30 Elasticsearch Interview Questions and answers

30 Elasticsearch Interview Questions and answers
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Here is the list Elasticsearch Interview Questions for freshers and experienced.

1) What is Elasticsearch?
2) What is a current stable version of Elasticsearch?
3) List the software requirements to install Elasticsearch?
4) How to start elastic search server?
5) Can you list some companies that use Elasticsearch?
6) What is a Cluster in Elasticsearch?
7) What is a Node?
8) What is an Index?
9) What is a type of Elastic search?
10) Please Explain Mapping?
11) What is Document?
12) What are SHARDS?
13) What is REPLICAS?
14) How to add or create an index in Elastic Search Cluster?
15) How to delete an index in Elastic search?
16) How to list all indexes of a Cluster in ES.?
17) How to add a Mapping in an Index?
18) How can you retrieve a document by ID in ES.?
19) How relevancy and scoring is done in Elasticsearch?
20) What are different ways of searching in Elasticsearch?
21) List different types of queries supported by Elasticsearch?
22) What is the difference between Term-based and Full-text queries?
23) How does aggregation work in Elasticsearch?
24) Where is Elasticsearch data stored?
25) Can Elasticsearch replace database?
26) How to check elastic search server is running?
27) What Is A Filter In Elasticsearch ?
28) What Is A Tokenizer In Elasticsearch ?
29) What Is An Analyzer In Elasticsearch ?
30) What Is The Query Language Of Elasticsearch ?


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