21 tips to increase your blog traffic

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You are maybe very excited to get your 1st $1000. But remember without traffic Its still not possible to make $1000 monthly from your blog. So in this topic, I will show you how you can increase your blog traffic by following these simple tips.

  1. Post your content on twitter.
  2. Try to increase your twitter followers.
  3. Link your blog on twitter.
  4. Make a Facebook page for your blog.
  5. Increase your Facebook likes.
  6. Share your post on Facebook Page & Groups related to your blogs.
  7. Build an email list of subscribers from the beginning.
  8. Host webinar (it’s important to build an email list)
  9. Create quality content
  10. Integrate the Social button on your WordPress Blog.
  11. Also, make a page on Linkedin.
  12. Open a Pinterest account and share your content
  13. Make an ebook and & offer the visitor of your blog in exchange for an email address.
  14.  Try to place an email box at the top right. So that people easy to find it and subscribe.
  15. Include RSS feed for your blog.
  16. Make YouTube videos and link them with your blog.
  17. Try to write catchy headlines.
  18. Try to get a guest blog on bigger blogs on your niche.
  19. Comment on blogs of your niche
  20. Reply to comments posted on your blog
  21. Try to get an interview with famous people in your niche

You may be now very overwhelmed with tasks in your hand. don’t you?. It seems too much work at the moment. You maybe never think about the amount of work it requires to get traffic. But Its worth it & the result will be very fruitful.


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