50+ Best CodeIgniter Interview questions and answers

50+ Best CodeIgniter Interview questions and answers
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Here are the best codeigniter interview questions and answers for freshers, experienced professionals and developers who’s having 2, 3, 5,7 years of experience.

What is CodeIgniter?
Who is the founder of Codeigniter?
What is the latest and stable version of CodeIgniter?
What are the features of codeigniter?
What are advantages and disadvantages of CodeIgniter?
Explain Codeigniter’s application Flow Chart?
What is the CLI? Why we use CLI in Codeigniter?
What is_cli() method does in Codeigniter?
Why CodeIgniter is called as loosely based MVC framework?
What is difference between Helper vs. Library in CodeIgniter?
Explain Application Flow Chart in codeigniter?
Which is the best PHP ORM for codeigniter?
What is an ORM, List ORM’s for CodeIgniter?
Explain MVC in Codeigniter.?
What are the hooks in codeigniter?
How you will add or load an model in codeigniter?
What are the helpers in codeigniter?
How you will use or add codeigniter libraries?
How you will work with error handling in codeigniter?
Explain what is inhibitor in CodeIgniter?
Explain routing in Codeigniter?
Why there is a need to configure the URL routes?
How to set & unset session variable in codeigniter?
Mention what is the default URL pattern used in Codeigniter framework?
5. How to set or get config variables in Codeigniter?
What is Model in CodeIgniter?
How to load a model in CodeIgniter?
How do you get last inserted ID in Codeigniter?
How to print SQL statement in codeigniter model?
What are the different types of hook in Codeigniter?
How can you connect models to a database manually?
Explain helpers in CodeIgniter and how to load helper file?
Explain URL Helper? Can you list some commonly used URL helpers in Codeigniter?
In which directory logs are saved in Codeigniter? How to enable error logging in Codeigniter?
List Databases supported By Codeigniter Frameworks?
How will you add or load a model in Codeigniter?
How to check a field or column exists in a table or not in Codeigniter?
How you will use or load CodeIgniter libraries
How to get last inserted id in CodeIgniter?
How to set csrf token in codeIgniter?
How to get random records in MySQL using CodeIgniter?
How to implement validations in Codeigniter?
How to add / link an images/CSS/JavaScript from a view in CI?
How many types of messages can you log in Codeigniter?
How do you set default timezone in Codeigniter ?
In which files routes are defined in Codeigniter?
How to do 301 redirects in CodeIgniter?
How can you remove index.php from URL in Codeigniter?
What are Sessions In CodeIgniter? How to read, write or remove session in CodeIgniter?
List the resources that can be autoloaded in Codeigniter?
How to delete a record in Codeigniter?



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