75+ Android Interview questions and answers

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Best android interview questions and answers for freshers or 2, 3, 5, 8 experience and senior developers to crack interview.  These are most common questions for android mobile application developers.

Basic Android Interview questions and answers for freshers:

What is Android?
Who is the founder of Android?
What is Android SDK?
Explain the Android application Architecture. ?
Can you define and explain Android Framework ?
Can you provide the important core components of Android.?
What are the different versions of Android OS that you remember?
What are the code names of android?
What are the advantages of Android?
Name the languages supported for Android development.
Does android support other languages than java?
What are the core building blocks of android?
Which components are necessary for a New Android project?
What is activity in Android?
What are the life cycle methods of android activity?
What is intent?
Can you explain Implicit and Explicit Intents.?
How are view elements identified in the android program?
Define Android toast.
Give a list of impotent folders in android
Explain the use of ‘bundle’ in android?
What is an application resource file?
What is the use of LINUX ID in android?
Can the bytecode be written in java be run on android?
List the various storages that are provided by Android.
How are layouts placed in Android?
Where are layouts placed in Android?
What is the implicit intent in android?
What is explicit intent in android?
How to call another activity in android?
What is service in android?
What is the name of the database used in android?
What is AAPT?
What is a content provider?
What is fragment?
What is ADB?
What is NDK?
What is ANR?
What is the Google Android SDK?
What is an APK format?
Which language does Android support to develop an application?

Android Interview questions and answers  for senior developers:

What is ADT in Android?
What is View Group in Android?
What is the Adapter in Android?
What is nine-patch images tool in Android?
Which kernel is used in Android?
What is application Widgets in Android?
Which types of flags are used to run an application on Android?
What is a singleton class in Android?
What is sleep mode in Android?
What do you mean by a drawable folder in Android?
What is DDMS?
Define Android Architecture?
What is a portable wi-fi hotspot?
Which are the dialog boxes supported by Android platform?
Name some exceptions in Android?
What are the basic tools used to develop an Android app?
What is meant by Services?
What is the importance of setting up permission in app development?
What is .apk extension in Android?
What are the databases supported by Android platform?
What is ActivityCreator?
What is Orientation?
What is AIDL?
What are the data types supported by AIDL?
Explain AndroidManifest.xml file and why do you need this?
What all devices have you worked on?
Which tools are used for debugging on the Android platform?
Which scenario can test only on real devices but not on emulator?
Name the mobile automation tools that are available in the market.
How do you troubleshoot android application which is crashing frequently?
How do you find memory leaks in the mobile app on Android platform?
How to enable push notification in mobile app ?
How to can get user permission for camera, contacts and others ?
How can you work with API’s in Android?
How to create facebook login in mobile app ?
How to create google login in mobile app ?
How to handle user session in mobile app ?


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