6 reasons why you are getting fewer organic searches

6 reasons why you are getting fewer organic searches
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It is obviously very much necessary to have a website these days but is that enough to generate business, build a clientele and increase conversions. The answer to this question is no. You can earn money from your website only after it has successfully built a positive reputation. This is when people start searching for it and visiting it to gain more information. An organic search is the practice of entering the name of brand in the search engine box and then locating the link. When you talk about popular brands, they usually have a high number of organic searches because people know about them and the services they offer. There is every reason to worry if the numbers of organic searches for your website start dropping. This is when you need to have a close look at the strategy implemented and see where things are going wrong. It is always good to rectify things on time. The overall SEO health of your site may depends on various factors. It’s better to get help from prepostseo to make sure that you get desired organic traffic.

Here are 6 common reasons due to which the traffic rate of a website drops at a fast pace

  1. Change in Google algorithm

Very few people know that the algorithm of Google changes at regular intervals. When this algorithm changes, each website gets effected positively or negatively. Keep an eye on the performance of your website at all times. Though Google analytics, you can get a complete picture whenever the need is there. The moment you feel that the number of organic searches is on a decline, get information about the Google algorithm. If it has been changed recently, the number of organic searches may be falling due to the same reason. In a lot of cases, website owners do not consider this reason. If the Google algorithm has changed recently and your website rank has fallen after that, you may not be meeting the new set of requirements.

  1. Poor user experience

You simply cannot ignore the user experience factor if you want the traffic rate to increase. People do not prefer websites which require them to invest effort for understanding things. This does happen when websites have a hard to interpret user interface or the features have been presented in a complicated manner. If the user has to search for options and relevant features, it means that the user experience is not that friendly. Website owners need to understand the perspective of the user and his approach towards a suitable website.

  • Users prefer easy options for which they do not need to develop a detailed understanding. For instance, if the user is looking for discount offers on a website, he should be able to find the desired content without a lot of searching. Some websites have an amazing user experience and people do not have to go through a learning process to get a grasp of things.

  • The colour combination used on the website is an important aspect as well. Let us get a detailed explanation by going through an example. Consider that you visit a website which has very informative content but the colour scheme comprises of very sharp shades. In such situations, as the colour combination would be causing irritation for you, you would want to make an exit right that minute. Thus, spending time on the website would be simply out of the question in such a situation. Similarly, when you have a text style which is hard to read, you can expect the same response from online visitors.

  1. Website migration

If you have recently revamped your website and the pages have been developed from the start, the organic search rate would drop because people would not be able to locate it. The solution to this problem is that the website would have to be indexed again. If the organic searches are dropping after this revamping process has been done, you would be facing this problem because the pages require indexing. In other words, you need to index the pages again so that they can be added to the Google repository.

  1. Reduction / elimination of high standard links

Google determines the authority and standing of a website after viewing certain key parameters. One of them is the number of backlinks which a website has. The rank of a website obviously reduces when the links decrease. This has a connected negative impact on the organic search rate. If the authoritative links on your website have decreased, less people would be looking for your website through organic searches.

  1. Plagiarized information published

Copying content that you have not created from the start is not acceptable in any manner. Google applies penalties on websites that publish copied content. Content that has been created from the start by someone is the actual owner. Thus, you cannot use this content until you have rephrased it on a complete scale.

  1. Pages that do not respond

There are multiple alternatives for each website as new options get launched on day to day basis. If you have been successful in getting traffic for your website, you should aim at retaining it as well. In other words, avoid practices which can reduce the rank. If any of your pages is not responding and returning “error 404”, people would simply not be encouraged to trust the website again. This is because they would be unable to trust the website.

  • Organic searches start falling when pages do not respond. Once a customer visits a website and figures out that his request is returning a “no response error”, he would most likely not visit the website again. Instead, he would access a website which offers similar services and does not have this technical problem. For any website to progress, a strong technical infrastructure is very important.


Organic searches share a relationship of direct proportionality with the conversion rate. You cannot expect to get a good conversion rate if people are not searching for your website but for competitor links. If the technical infrastructure of your website is up to the mark, getting organic searches and consistent online business would become a lot easier.



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