.


Spark and Data Lakes

In this courseLearners will build a data lake on AWS and a data catalog following the principles of data lakehouse architecture. So, you will learn about the big data ecosystem and the power of Apache Spark for data wrangling and transformation. You will work with AWS data tools and services to extract, load, process, query, and transform semi-structured data in data lakes.

In this project, you will act as a data engineer for the STEDI team to build a data lakehouse solution for sensor data that trains a machine learning model. you can build an ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) pipeline for lakehouse architecture, load data from an AWS S3 data lake, process the data into analytics tables using Spark and AWS Glue, and load them back into lakehouse architecture.

Automate Data Pipelines

This data engineer training dives into the concept of data pipelines and how learners can use them to accelerate their career. This course will focus on applying the data pipeline concepts learns will learn through an open-source tool from Airbnb called Apache Airflow. This course will start by covering concepts including data validation, DAGs, and Airflow and then venture into AWS quality concepts like copying S3 data, connections and hooks, and Redshift Serverless. Next, you will explore data quality through data lineage, data pipeline schedules, and data partitioning. Finally, you will have to put data pipelines into production by extending Airflow with plugins, implementing task boundaries, and refactoring DAGs.

In this project, you will work to build high grade data pipelines from reusable tasks that can be monitored and provide easy backfills for a music streaming company, Sparkify. You will move JSON logs of user activity and JSON metadata data from S3 and process it in Sparkify’s data warehouse in Amazon Redshift. To complete the project, you will need to create your own custom operators to perform tasks such as staging the data, filling the data warehouse, and running checks on the data as the final step.

Helping Grads Get Hired

We live in a world full of educated people. Therefore, many people have pursued the same course. What happens if they apply for a job? You will be surprised to learn that there are other things the panelist will use to determine who gets the job. That’s why some people are yet to secure a job despite having good grades and pursuing highly employable courses. They lack important aspects necessary during the job seeking. Fortunately, Udacity understands that and ensures that you aren’t like them after taking the course. They give you great communication skills to ensure you get the job. There are also other services, and they include the following;

  • Resume Review for the first impression before getting an opportunity to face the panel
  • Interview Preparation helps you know how to tackle questions that the panelists pose
  • Social Media Profile, especially LinkedIn, helps you fit in the era where even your social media handles are considered during a job application
  • Udacity Certificate will help you prove that you have the necessary skills you claim to possess


How much money will you pay for this 4-month course, Udacity Data Engineering with AWS? You can opt for a monthly subscription of $277.Alternatively, go for a 4-month subscription that typically costs $1111. Due to the 15% discount, the price as of now is $944 only.


Will I require any software to learn Udacity Data Engineering with AWS?

No one will require you to have any relevant software throughout this course. The online classroom and is student workspaces adequate from the beginning to the end?

What should I do if I don’t have Udacity Data Engineering with AWS prerequisites?

You shouldn’t give up because Udacity has nanodegrees and courses to help you acquire those crucial skills. Find a way of acquiring them and then gain the skills you need to be a data engineer. If you need to sharpen your pre-requisite skills, try our below programs:

  • Intermediate Python
  • Programming for Data Science with Python
  • SQL

How long does Udacity Data Engineering with AWS last?

It is possible to complete this course within four months. That said and done, it is not mandatory to complete it within that period. You are at liberty to choose the pace since the schedule is flexible.

What are graduates saying?

Graduates are grateful for the Udacity program and Udacity Data Engineering with AWS. That’s due to the reputation of the program and the skills they get after completing the course. They have helped them get high-paying jobs easily, and the reviews speak volumes about the program. The learners appreciate the tutors, hands-on skills, and the opportunity to work on real projects. Isn’t that what every learner is looking for in a course? So, Udacity Data Engineering with AWS is a good choice.

Final Verdict

Udacity has a good reputation, having helped many people gain skills that companies and employers are looking for. Therefore, you can entrust them with your career path of becoming a data engineer. These skills are in high demand as the internet becomes part of our lives, thus elevating the need to manage data. If you become a data engineer, you will play a huge role in managing the ever-increasing data and, in return, get a good salary. What else are you waiting for to enroll in a course that will equip you with such skills? Enroll today to ensure you get these skills and become the best data engineer.



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