144 Selenium Interview questions to get job fast

144 Selenium Interview questions to get job fast
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Here are best Selenium Interview questions for freshers and experienced candidates.

  1. What is Automation Testing?
  2. What are the benefits of Automation Testing?
  3. Why should Selenium be selected as a test tool?
  4. What is Selenium and what is composed of?
  5. What is Selenium 2.0 ?
  6. Mention what is Selenium 3.0?
  7. How will you find an element using Selenium?
  8. List out the test types that are supported by Selenium?
  9. Explain what is assertion in Selenium and what are the types of assertion?
  10. Mention what is the use of X-path?
  11. Explain the difference between single and double slash in X-path? Single slash ‘/ ’
  12. List out the technical challenges with Selenium? Technical challenges with Selenium are
  13. What is the difference between type keys and type commands ?
  14. What is the difference between verify and assert commands?
  15. What is JUnit Annotations and what are the different types of annotations which are useful ?
  16. While using click command can you use screen coordinate?
  17. What are the advantages of Selenium?
  18. Why testers should opt for Selenium and not QTP? Selenium is more popular than QTP as
  19. What are the four parameters you have to pass in Selenium?
  20. What is the difference between setSpeed() and sleep() methods?
  21. What is same origin policy? How you can avoid the same origin policy?
  22. What is heightened privileges browsers?
  23. How you can use “submit” a form using Selenium ?
  24. What are the features of TestNG and list some of the functionality in TestNG which makes it more effective?
  25. Mention what is the difference between Implicit wait and Explicit wait?
  26. Which attribute you should consider throughout the script in frame for “if no frame Id as well as no frame name”?
  27. Explain what is the difference between find elements () and find element () ?
  28. Explain what are the JUnits annotation linked with Selenium?
  29. Explain what is Datadriven framework and Keyword driven?
  30. Explain how you can login into any site if it’s showing any authentication popup for password and username?
  31. Explain how to assert text of webpage using selenium 2.0 ?
  32. Explain what is the difference between Borland Silk and Selenium?
  33. What is Object Repository? How can we create an Object Repository in Selenium?
  34. Explain how Selenium Grid works?
  35. Can we use Selenium grid for performance testing?
  36. List the advantages of Webdriver over Selenium Server?
  37. Mention what are the capabilities of Selenium WebDriver or Selenium 2.0 ?
  38.  While injecting capabilities in webdriver to perform tests on a browser which is not supported by a webdriver what is the limitation that one can come across?
  39.  Explain how you can find broken images in a page using Selenium Web driver ?
  40.  Explain how you can handle colors in web driver?
  41.  Using web driver how you can store a value which is text box?
  42.  Explain how you can switch between frames?
  43.  Mention 5 different exceptions you had in Selenium web driver?
  44.  Explain using Webdriver how you can perform double click ?
  45.  How will you use  Selenium to upload a file ?
  46.  Which web driver implementation is fastest?
  47.  Explain how you can handle frames using Selenium 2.0 ?
  48.  What is the difference between getWindowhandles() and getwindowhandle() ?
  49.  Explain how you can switch back from a frame?
  50.  List out different types of locators?
  51. What is the command that is used in order to display the values of a variable into the output console or log?
  52. Explain how you can use recovery scenario with Selenium?
  53. Explain how to iterate through options in test script?
  54. How can you prepare customized html report using TestNG in hybrid framework ?
  55. From your test script how you can create html test report?
  56. Explain how you can insert a break point in Selenium IDE ?
  57. Explain in Selenium IDE how can you debug the tests?
  58. What is Selenese and what are the types of Selenese ?
  59. Explain what are the limitations of Selenium IDE?
  60. What are the two modes of views in Selenium IDE ?
  61. In selenium IDE what are the element locators that can be used to locate elements on web page?
  62.  In Selenium IDE how you can generate random numbers and dates for test data ?
  63.  How you can convert any Selenium IDE tests from Selenese to another language?
  64.  Using Selenium IDE is it possible to get data from a particular html table cell ?
