Udacity School of Artificial Intelligence Review

Udacity School of Artificial Intelligence Review
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Artificial intelligence is breaking down barriers and blurring the line between human and machine. With today’s complex algorithms and sophisticated techniques, AI specialists can create cutting-edge tools and programs that automate tasks and learn by doing. The possibilities are endless and, AI has caught the attention of business across several industries, making it one of the most in-demand career choices.


Udacity recently launched its School of Artificial Intelligence, helping to create a clear path to skills and techniques to help students break into the industry. With four different career paths, students can choose a branch of their interest and take Udacity’s suggested career paths to gain all of the skills they need to start their career. Below, we’ll take a look at the School of AI, helping learners interested in a career in AI decide if Udacity is the best choice for them.


About Udacity

Udacity was founded in 2011 by two Standford University professors. Their goal was to create Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that give students the ability to learn the exciting topics of IT. Initially, courses were geared toward university-style classes, turning toward more vocational concepts in the last few years. Now, Udacity develops courses in collaboration with A-list companies in the industry. The idea behind the classes is to prepare students for their first job. Through the help of an in-depth curriculum and hands-on projects, students learn advanced topics from brag-worthy professors, able to land a career soon after their final projects.


School of Artificial Intelligence Extras


Hands-On Projects

Perhaps the best thing about Udacity programs is that they come packed with hands-on projects. These are not just any projects. These projects come in collaboration with top names in the industry. The goal is to provide real-world experience and give learners what they need to step out into the workforce with confidence.


Career Services

Instead of going into interviews blindly, Udacity has set up career services to help students put their best foot forward. Career services help clean up resumes, social media pages, and portfolios. Plus, they offer mock interviews so that students can rock their first interview.


Technical Mentor

Because everything is online, Udacity has someone on standby 24/7. Your technical mentor will be there for any questions or concerns as you learn. Plus, they will help keep you on track if you fall behind.


Flexible Learning

Udacity’s motto is that students can learn from anywhere at any time. Every student that takes a course with Udacity will have the flexibility to set their schedule. They can log in on their time, not that of Udacity. Their goal was to make learning accessible to students regardless of their duties or geological location.


A-List Instructors

All courses feature professors that have both professional and academic experience. Udacity searches carefully for the best of the best, choosing them to lead and teach concepts from an insider’s point of view.

Career Paths


Machine Learning Engineer


Machine learning is a crucial part of the development of sophisticated software. It’s a skill that is in high demand and is not expected to go anywhere as the push for digitalization increases. By choosing this career path, you’ll learn everything from the basics to the most current and advanced techniques out there. The career path comes with four suggested courses, which include:


  1. Intro to Machine Learning with TensorFlow

Learn the concepts of supervised and unsupervised learning in this intermediate course. Though this is the first step in the career path to machine learning, students will need to have worked with Python and have a basic understanding of mathematical concepts to begin.


  1. Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch

With the foundations covered, students will move on to more advanced topics. Understand things like deep learning and supervised models. Students will start working with algorithms and apply their skills throughout each section.


  1. AI Programming with Python

Taking things up a notch, students will now work with complex mathematical models. In this course, you’ll learn the foundations of AI and programming, along with the tools used in the development. Plus, by the end, students will know how to work with neural networks.


  1. Machine Learning Engineer

By now, students will have an impressive skill set, able to apply them to real-world scenarios. They will start with advanced machine learning techniques and work their way through deployment and production. This course finishes up with a capstone project, one which students can add to their portfolios to show off their experience.


Deep Learning Engineer


With the skills to land a job as a deep learning engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to work with ground-breaking technology and create the technology of tomorrow. In this career path, you’ll start by learning the basic concepts of deep learning. By the end, you can apply what you have learned to neural networks and image classifications-along with other advanced concepts. This path has three courses attached, which include:


  1. AI Programming with Python

This course is all about learning the basics of AI programming tools. Work with Python and other Python-powered languages to learn the tricks of the trade.


  1. Machine Learning Engineer

Start working with the most advanced topics in machine learning, including algorithms. In this course, you will work with everything from deployment to production.


  1. Deep Learning

Working with deep learning frameworks, you’ll take your skills to the next level with this course. Build networks for image recognition and generation, learning the ins and outs of deep learning models.


Artificial Intelligence Specialist


With the industry expected to reach $60 billion by 2025, it’s no wonder why learners are flocking to scoop up these skills. This career path features in-depth AI concepts and techniques geared toward preparing learners for all things AI. There are four topics introduced, which include:


  1. Computer Vision

Computers are more intelligent than ever, able to process and recognize images thanks to sophisticated algorithms. This course aims to teach these concepts, supplemented with hands-on projects that put your new skills to the test.


