25 Redis interview questions and answers

25 Redis interview questions and answers
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Here is the best Redis interview questions

1) What is Redis? Why its used ?
2) What are the data structures supported by Redis.
3) What are some advantages of Redis?
4) What are some disadvantages of Redis?
5) List some commonly used Redis commands?
6) In which language Redis is written?
7) List some Redis Clients supported by PHP?
8) What is redis-cli.
9) Explain REPL
10) List the programming languages supported by Redis?
11) Explain the Replication feature of Redis?
12) How is Redis different from other databases?
13) Differentiate Memcached and Redis?
14) Mention Operation Keys of Redis.
15) Which are the different data types used in Redis?
16) Which are the most popular commands of the Redis database?
17) We all know that Reds is fast, but is it also durable?
18) How can you enhance the durability of Redis?
19) What are the concerned things while using Redis?
20) How can you use Redis with .Net application?
21) Which are the most popular companies using Redis?
22) What are the main features of Redis ?
23) What is the difference between Redis and RDBMS?
24) How can you use Redis with PHP application?
25) Differentiate Cassanda and Redis?


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