Udacity Vs Simplilearn A Detailed Comparison

Udacity Vs Simplilearn A Detailed Comparison
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Online learning is a new trend that is here to stay. From taking college courses online to learning new skills that will help you land new and exciting jobs; you can find them all. Though it’s a popular trend in education, online academies are not all created the same, leaving students with the need to choose wisely when selecting their courses. Two online academies with promising content are Udacity and Simplilearn. Both are targeted toward IT courses and are created with video lectures taught by A-list instructors.


Though they look great on the outside, we’re taking a look inside to see if they’re what they’re all cracked up to be. In this review of the two, we’ll look at the cost, the content, and even take a look at what other learners had to say. By the end, you should have all you need to make a choice and start working your way to a new career today.


A Bit About Each Academy



Udacity is considered a leader in the eLearning niche coming to life nearly two decades ago. During their reign as an eLearning platform, they went from providing a few online IT courses for free to the creation of certification programs known as nanodegrees. Some of these certification programs were created in collaboration with leading companies in IT including Google, Uber, and Microsoft. All of them are taught by professors that have both professional and academic experience, most of which are leaders in the field of the nanodegree in which they teach. From marketing to working with artificial intelligence, Udacity has it all in one easy-to-navigate page. Plus, learners can log in and learn when they want from wherever they want.



Simplillearn is an online portal filled with IT courses created with help from top universities like Purdue, Caltech, and Harvard. They not only have the business side of IT but also the technical side, allowing students to choose their path. Plus, in addition to certification programs and focused skills, they also offer post-graduate programs that help learners gain more advanced skills that get them into the careers that they always dreamed of. From rigorous coursework that comes with supplemented self-tests, homework, and projects, to lighter more spaces courses, Simplilearn has them all.


Learning Options



Students who choose to learn with Udacity will do so through the help of courses in the form of video lectures. While some videos that cover a skill will last only a few minutes or hours, the nanodegrees are created to last no less than one month. These certification programs are in the form of video lectures as well however, come supplemented with small assignments, projects, and some capstone projects to finish at the very end. By the end of the course, students should have all of the knowledge they need to be able to jump into a new position confidently from the first day on the job.



Simplilearn courses are taught via videolectures as well. The instructors are carefully selected based on their academic and professional experience, most of them coming from the university with which the course was created in collaboration. Depending on the course, some come supplemented with additional coursework and projects that go along with the knowledge gained in the course. When students complete a project, it is reviewed by a professor or someone in the field that will provide expert feedback to help learners improve and gain confidence before they go on to start their career.

Website and Support



Udacity’s website is full of useful resources and allows newcomers to easily browse through all the courses offered. From all free courses to nanodegree courses that are in session and upcoming, students can take a look at it all. Prices of all courses and Udacity nanodegree extras are all included on the home page plus additional resources there for each and every student. Any questions can be directed to Udacity’s support team which is up and running all day via video chat, online chat, or phone call.


The Simplilearn website is easy to navigate, with classes organized by topic. When clicking in, students can find additional information about each course including the start date, the curriculum, the level, and the content. Each course has different levels including post-graduate and master’s programs as well. If students have questions, they can chat with a mentor at any time day or night, or just clear up any of their concerns that they might have before signing up and taking one of the courses.


Extra Features



When it comes to extras, Udacity takes the cake. They have everything from career services that help prep students for their first interview to resume cleanups and portfolio help. All nanodegrees come with projects that mimic those taking place in the industry to help kickstart experience. Plus, all students have access to the student forum, where they’re able to make connections with other learners and have discussions pertaining to their newest learning venture.


With Simplilearn, students will get the same treatment as if they were enrolled in a university. They will have access to advisors and mentors that will help them keep on track and transition from higher learning into their first career. Career services include a team of highly skilled career counselors that conduct mock interviews and help with social media pages and more. Most of the courses come with projects that mirror those taking place in real companies across the industry to give learners an edge over their competition.




The cost of the courses at Udacity depends on the time they take to complete. Udacity does have free courses in which students can log in and start learning from wherever they are but, there are also the nanodegrees that come with a fee. For a nanodegree, the cost is $359 per month and the time it takes depends on each student. Some students take only one month to complete a course while others will take longer. That’s why, to help with an estimate, Udacity offers a second way to pay based on their findings. When students choose to pay this way, they score a 15% discount and get it out of the way, able to focus on learning and going at a smooth and constant pace.



