50+Typescript Interview Questions and Answers

50+Typescript Interview Questions and Answers
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Here are the Best Typescript Interview Questions and Answers for freshers, experienced professionals , web developers and front end developers.

What is Typescript?
Who is the founder of TypeScript?
What is the latest and stable version of TypeScript?
Why should I use Typescript?
How to Setup and Install Typescript?
What are TypeScript Pros and Cons?
What are Different DataTypes in TypeScript?
What are variables in Typescript? How to create a variable in Typescript?
How to Declare? What is an Interface in TypeScript?
What are Modules in Typescript?
Explain Decorators in Typescript? List type of Decorators available in Typescript?
How to compile multiple Typescript files into a single file?
What is Optional Properties in TypeScript?
What is Functions in TypeScript? How many types can you define?
What is the Default Parameters Function?
What is Anonymous Functions?
What is Named Function?
What is Optional Parameters Function?
What is Lambda Functions?
What is arrow functions in TypeScript?
What are advantages of arrowfunctions in TypeScript?
What is Rest Parameters Functions?
How to create fields, constructor and function in TypeScript Class?
What are TypeScript Public, Private, Protected and Readonly Modifiers?
What are Method Overriding in TypeScript?
What is Inheritance in TypeScript?
How Automatic Assignment of Constructor Parameters in TypeScript work?
What are TypeScript Modules? and Types?
What’s an Internal Module?
What is an External Modules?
What’s an export in TypeScript?Why we use it?
What is default export in TypeScript? Why we use it?
How to declare a nest class structure in typescript?
What are Closures in Javascript?
What do you mean by interfaces? Explain them with reference to Typescript.
How to compile a Typescript file?
What are Mixins?
What do you understand by classes in Typescript? List some features of classes.
Is Native Javascript supports modules?
What is default visibility for properties/methods in Typescript classes?
What is namespace in Typescript? How to declare a namespace in Typescript?
List types of scopes available in Javascript?
How to Call Base Class Constructor from Child Class in TypeScript?
What is relationship between typescript and angular js ?
What is relationship between typescript and nativescript ?
is typescript support oops ?
What is a class in TypeScript?
What does static mean in TypeScript?
What is super in TypeScript?
What is encapsulation in TypeScript?
Is TypeScript the future of JavaScript?


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