  1. Natural Language Processing

Giving computers the ability to process language has made technologies like Siri and Alexa possible Learn the same concepts and techniques so that you too can create technologies that understand and process language.


  1. Deep Reinforcement Learning

These days, computers can learn and listen. Now, with deep reinforcement learning, they can learn to complete complex tasks. The in-depth concept requires several advanced skills, all of which you’ll learn here.


  1. Artificial Intelligence

After gathering skills from the previous courses, you can learn how to apply them to create sophisticated tools and AI technologies. Learn concepts employed by NASA’s Mars Rover and more, seeing how these skills make machines come to life.


Quantitative Analyst


Technology is one of the biggest assets to the stock market. With the ability to analyze and process information within seconds, it’s got the attention of many investors. Learn how to work with sophisticated algebra to analyze data for financial markets with help from two courses.


  1. AI Programming with Python

Learn about all of the top programming tools and the math necessary to turn them from equations into actions.


  1. Artificial Intelligence for Trading

Hone in on the financial market and learn how to program quantitative analysis that makes trading technology possible. Get hands-on practice with actual stock data and develop trading strategies to optimize return.


Udacity Program Costs


Udacity works by monthly access, which is why they can give students the flexibility to work at their own pace. The cost is determined by the time each course takes to complete. The payment method students choose also affects the cost. Udacity offers learners a few ways to pay, which include:


Pay as you Go

For maximum flexibility, students can pay a monthly fee and get access to the course of their choosing for as long as they need. Udacity’s monthly cost is $359, which can add up if you take too long. Still, you can take as much time as you need as long as you stay up to date with your projects and turn them in on time.


Bundle Up

Udacity also offers a deal for learners that would like to pay for courses upfront. They usually through in a bit of a discount (about 15%) and determine the cost by the estimated time each AI course will take. This way is great for saving a bit and will wind up costing less in the future if learners stay on track with the suggested schedule. Choosing this one requires upfront payment and that students complete the course within the estimated time.


Learner Reviews


“I completed the AI nanodegree and really enjoyed it. Yes it was expensive and no I did not get an Ai job right after. Yet, as a Sr developer and a noob to Ai, I still found it to be the most effective way to learn a good amount of Ai in a short time.I now feel very confident in my understanding of Ai. Although I’m not an expert, I feel confident that I can start learning more in the field much faster than if I did not take the course.” – Nader K.


“Udacity AI Nanodegree is suitable for everyone who wants to expand their expertise in this field. The program covers the basic AI concepts, including planning, pattern recognition, optimization, search, and even more.” – Laura M.


“Udacity has teamed up with some of the biggest names in industry—Amazon, IBM, and Affectiva—who will guide you through their innovations in these fields. Among other experts, your instructors will include Ashwin Ram, Senior Manager of the Alexa team at Amazon and Armen Pischdotchian, Academic Tech Mentor for IBM Watson Solutions.” – Ravish A.


A Look at the Job Market


Artificial intelligence has seeped into every single market. It’s know for its scalability that helps to make life easier by managing and automating tasks. Recent analytical insight revealed that AI is expected to grow as much as 31.6% in 2023. In other words, almost 2 million more job spaces will need to be filled by today’s AI learners. It’s no surprise as companies take their business in a more digital way.


Higher demand often means higher pay, which AI learners will be more than happy to hear. Those with the skills needed to break into AI and similar complex learning concepts can expect an average of $125,377 per year. Plus, as their skills and techniques advance, so does their pay. AI is a career that requires life-long learning and an investment in oneself and one’s career. Learn how to teach machines and work with algorithms that turn simple equations into advanced actions, taking machines and their abilities to a new and sophisticated level.


Is it worth it?


Udacity is well-known for its quality content and hands-on projects. That’s why they have gotten global attention and gained the pleasure of collaboration with some of today’s top IT companies. When it comes to bringing AI techniques and concepts to learners, they score pretty high but is it worth it?


The School of Artificial Intelligence aims to feature all Udacity AI courses and lead learners in the right direction. You’ll find up-and-coming courses and suggested career paths meant to bring you all of the knowledge needed to jump into that particular career. The cost of each career path varies but, with the ability to login and learn from anywhere and at any time, students have a small trade-off that makes learning with Udacity totally worth it.


Final Word


Breaking into the AI industry takes a lot of knowledge and skills. Students interested in this career path need a way to gather the skills necessary without putting their entire life on hold. That’s why Udacity is a pretty sweet deal, teaching learners everything they need to know while giving them the flexibility to choose when and where they learn. The future is bright for those interested in AI and advanced IT topics, and Udacity is a great place to start.

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