Because of the type of content you can find at Simplilearn, it’s not cheap. That’s because you’re learning from university-certified courses that actually help you score a job. The courses come with a cost that is based on the time it takes and usually ranges from $600 to $3000. Students do have a chance to choose the way that they learn and will wind up paying more if they go for the more useful blended learning option instead of the self-paced learning option.


Student Testimonials


When searching for anything online, it’s crucial to check out what others have to say. In the case of both Udacity and Simplilearn, learners from all across the globe have shared a bit about their experience, shedding light on the details and sharing their experience as a student with these top universities.




“This nanodegree program contained lots of awesome real-world problems both scattered during the lectures and in the projects. I also got feedback on my code which was great. The reviewers were quick and helpful. Moreover, I enjoyed taking several career webinars. The lecture content is of very high quality, and they invite such cool instructors as Sebastian Thrun, Peter Norvig, Soumith Chintala and more.” – Dimitri P.


“I love its interface, it is simple and very easy to use, besides the platform itself is very well developed, I have never had any problem with the tools it makes available to me. The audio quality and video resolution offered by the classes are amazing, the quality is perfect.I also like that you find many free courses, that’s how I started and it was one of the best things that have happened to me.” – Andrea D.


“I am so pleased that I tried the Udacity Front-End Developer Nanodegree program. I liked it so much that I immediately after enrolled in their React Nanodegree. In both courses, Udacity has effectively taken a large body of information and condensed it into small, absorbable pieces with quizzes, checkpoints and projects along the way, all of which has allowed me to master an array of skills in a relatively short period of time.” – Noreen W.




“I used the blended learning option. Good mix of Instructor-led / delivered with the support of self-learning content. Instructors are aware of technology in webinar tools and to engage participants during the web-delivered sessions.” – Gina B.


“Overall a great experience to go through. I had been looking to get myself in shoes of a Business Analyst and this has been a great beginning. The syllabus is pretty well aligned with international governing body IIBA, Gaurav has been fabulous as a trainer, a few more case studies/ examples during live sessions could have made more interactive. All in all, a thumbs up to go through for those who are looking for a reliable education provider.” – Rahul B.


“Took a Digital Marketing Associate course in SEO led by instructor CM Manjunath which was very informative and he shared his real-life experience and expertise. I was able to learn more nuances in regards to digital marketing that I did not know before. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to expand their Digital Marketing skillset.” – Chris W.


The Pros and Cons


With all online academies, there are both pros and cons. Taking a look at the good and the bad will help you in your decision to see if one academy is worth it.



Pros Cons
  • Tons of content to choose from for all IT topics
  • The cost is high and can add up if you don’t buckle down and stay focused
  • A-list professors with amazing academic backgrounds
  • Some of the projects are difficult and can take time to figure out and complete
  • Tons of real-industry projects to score hands-on experience
  • Lots of extras that help you break into your career
  • The ability to learn at your own pace no matter where you are




Pros Cons
  • Courses are geared toward postgraduate and master’s levels
  • The cost is high
  • Courses are created in collaboration with top universities
  • There is a money-back guarantee but you only have 7-days to check it out
  • Find projects that tackle some of the industries largest issues
  • Courses are taught by certified and accredited professors
  • Choose from a number of the most in-demand IT-based courses around



The Final Verdict


Online academies that specialize in information and technology are popular these days. They allow students to learn without having to spend a ton of money or even leave their homes. However, because there are so many, students must be careful when choosing where they would like to log in and learn. Not all online academies are created equal and not all deliver content that will help you take your skills to the next level.


When it comes to Udacity and Simplilearn, they are both great academies that come with a ton of great features. While they both allow learners to log in and go at their own pace, it is Simplilearn that’s home to more complex and master’s-level courses. Udacity comes with quality courses too, though they are not backed by college credits.


So, when choosing which one is best for you, think of what it is you want in your future. If you’ve already graduated and are looking to go further with your career, you need courses that are going to do that for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to hone in and beef up your skills, there is a better route to take. So, when choosing, think of your future goals and come to these top online academies to make your dreams come true.



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