Timbaland Masterclass Review-Is It Worth It?

Timbaland Masterclass Review-Is It Worth It?
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If you want to learn something from an expert-Masterclass is the way to go. They offer hundreds of online classes, all of them taught by the top names in the industry. Everything from writing to acting, to cooking, and more is available-giving users a way to peak their interests and let their curiosities run free.


Timbaland is one of the most respected names in the music industry. He has worked with artists from all genres-adding his own flare to create banging beats that capture the hearts of the entire world. Unlike many other producers out there, Timbaland starts most of his beat creations with one tool, his mouth. His method starts with beatboxing random tunes and then goes to building them into complex and rich sounds that create songs.


With his Masterclass, anyone that is interested in music or learning the process of production can get an inside look into how hit songs are made. While rap and hip-hop are not the favorite genres of everyone in the world-music lovers of all sorts have something to gain, even expanding their horizons and adding a little extra knowledge to their production toolbelts.


If you are in the music industry or want to break into the music industry, Timbaland’s Masterclass is could be perfect for you. In this review, we’ll take a look into the course, breaking down what you can get out of it. Timbaland’s method is unique-and brings something that everyone can learn to the table. Before you sign up and start, take a look at what you can expect from the course and, hear what others had to say about the class.


Who Is the Course Designed For?


One of the key interests those thinking about the course should have is music. The course has a bit of everything that can be beneficial to learners of all different levels, whether you are in the music industry or hoping to break into it. You don’t have to be a fan of his music-as Timbaland is known for his ability to mix and make beats of all sorts. What you should be is 1. Passionate about music and 2. Eager to learn new techniques about combining sounds and beats. You should take a look at this course if:


  • You’re already in the music industry and looking to evolve or expand your knowledge
  • You are trying to break into the industry and looking for guidance or direction to do so
  • You have listened to and enjoyed the talents of Timbaland
  • You enjoy learning new things from the top professionals in the field


Why Learn from Timbaland?


Timbaland was the man to work with back in the day. He produced the beats for a ton of hits, making collaborations with some of the top names in music. He is known for his upbeat and rhythmic tunes-those that make you bob your head and put a smile on your face. He, just like many other artists, has his own methods when it comes to creating beats, combining advanced technologies and his ‘beatbox’ mouth that has earned him his superstardom. Nowadays, he’s been hard at work developing into one of the top producers in the business. He has a knack for music, knowing just the thing to add that little something extra that makes it stay stuck in our heads.


One thing that you should be sure of is that, you won’t learn much about the technical stuff, like audio software equipment and more. You’re getting a look into Timbaland’s method and his creative spark. You’ll also see how he works when it comes to layering drums and other beats to make complex and layered sounds.


What You’ll Learn


When you start the course, you’re introduced to Timbaland in his most raw form. He’s in his zone, right in his home studio where he feels the most comfortable. There, you will see how he creates his magic, coming up with different beats here and there and putting them together to produce one of his golden creations. One of the best things is that you’ll get a real and intimate look into the music industry-really getting an inside look at how it all goes together. During the course, you’ll learn:


  • How music is made
  • What you’ll need to consider when making beats
  • The process behind creating a song-whether it’s lyrics or music that comes first
  • Connecting and layering sounds to create a unique listener experience
  • A glimpse into the artist’s styles and how to find your own artistic sense


All of the lessons are focused on one thing: finding your own workflow. No artist is the same and that is something that Tim always hits on. He adds a lot of useful knowledge about the potential for challenges that come up, even taking the time to address artists’ block. Above all, one of the most useful things you can get out of this course is a look into the music industry from one of the most successful beatmakers in the world.


Topic Breakdown


During the course, you’ll learn a total of 15 different topics, which include:


  • Studio Sessions: Making a Beatbox Beat
  • Building Beats: Learn Timbaland’s Process
  • Making a Beat: Go from chord progression all the way to layering drums and creating a breakdown for bass dropping sounds
  • Song Origins: Take a look at the inner-layer of songs like ‘Pony’, ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’, and ‘Are you That Somebody’.
  • Tim’s personal influences and motivations when creating music
  • The Preserving Process when it comes to keeping beats (both layered and unlayered) where you can access them for later use


One of the best things about the course is that it is actually well-rounded. You’re not just getting Timbaland’s method but, you’re getting a look at making music from start to finish. Tim doesn’t just walk you through his method but, shows you all of the things you need to make sick beats. He uses a lot of personal examples however, notes them as his own experience. In doing this, you can really see the methods that you can tweak for yourself, working on finding your own rhythm when it comes to working with and producing music.


