How To Launch SAAS Product In 10 Steps

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Are you running a saas product ? Here is the easy 10 steps to great leads and revenue

Start with competitor analysis to fill the gaps in content, keywords, ads, backlinks, etc and creative thoughts to focus on solutions to the users problems.

Step 1 – Beta testing

• Invite 100 users for beta testing, through email, linkedin, quora,
• Make email template and send it to users.
• Submit beta directories listing to get feedback.

Beta listing websites

Step 2: Product Launch and PR.

• Create PR email and send it,
• Collect media agency email contacts and writers email id’s and send an email about our lunch
• Collect all influencer and send an email , that we have launched our product.
• Submit website to producthunt and other websites.
• Send an email to our existing b2b customers

Step 3: Influencer marketing

• Ask the influencer about product review, sponsored blog posts, Tweets


Step 4: Listing on Review and directory websites.


Saas directories:

Startup directories:

Step 5: Publish landing pages, and blog posts, alternative pages – weekly

• Publish on unique content and quality of blogs
• Influencer interviews – How they have grown their business and struggles
• Customer Case Studies

Step 6: Listing Websites

• Find “Top 10 crm software “, marketing sales, sales increase tools, sales conversion tools, send an email to the writes to update our product

Step 7 : Guest blogging

• Reach out the top 100 guest blogging websites in b2b and publish articles.

Guest blogging sites:

Step 7 : Videos

• About Product
• How to configure the product
• Customer case studies
• Influencer chat videos

Step 8: Ebooks

• Write and publish one book on How to increase sales conversions by 70%

Step 9: Lead Forms and lead nurturing

• Setup lead forms to collect the leads and start lead nurturing mql to sql.

Step 10: Outbound marketing

• Collect 10k outbound leads.
• Create a newsletter cadence with product features, use cases, e-book, video email, infographics to the outbound leads
• Scrape all the data of existing competitors customers data and send an email about product and service.


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