  65.  Explain what can cause a Selenium IDE test to fail?
  66.  Explain how you can debug the tests in Selenium IDE ?
  67.  From Selenium IDE how you can execute a single line?
  68.  In which format does source view shows your script in Selenium IDE ?
  69.  Explain how you can insert a start point in Selenium IDE?
  70.  What if you have written your own element locator and how would you test it?
  71.  What is regular expressions? How you can use regular expressions in Selenium ?
  72.  What are core extension ?
  73.  How will you handle working with multiple windows in Selenium ?
  74.  How will you verify the specific position of a web element
  75.  How can you retrieve the message in an alert box ?
  76.  What is selenium RC (Remote Control)?
  77.  Why Selenium RC is used?
  78.  Explain what is the main difference between web-driver and RC ?
  79.  What are the advantages of RC?
  80.  Explain what is framework and what are the frameworks available in RC?
  81.  How can we handle pop-ups in RC ?
  82.  What are the technical limitations while using Selenium RC?
  83.  Can we use Selenium RC to drive tests on two different browsers on one operating system without Selenium Grid?
  84.  Why to use TestNG with Selenium RC ?
  85.  Explain how you can capture server side log Selenium Server?
  86.  Other than the default port 4444 how you can run Selenium Server?
  87.  How Selenium grid hub keeps in touch with RC slave machine?
  88.  Using Selenium how can you handle network latency ?
  89.  To enter values onto text boxes what is the command that can be used?
  90.  How do you identify an object using selenium?
  91.  In Selenium what are Breakpoints and Startpoints?
  92.  Mention why to choose Python over Java in Selenium?
  93.  Mention what are the challenges in Handling Ajax Call in Selenium Webdriver?
  94.  Mention what is IntelliJ?
  95.  Mention in what ways you can customize TestNG report?
  96.  To generate pdf reports mention what Java API is required?
  97.  Mention what is Listeners in Selenium WebDriver?
  98.  Mention what are the types of Listeners in TestNG?
  99.  Mention what is desired capability? How is it useful in terms of Selenium?
  100. For Database Testing in Selenium Webdriver what API is required?
  101. Mention when to use AutoIT?
  102. Mention why do you need Session Handling while working with Selenium?
  103. Mention what are the advantages of Using Git Hub For Selenium?
  104. What is Selenium? What are the different Selenium components?
  105. What are the testing types that can be supported by Selenium?
  106. What is the difference between Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and WebDriver?
  107. When should I use Selenium IDE?
  108. What are the different types of locators in Selenium?
  109. What is an XPath?
  110. What is the difference between “/” and “//” in Xpath?
  111. When should I use Selenium Grid?
  112. What do we mean by Selenium 1 and Selenium 2?
  113. Which is the latest Selenium tool?
  114. How do I launch the browser using WebDriver?
  115. What are the different types of Drivers available in WebDriver?
  116. What are the different types of waits available in WebDriver?
  117. How to type in a textbox using Selenium?
  118. How can you find if an element displayed on the screen?
  119. How can we get a text of a web element?
  120. How to select value in a dropdown?
  121. What are the different types of navigation commands?
  122. How to click on a hyper link using linkText?
  123. How to handle frame in WebDriver?
  124. When do we use findElement() and findElements()?
  125. How to find more than one web element in the list?
  126. What is the difference between driver.close() and driver.quit command?
  127. Can Selenium handle windows based pop up?
  128. How can we handle web-based pop-up?
  129. How can we handle windows based pop up?
  130. How to assert the title of the web page?
  131. How to mouse hover on a web element using WebDriver?
  132. How to retrieve CSS properties of an element?
  133. How to capture screenshot in WebDriver?
  134. What is Junit?
  135. What are Junit annotations?
  136. What is TestNG and how is it better than Junit?
  137. How to set test case priority in TestNG?
  138. What is a framework?
  139. What are the advantages of the Automation framework?
  140. What are the different types of frameworks?
  141. How can I read test data from excels?
  142. What is the difference between POI and jxl jar?
  143. Can WebDriver test Mobile applications?
  144. Can captcha be automated?


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