Making A Beat and Song Origins with Timbaland


All of the ‘Making a Beat’ sections in the course focus on production. One of Tim’s personal methods is to let his creative juices flow, going with the flow of what strikes at the moment. You will see that from the warm-up, looking at the way his creations go from just an idea and passed onto sound engineers and producers.


From there, you’ll see how a song is broken down and built up, learning the structuring process that goes into making the hits that Tim is known for. With Song Origins, Tim lets you in on his process behind making his most popular songs. They are songs that we have all heard and loved from the first listen, and he will deconstruct them to show you how he goes about fusing beats and making them work together better than ever before.



Timbaland Masterclass Exclusives


When you sign up for a Masterclass with Timbaland you score exclusives that only comes with his class which includes:


  • Video lessons that address each of the 15 topics introduced in the course
  • A workbook to follow along with. It comes with a breakdown of all of the terms used-even Timbaland’s own slang-that you can use for reference
  • Some interactive tasks that allow you to mess around with beats to follow along and practice with some of the information you’re getting during the course


What’s Timbaland’s Masterclass Cost?

It’s costs $15 per month.

Masterclass has a few offers for classes. For Timbaland’s all-inclusive musical beats workshop,


Graduate Reviews: What Do They Have to Say?


“I teach an Audio Productions / Music Creation class at the high school level. I subscribed to the all-access mainly to check out this video as a resource to share with my students.The single best piece of advice he gave was in the first couple of videos: just start recording, keep recording, pick the parts that work, and leave the rest. It’s hard to get beginners to understand this; it’s better to turn off your editing brain and create, create, create, create, then go back and edit, edit, edit, edit. The creative block happens when the editing and creating try to coexist in the same moment. So for that, it was valuable.” – Jay C.


“I just finished watching all of the videos and I must say I enjoyed it quite a lot. Timbaland has a great energy and its contagious as you’re watching the videos. It feels like you are there watching over the shoulder. He breaks down a few ways he starts making beats – with a team of producers, and goes into depth of some aspects of the beat like adding a toppling and how to make a breakdown. It’s not too technical though, as you will notice most of Timbaland’s production goes off feeling. Rather than choosing the right sound to “sound good”, it needs to “feel good”and bring a certain vibe. Despite most of the production done on Ableton (I’m a logic pro x user myself) it was really easy to follow and cool to see what plugins he and his team uses.” Sean L.


“To me it is worth it because I’ve been frustrated by his lack of communication in interviews for about 10 years now where Timbaland was always hilariously unable to articulate his thoughts. I was actually kind of shocked when I saw he had a masterclass for that specific reason, and am pleasantly surprised with how sophisticated and simple his process is.” Brianna C.


Is it Worth It? 


So, is this course worth it? Well, that actually just depends. If you have a passion for music or are just curious about the process, this class is a great asset. Because of the methods, you’ll learn with Timbaland as your mentor, you’ll benefit from seeing a different and unique perspective of someone that is successful in the industry. One thing we should make clear is that you’ll still have your work cut out for you to break into the industry.


This class is by no means a way to break in and won’t come with all of the knowledge you need to start today. What it will do is inspire you and give you a different point of view when it comes to creating beats. Those who are fans of Timbaland and his success will also get a lot out of this class, as his personality shines through. His method is by no means the only one, it is just his own. Every artist is different-all having their own way to do things. That is both beautiful and helpful when you, as an artist, are looking to define your style and your method.


If you’re already in the industry, this class serves as a way to add a bit more spice to your productions. Plus, opens up your mind to the possibility of other methods that you can use in your own creations.


Beatbox with Timbaland


Artists, musicians, or those with a love for tunes will benefit from Timbaland’s Masterclass. You’ll have over 3 hours of time up close and personal with Tim, getting to see his character shine. Included with the course is a workbook with definitions and everything you will need to continue to expand your music knowledge-even when the course is over.


This Masterclass with Timbaland is one of a kind and something that you can’t find anywhere else. You may be able to find videos online or learn specifics but, this is a chance to hear from someone that has made It big time in music. Let your creativity evolve, and see how others get started when creating pumping sounds that the world can’t get out of their heads.

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