SEMrush vs. Moz (comparison overview)

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Professional blogging required an array of SEO work to make it popular. You as a blogger might get some “initial excitement” of learning the availability of free SEO marketing tools. The excitement disappears when you experiencing working troubles with the free tools. There is this lay expression, also an economic concept- “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” which denotes “you don’t get something for nothing.” To get the best, you need to pay for your SEO Marketing Tools. Once you decide upon purchasing this the dilemma arises about which SEO Marketing Tool is the most suitable one for your blogging site. Let’s have review of semrush and Moz before you can go for your desired SEO Marketing Tool.

A good SEO Marketing Tool can provide your blogging career a new direction and give your business a boost. It can perpetuate your passion, measure your mission, and get success in succession in the arena of blogging.


Which Tool to Chose?

It is not that hard to comprehend review of semrush and Moz especially their notable features. But you should not compare SEO Marketing Tools from their face value. Buying and using a tool is an investment and sometimes that can turn your blogging career in either way. So “to hit the bull’s eyes” you have to choose the most pertinent SEO Marketing Tools to boost the SEO capability of your blogging site.


There are a number of SEO Marketing Tools available in the market. SEMrush and Moz Pro, the two top-ranked SEO Marketing Tools are useful for boosting SEO competence of a website. But how to decide which one of these two competing tools is better for your website? Which tool can provide you with a greater understanding of your competitors and analyze their strategy?


Let us make reviews of semrush and Moz and then compare their applicability, functionality, and usability to your blogging site. After the comparison, it would be easier to find out which tool is more effective in its performance.


SEMrush SEO tool…What is it?

You can a number of SEO tools from the market that is complex, complicated, and confusing for the first time users. But SEMrush with its range of features is a most sought after SEO tool among the professional and agencies.

How SEMrush helps in SEO?

SEMrush is packed with impeccable features that can give your competitor a run or force them to follow your marketing footprint. If you go through the reviews of semrush you will know that SEMrush updates its databases intermittently that enable to fetch correct and precise data. It can facilitate you to find profitable keywords to tame your rivals in specific niches. It also helps you to know about the keywords that your competitors are using for traffic mobilization and ranking.


Notable Features of SEMrush

Some of the remarkable features of SEMrush are:

  • Keyword research,
  • Competitor keyword research,
  • Full-fledged SEO reports,
  • Competitor ad reporting
  • Domain-specific keyword ranking.
  • Position tracking.
  • Comparison of domains by keywords.
  • Crawl Audit Tool.
  • Organic Research.
  • Advertising Research

Moz SEO tool…What is it?

Moz is a comprehensive SEO tool for enhancing the SEO functionalities your website. Moz comes with an array of cool SEO features like keyword research, site audits, link building, and page optimization. All these features allow you to take stock of your position in the search engines and the way-outs to improve upon your raking.


Notable Features of Moz

Some of the remarkable features of Moz are:

  • Advanced online marketing guides
  • Competitive analysis
  • Beta access to new tools
  • Continual improvement
  • Comprehensive Q&A database
  • Discounts on Moz seminars
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Open Site Explorer
  • PRO training webinars
  • On-Page recommendations
  • Moz toolbar


SEMrish Vs. Moz Across Different Features

The two SEO Marketing Tools are analyzed and reviews of semrush and Moz made head-on-head from the perspective of different SEO features and their application, function, and advantageous.

Keyword Research

Moz Pro and SEMrush, both have effective and influential keyword research tools that provide you with tons of suggestions. Among the available Keyword Research Tools, these two are regarded as the best ones. Upon entering seed phrase both the tools provide sophisticated filtering, that includes the broad phrase and/or exact match, words it begins or ends with, level of difficulty, etc. Both companies fare well in providing search volume accuracy reports. But in filtering Moz is advantageous in the sense it can further filter your search results as per your topics. So in Keyword Research Moz is better than SEMrush.

Backlink Analysis

Both have all-inclusive Backlink Analysis tools. SEMrush offers you charts that put every backlink type into respective categories on the basis of %, which is not possible with Moz. As per the reviews of semrush, its backlink categories comprise source country, follow vs nofollow, the percentage wise distribution of links on the basis of whether they are images, or text or form. This percentage-wise categorization helps you in understand and make out the posts and topics that attract the highest number of links. So, as far as Backlink Analysis is concerned SEMrush scores above its archrival.

Competitor Analytics

Competitor Analytics facilitates you to witness how your competitors are ranking across thousands of different keywords. SEMrush’s is known for its accurate Competitor Analysis in which other competitors are far behind it. Competition analysis is its magnum opus. SEMrush is very useful for paid advertising. This allows you to know about the keywords your competitors are bidding for. It also demonstrates the percent of branded searches keywords. On the other hand, Moz enables you to trace your competitors’ activities on SERP but you can’t go deeper than that. Therefore, in this aspect, SEMrush is again beating Moz.

Keyword Tracking

Both SEMrush and Moz are capable of tracking keyword rankings but SEMrush has few advantages over its counterpart. SEMrush performs a daily tracking of keywords whereas the same is done weekly by Moz. You can take this advantage to outpace your competitor.



Moz and SEMrush both are the top two SEO Marketing tools with a wide range of effective features. Semrush is undoubted fares far better than Moz in many aspects like Competitor Analytics, Keyword Tracking, and Backlink Analysis to name a few. Go through the above reviews of semrush and Moz carefully. You can easily make out how SEMrush brings better comprehensive results than Moz for your blogging website. But ultimately SEMrish is the winner.


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