40 DB2 Interview questions and answers

40 DB2 Interview questions and answers
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Here is the list of DB2 Interview questions for freshers and experienced. 

1. What is DB2 ? What is the version of DB2 ?
2. How to find the number of rows in a DB2 table and How can the duplicate values be eliminated from DB2 SELECT?
3. What is Aggregate?
4. Is it possible using MAX on a CHAR column?
5. What could be the reason that the MySQL statement ‘SELECT AVG (SALARY) FROM EMPlOYEE’ generates an inaccurate output?
6. How can the FIRSTNAME and the LASTNAME from the EMP table be concatenated to generate complete names?
7. How is the value function used?
8. What are UNION and UNION ALL?
9. Is there any restriction on the use of UNION in Embedded SQL?
10. What do you mean by BETWEEN and IN? Is BETWEEN inclusive of specified range values?
11. When is the LIKE statement used?
12. Why SELECT is not preferred in Embedded SQL programs?
13. What is a CURSOR and what is its use?
14. How to retrieve rows from a DB2 table in Embedded SQL?
15. What is the result of the OPEN CURSOR statement?
16. Can there be more than one cursor open for any program?
17. How would the VARCHAR column REMARKS be defined?
18. What is the physical storage length of each of the data types, DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP?
19. What is meant by DCLGEN?
20. What are the contents of DCLGEN?
21. What are some of the main fields in SQLCA?
22. What is meant by EXPLAIN?
23. How to perform EXPLAIN for any Dynamic SQL statement?
24. What are the isolation levels possible?
25. What is the difference between CS and RR isolation levels?
26. What is meant by Lock Escalation?
27. What are the various types of Locks?
28. What is ALTER?
29. What do you understand by DBRM and PLAN?
30. What is meant by ACQUIRE/RELEASE in BIND?
31. What is meant by PACKAGES?
32. What are the advantages of using PACKAGES?
33. What is a collection?
34. What is Dynamic SQL?
35. What is difference between DB2 and NO SQL ?
36. What are good Features of DB2 ?
37. What are the disadvantages of DB2 ?
38. How to Create index in DB2 ?
39. How to Setup Cache in DB2 ?
40. How can you upgrade from DB2 to SQL or NOSQL ?


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