Best Nosql Interview Questions and answers

Best Nosql Interview Questions and answers
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Here are the best nosql Interview Questions and answers

1. What are differences between NoSQL & RDBMS
2. What is NoSQL?
3. What are the features of NoSQL?
4. Explain the difference between NoSQL v/s Relational database?
5. Explain “Polyglot Persistence” in NoSQL?
6. How does NoSQL DB budget memory?
7. How to script NoSQL DB configuration?
8. Does NoSQL Database Interact With Oracle Database?
9. What is the difference between NoSQL & Mysql DBs’?
10. Explain Oracle NoSQL database?
11. When should I use a NoSQL database instead of a relational database?
12) What is CAP theorem? How is it applicable to NoSQL systems?
13) What do you mean by eventual consistency in NoSQL stores?
14) What are the pros and cons of a graph database under NoSQL databases?
15) List the different kinds of NoSQL data stores?


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